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The Psalmist Speaks.

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Huge Rise in Gun Sales Among Seniors

Huge Rise in Gun Sales Among Seniors

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A local news report from Saint Lawrence, Pennsylvania shed some light last week on a phenomenon getting very little attention even in the pro-gun blogosphere. While the overall jump in gun sales has been widely reported, few have noticed the extraordinary way these sales have risen among senior citizens. And at a time when the Obama administration is trying to link the Social Security Administration with the FBI’s background check system, this demographic does not deserve to be overlooked.
The report, from 69 News, is anecdotal and specific to eastern Pennsylvania, but it does use a recent claim from the NRA to bolster the argument – that seniors are more interested than ever in arming themselves:
According to the National Rifle Association, there has been a 400 percent increase in the number of senior citizens taking a basic firearms course since 2010. Officials said the primary reason seniors are packing heat is for protection.
“I feel very secure. I know I have a concealed carry permit and I know if I needed to, I could defend myself and my family,” [71-year-old Joan] Eshelman said.
Reporters for 69 News also interviewed officials at Sensibly Armed, a local gun shop, who confirmed that they’d seen a spike in senior customers for the last three years.
Of course, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what’s happening here. It’s the same as what’s happening across all gun-buying demographics. Under Obama’s failed presidency, Americans are more fearful about the future of this country than they have been in a long time. With economic warning signs on the horizon, civil unrest growing in our nation’s inner cities, and the global spread of Islamic terrorism, we have plenty to be nervous about. Put that together with the left’s constant “gun control” drumbeat, and it’s no wonder that Obama has been credited as one of the best gun salesmen of all time.
This proliferation is a good thing. The more people who buy guns, the less people there are who are afraid of them. More importantly, Democrats lose a little bit of political power in this arena every time a new customer buys a gun. At that moment, their efforts to disarm Americans become personal. If they shouldn’t have the right to ban you from owning one, why should they have the right to ban others?
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There are so many 'ignorant' people out in the world who never sacrificed a minute to do a little digging to find out the correct answer  for things....  but I am not referring to my good friends who have honest questions when they approach me.   In fact,  I do have an expertise in several areas,  but I am ignorant of many other things/ subjects, too.   I like Charles Krauthammer, on Fox News,  because he is so educated and smart, and he is Jewish.  
     People go off 'half cocked' in their complete ignorance and make stupid accusations [even about me] and point to my past mistakes and false steps, and failures.   Yet,  I LEARN FROM MY PAST MISTAKES, so help me, God !   I have always acknowledged that I am a sinner,  but also that the heavenly Father LOVES and PROTECTS me, and has done so all though out my life ! !    PTL  --Praise the Lord !   And I try not to use that case as a pretext for sinning, or excusing my errors,  but I seek to improve myself by heeding the H.S. [Holy Spirit] and letting Him bend and shape my heart.    And are we not super BLESSED that God doesn't throw a bolt of lightning down upon us every time we mess up,  or I would have been fried crisp, like bacon, a long time ago.   

I believe I made a new friend yesterday who said that she likes me, [and she has the same name as my first born daughter] and I hope it turns out and our relationship blossoms.   But I know from experience that two people will always disagree after a while,  but if we both have a common ground of humility and love of Christ,  I hope that things will work.... 'and when one helps another -- both are strong.'   I think she is attractive, but it's her inner kindness and good heart that I love the most.  
         Yet,  I also met some other woman a while back  who had a bad case of 'potty mouth' and she cussed and swore more than a drunken sailor, and so I emailed her saying that "we just were too far apart on too many subjects,  and I was sorry to say that it just wouldn't work out with us."  She also thought and said that Obama was a 'great man who helped America.... and also killed Osama bin Laden...'  duh.... LOL !   That she didn't believe in the Rapture, and certainly didn't know much about the bible, as she said she did.     Well,  of course she got very vindictive and spiteful, and emailed a nasty letter to me, telling me to stay away from her, yet I was the one who just dumped her.....Ha!    Thank God I never traveled to see her in person !!    "Winner win -- and Losers Lose."   Well, that point just proved everything I said about her.   See,  people like that who are so full of themselves, mean spirited, dropping the "F-bomb" with every other sentence, etc., and ignorant will NEVER, ever, be happy or content, because they always see that their glass is only 'half full.'    So I just put her out with the trash, as I do where I live, here in Norway, MI.,  every Monday, so the garbage man can take it away every Tuesday morning.    And the small goofy town here where I live certainly CHARGES me enough every month for that service, [and they still do not have a simple chair at the post office for old, disabled Veterans to sit down and wait for their snail fast service],  but that's OK too.   Smile.   Pretty soon they will charge me for the air I breath and water I drink.   BTW,  California has only ONE YEAR's worth of water left in their underground aquafers, and the people are also leaving that area in droves, besides the cost of living there is so high.   It will be a huge calamity,  I promise.  
       Call ME ignorant and misinformed,  but I think we all will be surprised if America lasts long enough to see the September elections.   I intend to vote, of course,  but I have a sick feeling that who ever gets into office next still will not be able to stop the future Financial/ Economic Melt Down,  dear friends.   I hope I am wrong.

Well,  tomorrow will be HOT  up here, so I intend to buy a fan today at Walmart,  but I also intend to get as much sun on my skin as possible, as Mr. Sun heals my skin and helps me a lot.   PTL    Hey,  I waited all Winter for this good stuff.  

I have a very small refrigerator because I thought I might be moving South soon,  but right now I just cannot afford it.   I need to buy more fresh things to snack on when I get hungry,  so I don't just go to some restaurant and pig out from extreme hunger.   The trouble is,  you have to eat fresh food before it rots.   But if I am not hungry -- I just don't feel like eating.   I am lifting weights in my own house now,  but might check out a new work out place near by.  

Have a great day !

Warm Regards,

For my good friend, Tim P., here is your answer, Tim.  Read.

Why does the Psalmist speak about killing children?

by Matt Slick
"How blessed will be the one who seizes and dashes your little ones against the rock," (Psalm 137:9).
Critics often bring up this verse as an attack on the validity of the Bible, but does the Bible teach that it is okay to kill children?  The answer, of course, is no it doesn't.  We must ask what the Psalmist was saying and why he was saying it.
The context of Psalm 137 is the Babylonian captivity.  The Psalmist speaks of the captors tormenting the people of God (vv. 1-3), a promise to remember Jerusalem (vv. 5-6), and a curse against the captors (vv. 7-9).
The Psalmist is in exile and had probably witnessed the atrocities committed against his people, babies included.  In the revenge-style that was so common at the time, he wishes the same upon his enemy as a description of their utter destruction.  Nowhere does it say that God approves of the Psalmist’s request or that he fulfilled it.  Just because it is recorded that the Psalmist wrote the imprecation, doesn’t mean it was approved by God.
It is worth noting that the Old Testament records many atrocities.  The fact is that God allowed people their sinful desires, and he worked within their culture even as he does now as he permits all kinds of bad things to happen.  Nevertheless, God introduced what is called the Apoditic Law (Exodus 21:24): an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.  The Apoditic Law was instituted to prevent the increase of blood revenge--a practice where revenge would escalate out of control between two parties.  Since the hearts of the fallen are so wicked and the harsh environment and culture produced difficulties for survival, God has a few options to counter their proclivity towards evil.  He can run roughshod over their free will and force everyone to obey him, or he could wipe them all out (he had already done this with Noah's flood), or he could work within the situation at hand.  In the case of this psalm and its Babylonian captivity context, God chose to work with people and through them instead of violating the freedom he had given them and forcing them to act in a manner that he instructs. Therefore, the Psalmist is expressing his curse against Babylon--a natural response to what his people have already suffered.
Also, the critics need to provide an acceptable, objective moral standard by which they can criticize biblical morality.  It is one thing to complain.  It is another to offer a justification for the validity of the complaint.  By what right and by what objective ethical standard do the critics offer moral condemnation against Biblical morals?  This is a serious question that if not answered by the critics, renders the critics’ complaints moot.  After all, you must first have a standard against which to measure good and bad; and without a standard, no complaints can be legitimately offered.

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