Sunday, June 19, 2016

America's Day of Reckoning Exposed.

Tom's Journal.

AP Admits that UN Troops Will Impose Martial Law In US

By Dave Hodges on Jul 14, 2016 10:52 am
I want to stress to you that this is only a partial list where I reference the intention of the establishment to use foreign troops under the banner of the UN flag to subjugate the United States. They are here to take your guns, and user dissidents into FEMA camps for final distribution. I have […]

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Dear  Friends, on a Sunday:
    I well know and understand that the following, long, video, is an ADVERTIZMENT for a company/ or book,  but the presented proof and education you will get will be a true salvation, or at the very least a stark truthful Warning to all you have the patience to sit through it, from beginning to end.  Actually,  I don't think that I am in a position right now to 'get with this program,'  but at least I can help a number of people and friends.    If you ever needed to hear/ and see something of utmost important --- besides the truth of the Bible,  THIS IS IT, right now, today ! ! !
        OK,  I knew a lot of this material before I listened to it,  but I didn't realize how close we are right now, today,  June 19th,  2016, to a possible American disaster/ Financial Melt Down !!   Even for people who "know that  they are Saved by virtue of the Saving blood of Jesus Christ, and going to heaven,"  they still would do well to learn this info/ Intel.   Fact is:   I have been 'on track' now all along !  Thank You, Lord, and thank You, Holy Spirit,  for allowing me to be right about this stuff, and also about seeking Salvation of  Father God, thru Jesus !!    After all,  what good is it to live like a spoiled, pampered  king, or 'president,'  on earth,  only to end up in hell,  as all the heathen will....  duh ??    Ha!   I would be somewhat fearful of being even close to most of the bums who live in, or near the WH.... lol.   
      Well, friends,  I finally believe that I just might be OK, where I am right now, including my current status.   And this will allow me to endure the present loneliness that stalks me, presently !    Yes, armed with this knowledge and wisdom,  I now believe that I can and must ENDURE.    PTL.   I also think that my self-worth has increased a bit more now.

BTW, my ex-wife, Terri, did save my life twice in past 4 years, so I owe her that much, and bare no hatred toward her anymore.   I must forgive --- if I want my sins forgiven, too.   And I must deal with any ruling and/ or change of status in the near future, even though it will hurt me grievously.   Prayers always requested for that unfortunate day or reckoning,  please. 

Below is a picture of me and my friend [who recently passed away in Kenosha, WI], Marvin Ellis, a [RVN] Marine and work mate/ fellow welder. 

The Sovereign Investor

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