Saturday, June 4, 2016

Things to be Concerned About.

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
  Are we all having fun today ?  
        You know,  I bet most normal, sane, folks, who believe that they lead a moral life style reflect on their past -- especially as they reach 50 years of age.   I know,  it's easy to 2nd guess ourselves and use those forbidden words/ terms:  IF, IF, IF, I would have, I should have, if I could have done this or that.... duh.... things might have been different.  Solomon wrote in Eccl., 'that time and unforeseen events befall us all.'  That means,  accidents and events happen, and we just have to roll with the punches, and not give up.   If fact, the world is a stage as angels watch us from above.   We are a spectacle for them !   And did you all know that Satan the Devil swayed 1/3 of the angels in heaven to break away from God, and follow him ??   And someday they will pay for that in a harsh way, and right now they KNOW that their time is short, and they are creating all kinds of evil and wickedness trying to pull down God's people, real Christians [followers of Christ].  
     Now there is the true God, and true worship and religion,  and then there is FALSE religion.    Jesus said that "you will know them by their fruits."  The most outstanding, flaming attribute that true Christians manifest, is Agape Love.  "By this, all will know you." --John 13: 34- 35.   

But there is another fav. scripture that really makes me feel good....  "Let not your heart be troubled."  ---John 14: 1.   It almost seems like a paradox,  that we are about to experience a severe test in this country [No matter WHO gets elected to the WH.. as President... if there even IS an election !!].   But the words of Jesus in this scripture I just cited is SO CALMING and gentle, that it even seems to lower the heart beat and the blood pressure !!  Isn't that what we really need, friends ??  
    OK,  we need to read the absolute truth right now.... and it's right below this paragraph, so please read, and know that what you see on TV is just a bunch of baloney !!  I am still a Patriot,  and the Gov't paints us combat Veterans as the ENEMY, and Christians too ! ! !  Sorry to break it to you,  but that is the bare truth of the matter.   I lay the research and proof out for all the readers to see, and they can also do there own digging.    I didn't want it this way, especially after I served my country and worked hard all my life, trying to teach my own 3 kids right from wrong,  truth from lies.  But here we are now, and the only real Savior we have is Jesus Christ.   If we are going to die --- let us die for Him, because He alone can raise us from the dead and take us to a far, far, better place, than what so many on this earth are experiencing today.

Warm Regards,

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