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Evidence about Pesticides.

Tom's Journal.

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     Years ago, on the small farm in Racine County of the great State of green, healthy,  Wisconsin,  we learned the value of hard, hot, sweaty work, doing the farm chores that most all in the family learned to do, as my father thought that buying the farm [no pun intended...] would be a better, more healthy life for us kids -- than the big city atmosphere of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   I also took 2 years of high school Agriculture which helped me understand the finer points of being a good, smart farmer.   But life on the farm was  an education in itself !!   You had to know how to fix broken down farm machinery, learn about the Black Smith shop in town, and how he reheated the plow shears and then reshaped them, welding, mending and stringing barb and hog wire, so the livestock wouldn't get out... and then we had to chase them back into their respective pastures and pens, cows, cattle and hogs.  We also learned and were taught strict safety with guns, fire arms, etc., and myriads of other various things.   I loved the farm life,  but at age 18 I felt that I just had to sally forth and learn MUCH more about life and education if I was to ever mature and get a good paying   job in my adult life.   I wanted to rise above my station in life as an unskilled young man, so to speak and earn some serious MONEY $$$ ! 
     Since I could not afford college, even though I was accepted in a few WI universities,  I became very frustrated, so I joined the Army to learn better things and get a strong back ground for later life.   And I did learn a lot,  but the Army changed my life, forever !  When I got out of the Army, in 30 March 70,  I believe that I was a totally different man, at age 21, and ready to 'set the world on fire' with all my training and energy !   But I still had so much to learn about LIFE IN GENERAL, how to act, and how to treat people.   But I made many close friends and continued to learn, learn, learn.  
       It is my personal opinion,  that IF I had properly learned the Bible at an early age, things might have been different.  I did have many different jobs in my life,  but I managed to stick to one, good, job,  at AMC [American Motors Corporation -- in Kenosha, WI],  later bought out by Chrysler Corp.   I worked there for over 30.5 long years and gained a good work record and a good pension and health benefits.... PTL !   So, no one can ever call me a worthless lazy bum, ever !!   I also went back to college twice to learn a good skill:  Welding and Print Reading, etc.  
    But, again,  I wish I would have been taught the right way to understand and reason from the KJV Bible,  but I was brought up in a Catholic family, where the bible was never read, nor explained.   I am sure that most Catholic people can relate to this scenario, and I am not trying to bash anyone's religion or beliefs.   Some folks are raised and taught to believe that:  'If they try hard to be a "good person" -- they MIGHT get to heaven.'   Sorry to burst your collective bubbles, dear friends,  but that is NOT what our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ [and the rest of the Bible] teaches ! ! !  I will not go into a lengthy discourse today about that subject --- because I just did that in a couple of past blog posts, yesterday, if you read my column.   It's about the active, positive BELIEF and public expression and LIFE STYLE of being a Christian, and accepting Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, that gets our collective sins [past, present and future sins[  forgiven, and our entry into heaven !   PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THAT.  

We must also acknowledge that:  "Man has ruled man, to their injury."   That means that men and women, although perhaps well intentioned,  create stuff, like Chemicals and Pesticides, that do us great harm -- than good !  
       The reason I gave you all the "farm introduction" was because, modern farming could really be our enemy, of sorts, and we are poisoning ourselves, just to get rid of some insects !   And so, from now on I will shop for true "ORGANIC" fruits and veggies at the store and farm stands.   Hey!  I know how to clean, wash off the produce and cut out the bugs and creepy crawlers into the garbage or kitchen sink drain....  LOL, and you fine people should learn that too.    But pretty soon, if our economic system goes down and flat lines,  we will be 'lucky' just to have food in our homes, when the SHTF.   Beware, and stock up now,   today.   The Bible says that it is wise to be prepared.  But our Gov't wants to control the population by hoarding all the food stuffs, and dolling it out to those who support the NWO -- New World Order, of things to come.   Read Revelation, chapter 13, please, to find this out.  And God cannot lie.

Warm Regards to All of my fine Readers !

Tommy   Schuckman


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More damning evidence about pesticides
Dear Reader,

Dr. Micozzi's Insiders' Health Some of the most damning evidence I've seen lately about the dangers of pesticide chemicals comes from Iran.

Of course, Iran has been in the news for other reasons this year as the Obama administration decided to open relations to the troubled country. It may be part of a very long-term, geo-political strategy to eventually shift a balance of power in the volatile Middle East toward the Shia faction of Islam (led by Iran) and away from the Sunni faction (whose radical factions include Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other unpleasant radical entities).

Ronald Reagan -- during his two terms at President during the 1980s -- wisely just let Iran and Iraq balance each other during their terrible 10-year war. As bad as the war was for people of these two countries, Reagan did not expend American blood or treasure in this conflict.

The worst thing that happened in the U.S. was the "Iran-Contra" episode in which his administration was accused of trading arms with Iran to supply the "Contra" freedom fighters trying to prevent the spread of Communism in Central America. While Congress would not authorize arming the Contras, Reagan harkened back to the Monroe Doctrine of another strong President.

Iran, of course, dates back to ancient Persia and Persepolis. And for thousands of years, it hosted a sophisticated civilization that transcends the relatively recent arrival of Islam in their ancient lands.

Because of their struggle during the 10-year Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s, they now have a tremendous amount of experience with the human factors and medical consequences of exposure to toxic chemicals.

In fact, Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against the Iranian Army, as well as against his own people. He also used the war as an excuse to gas and poison ethnic groups, including the Kurds, whom he suspected had weak loyalties. (Since we now know that Saddam Hussein did have and did use chemical weapons, including one of the infamous "weapons of mass destruction," -- it always amazes me that critics of the later Bush administration could disingenuously claim there were no such weapons in Iraq!)

Of course, I consider pesticides another form of toxic chemicals. By definition, they are used because of their ability to kill living organisms. And I believe one day our descendants will consider the use of pesticide chemicals on foods we grow just another great barbarism of the 20th century.

And I recently uncovered some research about the effects of pesticide chemicals by Drs. Mostafalou and Abdollahi of the Department of Toxicology and Pharmacology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran. Through the 1970s, my alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, maintained an exchange program for faculty, researchers and students with them. I found they followed the highest standards of medical research, education and practice.

And what they have uncovered in regards to pesticides is no exception.
Is this the true culprit behind Alzheimer's?
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Terrifying links to practically every ailment known to man

These two researchers assembled a huge body of evidence on the relations between pesticide exposure and elevated rates of birth defects, reproductive disorders, and chronic diseases. Including many types of cancers, diabetes and neurodegenerative disorders -- such as Alzheimer's dementia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease), and Parkinson's disease. They also have some evidence on the association between pesticides and respiratory problems -- especially asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, or emphysema). They even have evidence linking pesticides with cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and autoimmune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even aging.

Did they leave anything out?

It reads like a diagnostic and statistical manual of every ailment known to man, including the mysterious chronic disease epidemics of the 21st century.

We know exactly how and why pesticides cause damage

Of course, there is no shortage of toxic mechanisms to explain how pesticides poison cellular metabolism. Their primary actions disrupt molecular ion channels, enzymes and receptors. Their secondary mechanisms poison cellular metabolism as well.

They also damage genes, disrupt the endocrine system, cause mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress, and disturb white blood cell functions.

Just more reasons than ever to buy organic produce -- especially produce with soft skins such as strawberries, apples, peppers, and lettuces. You can probably still get away with non-organic foods for produce with a hard outer skin, such as avocado, banana and pineapple.

Here's what else I covered in this week's Daily Dispatch...

"Six fail-safe tips for food shopping
It's harder and more expensive than ever to keep your refrigerator stocked with healthy foods from the grocery store. Fortunately, things are about to get a little bit easier, thanks to new food label requirements passed by Congress in May 2016.

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The Star Trek transporter working inside your body
Virtually all human cultures dating back to the beginning of time believed living organisms are fundamentally different from inanimate objects. Living organisms have some kind of soul, spirit, qi, or energy not found among inanimate objects. By the 19th century, natural philosophers named this fundamental difference a "vital spark." Their theory about life became known as "vitalism." Though disregarded by early 20th century reductionist medicine, vitalism is now making a comeback. It turns out there is a unique, vital spark that happens every millisecond in the human body.

Get your weather forecast from the 6 o'clock news, not your knees
Summer weather -- with thunderstorms, tornados and hurricanes -- is upon us. You may even feel it in your joints when a storm is coming. Many patients and doctors also report that arthritis pain gets worse when barometric pressure in the atmosphere falls. Of course, the weather is a natural factor you cannot control. But there are many natural approaches to preventing and even reversing arthritis pain that you CAN control.

Always on the side of science,

Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.


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