Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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Dear Friends,
   I just stumbled on a great, fine, Christian Blog, and dearly want to share it with you !   Some great things have been happening to me recently, as I just attended a new, bible teaching church in my area, with friendly people who welcomed me, clean, cool, and close by my house.   So, I am very happy and grateful !   Smile.   And, thank you all for visiting my own humble blog, too.   You make my heart rejoice,  when the rest of the 'world' finds only heart break and misery.   
     This is the hot, muggy, humid, season, now, in the USA,  and our electric bills soar from using out Air Conditioning,  but we need it to survive and stay healthy.   Pity the many people in the world who cannot afford this luxury, and many people die from the excessive heat.   I live /  rent for now, in an old house that needs much repair,  but a humble, retired, disabled man like me is THANKFUL and GRATEFUL to just have a big old house like I do, with a very safe, kind, friendly, non-violent neighborhood !!   I have learned to be satisfied and comfortable, and I have some nice friends to come over and help me keep is clean and sanitary.   PTL.   I have plenty of good food and pure drinking water, so I feel very glad and peaceful, lacking nothing.  


Warm Regards,
Tom   Schuckman

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