Friday, July 1, 2016

Silver Spikes.

Tom's Journal.

Well Friends,
     For the most part,  I am done preaching about the economy or what you should invest in, anymore.  You guys are on your own now.   But let me relate to my past Financial training with PFS, etc....  'If you DON'T "PAY YOURSELF FIRST...  you will end up spending that money allocated for investment in something probably foolish.'   Most Americans just don't save any money, and my old company showed people 'HOW TO SAVE AND INVEST !'   We would coach the husband and wife at the kitchen table how to 'free up money' they didn't know they had, and invest it in great Mutual Funds that were doing well, at that time.   But you must understand that there is always "that window of opportunity" [just like when a deer hunter spies a deer walking thru his 'kill zone.' "  At a certain point, the deer is out of range... and the same thing in war and battle.].   If people can train themselves to THINK ahead of the curve, and do things at the RIGHT TIME, then they can do the most good.   And so many people love to say,  that "knowledge is power."  But they are wrong!  "Action is Power," and that is where so many folks get it wrong !!  All the smarts, education, and knowledge in the world is worthless unless a man or woman puts it to use and acts upon that knowledge !   There are speakers of the word -- and then there are 'doers of the word.'  And the same thing goes for true Christianity !   Knowing right from wrong is NOT ENOUGH!   And... those who do not take the proper action at the right time will be lumped in with all the UNBELIEVERS AND EVIL DOERS.... going down to the 'pit.'   I am sure that you can all figure that one out.   And Jesus pointed out that those who take 'care of His little ones -- His servants and followers' will beget mercy and grace from the Father.   See:  Book of Matthew.  
     It's not that we keep a private journal of how many times we help our Christian brothers and sisters,  because we know that is part of our declaration of Faith and Love.   But on the flip side of the coin,  I have given MUCH to certain churches and helped individuals privately with my own money, etc., and when I left,  lol,  I never got hardly a boo !  Nor a phone call to see if I was OK, or still alive.   Ha!  Ask me if I will ever help those hypocrites out any more..... Ha!  Sorry, I have plenty of bills to pay every single month, and I am just short right now....[and always will be].   Now, dear Friends,  that is not 'bitterness',  it's being practical and 'taking care of business.'   And just like there is a limit to God's kindness and mercy --- there is a limit to mine, too.  

But it all boils down again to PRIORITIES in life, and every day living.   I don't smoke, get drunk, party hearty or go on expensive vacations, nor live in a high class home, or eat out every day,  so I might just have a little bit to invest in things that I believe I will need in the near future.  I am thinking about buying a medium size  chest freezer in the near future, so I can buy some good meat on sale and store them up for when I might not be able to have access to them later, when commodities shot up $$$.    Actually, I learned stuff like that from my parents on the farm in the 1960's.  

And I just received a special 'sharpening module'  for my sharpening machine that cost me, $120. !!  But the worst thing you can do is carry a DULL knife.    I considered that an investment, too. 

Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman


Silver Spikes to 22 Month High, Driven By “Heightened Volatility, Lingering Uncertainty”

Mac Slavo
July 1st, 2016
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There’s nothing like a crisis to drive market prices. This time around, with the very future of currencies and nations directly intertwined, gold and silver are poised to be the very bastion of neutrality and relative safety. A Switzerland amid a global currency war.
It was no surprise to see gold increasing as a result of the climate surrounding Britain’s referendum, but now the commodities market is taking off in a very bullish way.
And now it seems that silver is catching up. The spot price has been steadily gaining in the wake of the global economic uncertainty, and it suddenly hit a 22 month high at just above $19 per ounce.
The chances appear strong that the rally will continue, at least in the short term.
Reuters reported via Zero Hedge that:
Silver breached the $19 an ounce level to reach the highest since September 2014.
Silver, which has gained more than 8 percent this week, is on track for its best week since August 2013. “Gold has been on an uptrend and silver tends to catch up,” said Brian Lan, managing director at Singapore-based gold dealer GoldSilver Central.
Gold rose on Friday and was headed for its fifth straight weekly gain, boosted by a weaker dollar as the safe-haven asset continued to be in demand despite an increase in risk appetite post the Brexit vote.
“Looking ahead, it seems that gold will remain one of the major beneficiaries in the current backdrop, as heightened volatility and lingering uncertainty will keep investors’ risk appetite in check,” the bank [Societe Generale] said in a note.
Apparently, the value of gold and silver have returned into plain view as a safe haven from the currency swings going on with the pound, and as a result of the Brexit vote. The potential for a rate hike at the Federal Reserve, and the prospect of negative interest rates have also been turning interest to gold and other assets.
Just imagine if these assets ever approached their true value…
With the longer term prospect of an truly serious economic collapse in the United States, gold and silver will continue to make sense as a hedge against banana republic inflation, as well as a means to barter and trade with.
Though that kind of crisis seems alien to our happy consumer society, the reality is all too present in Venezuela.
Could it happen here? Hopefully you’ll have a humble stash of bullion in case we ever find out for ourselves.
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