Friday, July 22, 2016


Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
    I have lived a long time on this planet,  Earth, and learned a ton of things, also having been tricked, lied to, deceived, and misled, too many times.  But the most wonderful thing I have right now that makes up for all the horrible Pain, Suffering, disappointment's,  lost loves, death of loved ones that ripped my heart apart...... is God's wonderful plan of Salvation,  hands down !   The bible even says:  "If a man gains everything yet loses his soul,  what good is it all ?"   If the Rapture of God's anointed Saints vanish from this corrupt earthly scene and are taken UP TO HEAVEN to be with Jesus, in Joy and Safety,  while the rest of those folks are "Left Behind" on Earth as the Great Tribulation comes with every fearful calamity ever seen and experienced,  how would YOU feel ??   Frankly, my dear friends,   I would feel DEVASTATED and hopeless !!  
      I have explained many times on this humble blog site,  that if it depended on us learning a difficult foreign language to get to heaven....  would we not just DO IT ?   OK,  I hate Math,  so if I had to learn or re-learn Algebra,  wouldn't I do it right away ??  The answer is,  YES !   But I hope I'd have a better teacher than that last bum... LOL.   He couldn't 'teach his way out of a wet paper bag !'   If his I.Q. were  just two points higher,  he could be a potato !  

        I will bet that the majority of so-called 'Christians' in the USA still think/ believe that,  'only good people go to heaven !'  And that is not correct,  sorry.   Actually,  NO ONE HUMAN IS 'QUOTE' :  "GOOD !"   All of us are born into sin and there fore imperfect and on the 'high way to hell.'   It is ONLY by our verbal and heart felt acceptance of the Lord Jesus  Christ, as our Lord and Savior,   that we can become 'justified' by Father God, forgiven,   and gain entry into heaven.   There are a number of reasons why most humans don't take this SIMPLE action to gain true Salvation.   I will name a few, tonight:  Pride,  Stupidity,  Ignorance of what the bible truly says, and Satan's misleading doctrines and the glitter of the world/ and temptations.  
    The KJV Bible gives us everything we need to learn how to fight this dark, demon sponsored war fare.   Just read:  2nd Timothy 3: 16.,   "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for instruction in righteousness,  that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."   So,  there you have it !   Now,  where to start in those 66 books that make up our Bible??   I always recommend that a newer person start with the 4 Gospels:  Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and then read the book of Romans, so that they get a firm grip on the basic, fundamentals of the all important Gospel of Jesus Christ,  because if something happens, unexpectedly, that you die or get killed, etc.,  --- you will be  SAVED !  After you learn all about Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross for all sinful mankind, we would want to pray earnestly to the Father, admit that we are a sinner deserving of death and hell,  but thru Christ's blood sacrifice, we are now Saved.  We would ask forgiveness for all our sins in the past, and then try hard to follow Christ...  His fine example and learn the bible better, thru daily study, maybe one hour per day, and find a systematic study guide,  system of study,   and also find a church that truly teaches the Bible.   So,  after you start to learn the Bible better --- you can really discern if a certain church is teaching the real TRUTH OF THE KJV BIBLE, or not.  If the church or pastor is just teaching 'feel good' baloney, lies, or they only want your money,  get up and leave !!    Hint:  If you go into a church where no one brings their own copy of the Bible, and/ or there are no Bibles to be found in the church.... LEAVE !    You will also get the Holy Spirit, forever, to be present in you, and that Spirit will help you learn better, faster, and lead you to witness and share what you have learned with others.   
       As a matter of fact,  this is pretty much how you can tell if another person is a real, bible educated Christian, or not.... if she/ he shares their Faith of the Bible with others, and their relatives, regularly !!  Yes,  that separates the 'men from the boys.... and the women from the little girls !'   Jesus, said, in the book of Matthew:  "if you are ashamed of me on earth,  I will be ashamed of you in front of my Father [God]."    God does not like Cowards !
      And, if a person 'claims to be a Christian,'  they won't just walk out of a legal marriage unless the mate commits ADULTRY !!  And if that ever happens, the co-called "innocent"  spouse who was sinned against doesn't HAVE TO DIVORCE HER HUSBAND, but can forgive and take him back !!   But perhaps the only thing that was holding the marriage together was money $$$$ -- in the first place.   And most women now days hate the Bible term 'husbandly headship !'   Instead they are likely to 'cherry pick' what scriptures they want to obey, or follow, as long as they are in HER favor.... AND SUIT HER WISHES AND DESIRES.    And trading money for sex is never a good idea, either.....  duh.   Sadly, now days, many women are still big champions of "Woman's Lib" and listen to their girl friends instead of obeying the bible.   women MIGHT BE ABLE TO PUT ON A GOOD SHOW at the church,  and deceive the congregation,  but they cannot fool God !   That goes for men too, of course.    And many so-called pastors can be swayed into protecting the wrong spouse too or taking side, for one reason or the other, with wrongful desires.  Not to worry:  God will Judge us all, in due time.  
    At this point in my life,  I really have NO ONE to care for me, except for a few platonic friendships, and the Lord.  [Look that big word up now ...  lol.].   I guess I still have a few fears and phobias, guilt from the past, as I messed up so many times in my life,  plus some combat PTSD,  and I struggle with my daily concerns,  but I know that I am saved.  So the coming of the RAPTURE doesn't scare me at all, in fact I hope it comes tonight while I am in a deep sleep !!  And the VAMC in Iron Mtn., MI., usually takes care of most of my medical needs, so I just pay my bills on time and try to reach out to meet new people, and make new friends as best I can.   I need an oil change in my Dodge Ram truck, soon.    I have Air Conditioning, and clean running water, and food in the refrigerator.   Yet, I must admit that I get lonely at times,  but I pray to God about that too.  
     Things will be getting worse in the near future.... unfortunately, no matter who gets elected to the Presidency in the USA !  Albeit,  we Christians and Patriots will want to vote for the gentleman who will best protect us and our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms, a man like Mr. Donald Trump.  He is not running for pastor of some church, and he is not perfect,  but I feel that he is the right man for the big job.     To me, there  is no other choice, except an early death from Socialism and a One World Gov't !   AS I said before,  I just hope that we do get all the way to an election on Nov. 7th  ! ! !  martial law would not surprise me at all, and the so-called 'president' would love to declare martial law, on any pretext !  
       Most of all, we would want to pray for:   God's Will, to take place, in heaven, and on earth.   See:  Matthew 6: 9...  the 'Lord's Prayer.'

Warm Regards,

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