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The Tea Party.

Tom's Journal.

  I am just/ merely passing this information on for all to read and share.

Tom   S

A Shadow Government is Stealing America as Democrats and Republicans play politics! Pallets of cold cash, rigged election software discovered, secret emails, backroom deals, payoffs, assassinations...
Rumors are swirling, backroom deals are cooking, secret payoffs are flowing and strange bedfellows are smiling as the secret shadow government slowly coalesces into a pyramid of power, preparing for the outcome of the 2016 election... this is what the Tea Party Team has discovered and that’s not all! 
Keep reading, it’s going to get scandalous! 
Let me ask you an honest question: How would you like to have these people resign or be indicted? 
  • Loretta E. Lynch - Attorney General
  • John Koskinen  - Commissioner of the I.R.S. 
  • John Kerry - Secretary Of State 
  • Robert A. McDonald - Secretary of Veteran Affairs
  • Other scalawags, nincompoops and liberal pukes
But first we have some secrets to share with you. Read on! 
Listen up! New evidence has just emerged and this is going to scare the hell out of you. But you’re not alone, sit down as this will knock you off your feet. What I’m about to tell you has made me sick to my stomach, but I can wait no longer. America is in a crisis... but just a few of us can fix it, and you are one of them. 
Think I’m kidding? Saddle up! 
What we discovered sounds incredible but wait till you read it.
Here are just some of the unfolding scandals we are working on. SHOCKING!
  • Cold Cash: $400,000,000.00 Secretly Shipped. Shadow government Okays shipping dozens pallets of unmarked 100 dollar bills to Iran totaling over $400 million, Obama delighted! 
  • Emails Exposing Shadow Government - Julian Assange of WikiLeaks releases thousands of emails exposing the shadow government! Julian Assange hiding for his life! 
  • Rigged Election Software - Eugene Curtis, computer programmer and ex-employee of NASA and Exxon-Mobil, testified under oath in front of the U.S. House Judiciary Members and exposed election hacking, demonstrating how fraudulent code is inserted into touch screen voting systems using prototype software to secretly rig any election results. Eugene Curtis unavailable for comment. Story buried by shadow government!
  • Terrorist Endorsement – Did Muslim Brotherhood officials endorse Hillary in secret meeting? Media Silenced!
  • DEAD - Shawn Lucas part of the fraud class action lawsuit against Hillary and shadow government. Found dead, cause unknown!
  • DEAD - Seth Conrad Democratic staffer murdered while in route to the FBI to turn over evidence of shadow government. Unsolved Homicide!
  • DEAD - John Ashe former UN official “accidentally” crushed his own throat was scheduled to testify against the shadow government. Accidental Throat Crushing!
All this is playing out now! Right in front of our eyes, yet the media is strangely silent about these dirty secrets!
TRUTH - It’s time to face the truth, we must identify, expose and remove the shadow government. Like the revolutionary war the Tea Party is going to be targeted by the enemy, Nonetheless we will keep marching... but only with your help.
Message to our members:
When I received this distressing information I knew something had to be done, so I quietly called a meeting of the Tea Party leadership to discuss our next plan of action. What we came up with gave me a cold chill down my back because I knew this time next year some of us will be gone. Now you understand how serious this is, just a few of us are going to stand up against the power of the dark and sinister shadow government. May God protect us, Steve
Here is what we came up with, but before I divulge this sensitive information I need to know you are behind us 110% this is not for the weak but for the true patriot who is willing to step up and be counted.
Frankly, it is time to take out the trash; America must have a clean sweep! 
What do you think? While others moan and complain, your Tea Party is on the front lines working for you and it shows! Together we have fired dozens of Congressman, replacing them with Tea Party heroes... stopped gun grabbing... stopped Obama thugs dead in their tracks... and now we have Tea Party Trump about to take the White House however; the biggest fight is still before us.
In fact, this is why we need a clean sweep and rid America of the shadow government once and for all!
  • Identify members of the shadow government, verify they are indeed working against the Constitution and We the People. 
  • Expose them by bringing awareness to their shenanigans and show the American people the truth about the shadow government.
  • Remove them by demanding their resignation, filing lawsuits, organizing protests and using the Patriot Act to remove shadow government members from office.
Think I’m kidding? Look what we’ve done against the IRS! We won in court many times while roasting the top-tier Obama appointees and soon John Koskinen IRS Commissioner will resign. But were not stopping there, the Tea Party Legal Team can deploy the full power and authority of the Patriot Act, here’s a brief of our authority: 
  • Racketeering - Unauthorized action against the Constitution by official or employee of the government. USA PATRIOT Act (U.S. H.R. 3162, Public Law 107-56), Title VIII, Sec. 802.
  • Cyber-Terrorism - Damaging government-owned computers, destroying files or loss of secret information or lack of security protocol. USA PATRIOT Act (U.S. H.R. 3162, Public Law 107-56), Title VIII, Sec. 813. Amended 18 U.S.C. § 1961(1)
  • Corrupt Officialdom - official or employee of the government who acts corruptly as well as the person who induces the corrupt act in the carrying out of their official duties. USA PATRIOT Act (U.S. H.R. 3162, Public Law 107-56), Title III, Subtitle A, Sec. 319. Amended 31 U.S.C. § 5318(k)(3)(C)(iii)
Powerful enough, more to come! The shadow government does not want you to know We the People have the power instead we have been fed years of baloney trying to convince the American people we are to be government dependent demanding we must blindly follow, sit down and shut up. 
If Trump wins: Operation Clean Sweep will be fully functional having already called national awareness too many of the members the shadow government. It is very possible Operation Clean Sweep will become a useful instrument in the Trump administration for cleaning house!
If Hillary wins: All hell is going to break loose. The Hillary regime will stop at nothing to halt the activities of Operation Clean Sweep because she knows the Tea Party will identify the members of the shadow government, call national awareness to their shenanigans and then using legal remedy including the use of the Patriot Act force them from office. To put it quite bluntly... Hillary is going to be so pissed off
How are we going to do it? I can’t tell you all our combat plans but I can say this; I know you want to be part of OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP and this is how you can do it. We need good patriots like you to step up and help us offset this humongous cost, with deadlines looming and over-due bills to pay you can make an enormous impact on this new launch, help us now. 
We are not funded by some fat cat billionaire, nor do we pig-out on government pork.
Here’s the deal...
  • Identify members of the corrupt shadow government
  • Expose their shadow government shenanigans
  • Remove them from office through resignation, file lawsuits, organize protests and the Patriot Act 
No matter who may win in November the shadow government must be removed or all is lost and we will simply become slaves to the one world government.
Here’s the math, you decide: 22 people to step up and sacrificially give $1,000 will give us a few dollars to cover some basic expenses. 
Every donation counts from $10 to $1,000 and more helps us launch OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP. Where do you fit in? Oh God please say you can help us and get as close to that $1000 target as possible, give until it feels good! Thank you.
You know it’s true. While lazy bystanders are getting tubby at office picnics and potluck dinners we are on the battlefield, on the front lines with operational teams in key locations. To tell you the truth all this comes with a price we must pay our bills and meet our deadlines. Please, give your best donation now. 
We must depend on you! $10 to $1,000 or more we pray you get closer to that $1,000 dollar mark so we can launch OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP. I know I can count on you; you have never let us down. We are taking the bull by the horns and taking those one world globalists head on. Let me prove it to you! Read on! 
Of course, you know the lame stream media will never cover our combat but when you see shadow government members exposed and resign you will know your Tea Party team is on the job!
Be part of something great and help us launch OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP today. 
You’re just a click away from helping us cover the costs and stay on the front lines for you!
May God bless you as He has in the past
Steve Eichler
CEO, Tea Party

P.S. - I feel privileged to work for you as together we protect our Constitution and our domestic tranquility. Today the battlefield is not on a distant shore but within our ranks in Washington and in every state, this is why the Tea Party must be on the offensive. Thank you again, Steve

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