Saturday, August 13, 2016

Warning given for next Month.

Tom's Journal.

Tom's Email Acct:

Friends,   Check this out, please.     The American currency --  The Dollar $$$ will collapse on September  30th,  2016,  according to this 2nd article.   And even I am surprised that they went so far out on a limb !   But .....  it is possible, I would have to say.  Frankly, and personally,   I will not be happy if it does come that soon,  but I think I am sort of  "Prepped," but not near what I want to/ ought to  be !    I think that would take me another long year.   I have no idea when the Rapture might come,  but we Christians believe that it won't be too far behind any event that could kill millions of people, IMHO.  [in my humble opinion].    And as the value of the American Dollar becomes almost, or totally worthless,  many people will suffer greatly.   Even if so many of my fellow countrymen laugh when they are told that,  'Venezuvala'  could happen right here in the USA !   That is a good taste of Socialism in action,  and I feel that we here in America are becoming more Socialistic every day,  with too many  murders, with heads of State almost encouraging the murdering of our police and rescue people !!    Isn't it strange that people who are attached to the Clintons seem to die when they are about to 'spill the beans' about the Clinton Foundation Org.    I am probably painting a target on my own back by posting this subject right now !    But as I told the Medical Staff at the local VAMC a few days ago at a check up,  'I have lead a long, very active life, full of adventure, and I am very thankful to have lived THIS long... age 67.'   It's not that I have some 'death wish,'  but my body doesn't work so good anymore, and from what I read in the KJV Bible -- Heaven sounds like a very nice place to live, without any fear, pain, remorse, hunger or worries, and with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who died for all humanity.   Yet, just as in the Flood of Noah's time, very in comparison to only 8 human souls who survived the Deluge/ flood, some folks estimate a million other humans died... got swept away by the flood.  
      I think that most people who really know and understand me would say that I am not a depressed, morbid man,  but I enjoy life and try to treat others with kindness and respect, and I am very generous to a fault !   But I refuse to be stepped on and trashed, forever.   I just want to finally get some 'legal business' out of the way and move on with my gentle life....  what ever God has in store for me. 
        But I do get a good feeling in my bones when I draw people's attention to the Salvation for any repentant human being who humbly asks Jesus Christ to be his/ her Lord and Savior !!   God is that merciful, and He gives Grace to us.   I am also thankful that part of my offspring is serving Father God, now,  too !!   PTL !   And I am not too depressed by some folks who have told lies about me last year....  because God will take care of matters much better than I could.    And if the two men who killed my son don't come to know Christ in the near  future,  they will 'know' a place much worse than prison soon.  
       However,  it usually arises and happens that God's Time is probably  not when we THINK it will come,  so we could all be wrong about Sept. 30th or what ever.  And God wants us to be surprised when He does come,   looking at things.     Because,  if we knew when His Day came,  people would sanctimoniously 'be good' fraudulently right before 'His Kingdom Comes !'  And 'His Will be done.'    So it's best to be good and doing His work all the time --- so takes the right measures now !

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

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Jeff Anderson

You know it's only a matter of time, don't you?

No matter how much the media (or Administration) tries to spin how great things are going in our economy, the money we owe continues to sprint up and up (and up!)

It's a ticking time bomb that will soon explode when we can no longer pay our bills as a country.

The only question now is... when?

It may be sooner than you think...

~ Jeff


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