Saturday, October 22, 2016

Massive Cyberattack !

Tom's Journal.

Good Day,  Friends !  Smile.
     My father, who was born on a farm in Kansas, joined the Navy SeaBees during WW-2, taught me how to play Chess when I was a teenagers on the family farm in S.E. Wisconsin, in the 1960's, and I loved the game, and have since taught it to many other nice people.   but I want to say that I can only remember about 3 times in my life when I bested my Dad in that Game !   But, like any other game when it's a forgone conclusion that 'you are going to lose' for sure, 98% of the time.... it a matter of "HOW BAD YOU LOSE !"   [Joke].   And real gentlemen will thank their opponent and take the 'High Road' and say,  "Thanks for the Game,"  or say, "nice Game."   If you are a jack ass or mean, by rubbing the defeat into the person you just beat --- they won't ever want to play Chess with you, again !    So, please try to remember that.   
     Now,  the reason I shared this with you today, is because one of the 'tricks' in playing Chess is to "Think Ahead" of what your opponent will do... and try to guess the logical way he will move against you.   For example:  'for every action --- there is a Re-action.'  Kind of like Chemistry class in High School,  remember ?
      So then, regarding the short article that I cut and pasted down below about  the massive Cyberattack that hit the East Coast yesterday.... we MUST think of the possible ramifications, not just now,  but in the future !   Many of us know that we can be better served by buying good, cheaper merchandise "On-Line" --over the InterNet, and it's smart to know where the good bargains are !  With this in mind,  "What If" our InterNet and Cyberspace is compromised, either temporarily or permanently ? ?   Bad News, Friends !   And so many Americans and others procrastinate and put things off, and then get caught with their pants down when an emergency comes upon us.   Well,  hasn't it always been that way ever since the 'Flood in Noah's time ?'   So people love and need their 'Creature Comforts,' and others enjoy the Ghetto life, so it seems.   Other just don't care about anything in the whole wide world, including their Salvation thru Christ, heaven or hell.  
      Well,  I can and do understand these things, and also the freedom we all have as "Free Moral Agents" on earth.... we are not robots...  yet... LOL.   But don't worry,  our evil, mad, scientists are working on that possibility, too !    That's just another reason that Father God MUST and Will bring His 'Kingdom to Earth',  sooner than most humans think.  
     OK,  the message for today is,  a 'word to the wise.'   Don't wait until the very last second to Prepare for the 'shoot storm.'  [Sic].  

Now, as most of you readers and friends can already figure out,  only a certain type of person reads my personal [but public] Blog,  TOM'S JOURNAL.   Some days I get as high as 1300 people 'hitting on my blog post !'   I don't know exactly why,  but it sure does warm my heart to see and find people so interested in what I have to say, and many people who read my posts live in Germany...  THANK YOU !   The 2nd highest readership are those who live in the USA.... and so on.    And I just read this morning that THOUSANDS of German people are leaving Germany, mostly because of the Islamic invasion, higher crime, rape, murder, due to the Muslims rushing into the Merkel Socialist Germany.... sorry to say.   Most of those ignorant, vulgar, rude, rapists are super lazy, and don't have a job, skill,  are illiterate of any language including their own, and don't have a clue... sorry.   And even the Pope supports these kind of people, can you believe ?   Half the people in America are of the same caliber, and don't know what they are voting for, too !   Oh well....  time to step off my soap box, and make a baloney sandwich.

Now, wrapping it all up...  I just sent for some Herbs and Vitamins today, but in the back of my mind,  I just wonder if my money and the Internet are going to continue working for me,  to get the quality products that I want and need.   Get it ?  No offense, please.   I am just trying to make a point here.   But now,  that's exactly what we can expect from a slack, corrupt, worthless Administration like Obama's and Hilly-goat's !  Ha!  Do you all want more of the same...  or worse ?   Go figure it out.  

Have a great sunny day,  and don't eat too much Baloney.

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman

Here is an older picture of me, in 1989,  "Power Lifter."    I just wish I had some lettuce to put in my baloney sandwich.....

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A Massive Cyberattack Wiped Out Major Websites This AM, Amidst Fears of Campaign Season Blackout

21 days after Congress agrees to outsource internet control to international body...


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