Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bible Tracts Inc.

Tom's Journal.

    Here are the 'Links' to the famous,  Bible Tracts Inc., web site/ place  that I have been talking about so much in my past few  blog posts, that are so easy to use in our Gospel sharing, witnessing work/ ministries !!   Just so you all understand that ALL real Christians are admonished to have a share in the preaching/ sharing of the Gospel, as the Holy Spirit helps us 'say the right words at the right time !'   And this is yet another reason why it is so important to study the Bible daily, if possible.   Go figure:   If we watch T.V. at all,  or play with some hand help cell phone or device,  we do have the time to read and study God's Word.   Most teen age kids are texting half the time, anyway...  lol.       I prefer the KING JAMES BIBLE,  but I know that the NASB is another suitable version that helps people....     And if it seems strange and difficult to you,  just ask for the Holy Spirit to HELP YOU !!  Rome wasn't built in one day, folks !   And I didn't learn everything in one day, either.    I remember how long it took me to learn to play the guitar well.    But it's like learning how to walk and talk.... and ride a bike,   LOL !   Some of us have to work harder than others  to really get good at somethings in life,  but we all need to learn our Mother tongue, or what ever country we were born in... or are living in, so just DO IT !   there are some countries that do not have free schooling, and centuries ago, school was something that only the rich could afford. 
    Ask yourself:   "How important is it to wind up in either heaven or hell...  forever ??   Just think,  Would you rather be whipped like a dog, under fed, live like a dirty rat, in pain every day, forever ?   Or would you rather live with all your trusted, beloved friends, with all the good food you ever wanted, for free, in perfect safety, Air Conditioned, or the perfect temperature, FOREVER ??     Smile.  Now... was that a really hard choice ?    There is NO party in hell,  just misery and pain!   Do you have to be "perfect" on earth to get to heaven ?   The answer is:  "No !"   But you do have to know and love, the Lord, Jesus Christ, confess all your sins to Him that you can remember, and follow Him as best you can.   And with the special help of the Holy Spirit, which is FREE,  we can and will learn to follow Jesus in a better way, especially after we begin studying the bible on a regular basis, and try to associate with other like minded Christians, if we can.   They won't be perfect either...  until they get to heaven.    If  you are blind, you can listen to a beautiful audio version of the complete bible.    If you are deaf,  you can read the bible.   If you are both deaf and dumb and blind,  I am sure that God will somehow show you the way,  because God is Just, Perfect and full of Love.  In face:   "God is Love."

Please check out these fine, well worded,  colorful, yet simple, Bible Tracts Inc.,  soon !   Then order some for free, and carry a few with you all the time, and USE THEM to help others learn about Jesus, the Gospel and true Salvation !   But YOU will learn too !    Most Christians on earth feel that we don't have a lot of time left to do this special work that Father God and Jesus Christ commanded.   So, let's get a piece of the action, NOW !    Now,  this fine ministry also does some important work all over the world helping others in many ways, and so a donation will certainly help them.... although their bible tracts are free.   I usually send them a check  $$$ to them out, and that makes my heart feel good !  

   Tommy Schuckman

Jesus is Lord.

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