Thursday, November 3, 2016

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During the RNC in Cleveland, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson called out Clinton on her luciferian ties.

Similarly, an article from CNN in 1996 discusses Hillary’s affiliation with dark magic.
More information on that article can be found here.
Bill Clinton’s book My Life: The Early Years describes their trips to Haiti where they participated in “voodoo rituals.”
So far, all these revelations has hurt the Clinton campaign and Hillary is already

Hi  Friends,
     Maybe I am just nuts,  but something strange happened to me  recently, and I even wonder if it's wise to put it into print....  lol.   Among other things vastly more important,  I put myself thru a body cleanse the past few days and 'got cleaned out.'   So maybe my complexion will heal up very now... albeit the wearing of my CPAP mask every night to help me breathe better... with my Sleep Apnea, still rubs against my face, and that bothers me.  But without it, I will simply die.... and the Oxygen too.  
     I am kind of tired  now, on a "modified Fast" and only ate breakfast today.  So much snail mail, also accumulated at my P.O. box, and I picked up all my healing herbs today, too.   I simply MUST get a haircut in the morning because the longer hair is tickling me to death !!   I might even trim my bushy grey beard, too.  

I was recently using the Divine Name,  Jesus, lately, and somehow felt so much BEAUTY and POWER from it, that I almost seemed to get "high" -- euphoric !   Wait !   I know what some of you guys are thinking....  that I drank too much wine...   but no,  I did not.   Or could I also be light headed from not eating enough food ??  
    Some people, just hate the name of Jesus !   I can imagine that Jesus might be scary to those who practice wickedness, evil, greed every day that they live on earth.    They also fear death because they know what awaits them.    I kind of wish I were with my loved ones in a comfortable setting, but I just don't think that is what God has in store for me...  sadly.   I guess I will be OK, if the Spirit stays with me until the Rapture.

Talk more later.


Secretary of State  John Kerry introduces Admiral Ace Lyons to speak at a private  meeting. He probably regrets doing  so.



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