Monday, November 14, 2016

Hillary Lost Popular Vote !

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REPORT: 3 MILLION Votes in Presidential Election Cast by ILLEGAL ALIENS, Non-Citizens


Sorry,   Friends,   No mercy for the stinking Dems/ Liberals who helped KILL MY FELLOW VETERAN BROTHERS and Sisters ! !   I HOPE AND PRAY THAT Mr.  Trump bares down hard on all those VAMC, and Veterans Administration scumbags responsible to falsifying the paper work and otherwise screwing our Veterans over in any way !   They should never be allowed to work for our Gov't again.   And if people at the VA don't want to cooperate -- fire them too !   Isn't that just too cute ?   --Just my humble opinion,  folks.

307,000 Veterans Died on "Secret Wait Lists" (link is external)
This is the time of year we raise funds to help provide food, clothing and emergency aid for catastrophically wounded warriors from the War on Terror. I'll explain this program to you more fully in a moment.

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Hi  Friends,

Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen,   but we all KNEW that Hillary and Obama would cheat, and George Soros [that Nazi  collaborator that betrayed his own Jewish people !], controlled many illegal voters who illegally voted and broke the Law.    And then some 'sour grapes,' wuss, sore losers are now trying to say that Hillary won the election with the majority vote !!   Actually, it was [illegally] a FRACTION of 1% of the general vote....   but now we learn that is also another lie.
      I know that I have mentioned my father's wisdom a few times,  but he was a strict Navy man [and that is why I joined the Army...LOL] who taught me the facts of life.    He said:  "Son,  once a man lies to you --- you can never really trust him again."   And some folks are just plain, pathetic, dyed in the wood,  LIARS !   You all know someone who lies, and so do I.  And the same goes for a THIEF !!   According to my Dad, 'the two worst sins are:  Lying and Theft.   Both can cause another man's death !  

BOMBSHELL – Massive Voter Fraud Just Uncovered, Shows Hillary LOST Popular Vote!!

Before the election, there were rumors and inklings that Hillary Clinton and her campaign were trying to commit some kind of voter fraud to sway the election in her favor. Just because she lost the election, doesn’t mean she didn’t try to steal it.

Gregg Phillips of Jump Vote has verified that there were more than 3 million votes cast by illegal immigrants in the past election. That foreign criminals could have so much sway over our election is an outrage.

This would mean that Hillary Clinton has actually soundly lost the popular vote in our nation! By over two million votes.

However, Obama and Clinton have allegedly encouraged illegal citizens to vote.
Of course, it is in their best interest to encourage this unlawful behavior, as illegal immigrants are almost certain to vote Democrat, so they can continue to take advantage of our citizens.

Later in his tweet announcement Phillips goes onto mention that the Department of Justice has sued states, to prevent them from asking if a voter is a citizen.
We are sad to see that the politicization of the DoJ has gone so far as to encourage the states to allow illegals to break our laws. Especially over something as important as our elections!
Let’s hope that President-Elect Trump’s new appointment to Attorney General will reverse this action against the states and revive our immigration laws.
We need to enforce them, now more than ever, to protect the integrity of our elections. Indeed, states that don’t have any voter ID Laws, which are nineteen in number, need to have legislation introduced to change that as soon as possible. Of course, states like California, which has a huge population of illegal immigrants, are unlikely to do so.
Maybe it’s time that President-Elect Trump did something about this problem on the national level. His promise to deport or incarcerate illegals immigrants is the perfect first step.
After all, if we don’t fix this problem now, we may never get another chance to protect our elections from

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