Friday, November 18, 2016

The Bible, Prepardness, and the 2nd Amendment.

Tom's Journal.

Watch this Vietnam Video about "Door Gunner" in Helicopters !
Bob Cooper
Vietnam in Country Veteran

Friends, All over the World,
   Here is a very interesting proof article/ read on the moral legality and biblical stance of self defense and weapons.   Very insightful, in depth, pure logic with Scriptures that I will certainly memorize.... and please,  you should too !   I also have references to a Legal Arm web site if one should ever need legal assistance in case you HAVE TO PROTECT YOURSELF SOME DAY... use your firearm in self defense.   Just email me for that company that I pay every month for "peace of mind,"  Legal Help.   It's worth every penny, about $20/ month.  

Just sit back and take your time reading and absorbing all of this timely information, please.   Have a great night... or day.

Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman

---Here is a pic of me, at age 19, in 1968, shortly after I got to my "Duty Station" in Cu Chi, RVN  [Vietnam].   'Mean and Lean.'   Our heavenly Father was certainly watching over me for those 2 years in combat, and protecting me.   Praise the Lord,  Jesus Christ !   Thank you, Lord !

--- I am the dark haired 'door gunner' on the extreme Left,  Tommy Schuckman, and weighed 160 pounds, at the EM Club at Camp Bear Cat, RVN.  3rd Corp.  With the 240th AHC [Assault Helicopter Company], on my 2nd tour of duty.    I enjoyed a cold brew after a hot day, flying 7 days a week, forever.   I was very proud of those black subdued flight wings on my chest [Left].   My email: 

The Bible, Preparedness, and the 2nd Amendment

As anyone can tell you that has ever discussed the bible or religion there is no one Christian view on any topic and the purpose of this article is not to push one view or another but to provide a perspective that you may not have considered. There will be those that may say these scriptures are out of context but I challenge you to look them up for yourself. Obviously, our founding fathers quickly amended the constitution to provide the citizens a clear assurance that they could “keep and bear arms” but where did they get this view? Was it simply from their experience in dealing with the British or was there a scriptural basis for it.

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