Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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The Horn News
December 14, 2016
PERFECT response slams "offensive" Christmas lawsuit
If you’re offended by Christmas, don't show your face in THIS Indiana town! Get the details on the insane anti-Christmas lawsuit filed against them -- and the jaw-dropping response the ACLU did not expect. Read More
Justice! Hero cop TAKES OUT would-be school shooter
A crazed gunman pulled out a weapon and started firing -- but only seconds later, a heroic police officer stopped his rampage! Get the details on how a good guy with a gun saved the day. Read More
1 spoonful a day could crush cancer
[Sponsored] If you or someone you love is fighting cancer, it is urgent that you watch this video right now. It reveals the one powerful compound that's been extensively studied to WIPE OUT the deadliest type of cancer cells... Watch this now
FBI to investigate Obama's VA
Barack Obama's administration has been abusing our sick veterans for too long -- and finally, the FBI has had enough! See who investigators are looking into, and why it could mean jail time for Obama's pals. Read More
Trump's America, great again!
Donald Trump promised he'd bring back jobs -- and hope -- to everyday America. And he's delivering it before he's even in office! See the HUGE announcement a major company made that has citizens cheering. Read More
Massive election fraud uncovered by recount grows
What the Michigan election recount found is very alarming. Election fraud is more widespread than ever thought, and there's evidence it has been happening for YEARS. It's the scandal of the century -- and the mainstream media won't talk about it. Read More
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Hi  Friends,
   This message just cracked me up and made my day !!   I thought most of you readers would enjoy it too,  because I believe that MOST of my friends and readers must be Conservative, hard working, Freedom loving People !   We don't have a 'money tree' growing in the back yard, and were not born with a silver spoon in our collective mouths,  but we were taught right from wrong, and a good, proper "work ethic" from young -- on.   There is NOTHING WRONG with enjoying the fruits of our life long labor,  but the Liberals - Left wants to somehow shame us and lay a 'guilt trip' on us so they can continue their Welfare programs.

It's for this reason, dear friends, that I pray daily that Mr. Trump gets sworn in without any trouble from the weirdo's on the Left or any violence or malice !!   So that he can carry out his promises, if at all possible, and I believe that the man has a good heart.   I sowed some 'wild oats' when I was younger, too, many that I regret now,  but I didn't know the Lord back then.... but I know that loving God's Son, Jesus, and trying hard to follow Him is my ticket to heaven.   Thinking that somehow my so-called,  "goodness" or good deeds will get me into heaven is a goofy lie,  a myth, and deadly!   I can and will lay down some scriptural proof a bit later.  
     But I just want to live to see Mr. Trump, 'drain the swamp,' and kick out the crooks in D.C.   It will be so good, so cool, to see the Liberals pull their own weight and WORK for a change !!

Enjoy !

---Tommy Schuckman













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