Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I'm Back !

Tom's Journal.

I'm BACK !!  Ha!  The old saying is:   Never kick a combat Veteran when he is down !"   He might not be dead and he can bite you in a dangerous place, or just break your neck !   Somehow I survived getting kicked out of my wife's house with COPD,  PTSD, a bad back, can't walk very far, and need to use Oxygen and a CPAP machine when I sleep.....  just 3 days before Christmas !!  Most men would have died or blown their brains out, and although I know that I am a sinful sinner man,  I didn't deserve this !!   But I promised my spouse that I would not sling crap at her anymore, and I will try my best to be civil, mature, and cordial,  so I refuse to air my / our dirty laundry in public.    Only that I too many times have to learn things the hard way, and 'God disciplines those whom He loves.'  ---Book of Hebrews,  KJV Bible.   Yes, I confess that I have a thick German head, but know the bible backwards, frontwards and sideways....  but I was slow to put things to action !   I have a big mouth and am paying for that fact in spades right now.... living in a big old house in Norway, MI., alone, in the Winter time, where it really gets cold and windy.   But I know that  Father God not only forgives me, but delivered me from death these past two weeks U.P. here, and rescued me and showed me the correct way to mend my evil ways....  yet I maintain that I didn't deserve what I got, and there are two sides of the story.   I chose to keep all that private and not soil my wife's good name, nor harm her in any way,  but let God sort it all out and judge us both in the end.   I am truly sorry for all my stupid blunders, mistakes, rough language, sins and errors, and told my wife just that,  and others multiple times already,  but she told me many times already too,  that there is NO WAY she will ever take me back, and so life goes on and perhaps I will move to be closer to my family, Mom, who is now in a nursing home, in Burlington, WI.   I have many true blue friends in that area, S.E. Wisconsin, who still love and respect me... PTL.   Let it be known that the bible only [ONLY] allows divorce for infidelity,  ADULTERY,  and I NEVER touch another woman in the short four years we were together,  but loved her dearly,  but we both argued too much..... and I am sorry about that too.   I also got some cold treatment from all of her girl friends....  but I will stop there and not get anyone into trouble or make things worse.   I just think that such folks are hypocrites, IMHO.   Time will tell who survives, I guess.  

I need to say:   "That attending some church, even on a regular basis no more makes a person a 'Christian',  then standing in a garage makes a person an auto mechanic or a car !!"    Now days the term "Christian" is too loosely applied and there are many false Christians who SHOULD BE HELPING THOSE IN DIRE NEED,  but so easily make lame excuses when it comes to physically helping some poor disabled Veteran who got kicked out in the cold Winter, too disabled to move his property in time to accomplish anything !!  Big Shame on those fake, plastic 'humans !'   I choose not to associate with them after this.... Ha!   But it was God and the VA that helped me when I needed it !    Jesus is my Lord and Savior, my Master and Captain !   I think that God will prosper a church according to their deeds, and not what they claim....  sorry.   I am not full of hate anymore,  but happy to read, study and carve into wood, the Proverbs and other scriptures in the Word.    I am disabled and about  ready to move into a nice, quiet, clean apartment some where,  but happy and glad that a good friend offered me his old house for rent until he sells the place.   But I don't know anyone here, and it's very hard for me to walk any distance because of my legs and back.   

I will NEVER marry again,  but try to keep my nose clean and improve myself in the short time I have left on earth, hoping that the Rapture or a happy, pain free death will take me when God wills it.   I aim to  reach out and make as many true blue friends as I can, and form meaningful relationships with others if God wills.    I am also thinking of writing and publishing a book,  too.     I hope I don't mention this chapter of my life again,  but I found out some real survival tactics when I was homeless,  what works and what don't.

That's all for now, and happy to be back... and just got my expensive Cable TV and  Internet hooked up today, with a $200 deposit and $35 hook up cost.   I bear no evil nor ill will against anyone, and wish all my friends and fellow combat Veterans a very Happy and Prosperous New Year !   Smile.

Tommy Schuckman