Monday, January 18, 2016

Just a Cold Day in January.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
   A dear, old friend of mine called me up yesterday,  after I had written him a letter by my own hand,  something almost unheard of in America, now days...  LOL.    Yes,  writing letters is a lost art.  My cursive writing is so lousy, IMHO,  that I often print....Ha!   But I know that all my friends like to get letters from me, and my friend,  Rob B., former Green Beret Captain, did 3 tours in Vietnam, to my 2 tours of duty, and I know that we both have PTSD,  but we function well in society, [I believe because we are both Christian, and it was he who helped me into the REAL Christian understanding, even though he considers himself challenged in good  speaking ability.] -- both having worked many years and retiring from the auto plant, Chrysler, in Kenosha, WI.   I welded for 17.3 years and then I moved to Engines.   I thank God that I had a good retirement, with pension and bennies  $$$  when I was age 54 !!  But after 30.5 years it was  like most of us were the "walking wounded,"  with some sort of physical disability, ache or pain,  like carpal tunnel, from repetitive  movement injuries to the hand and arms, etc.    Many died from a strain of HP Pneumonia caused by the constant leakage of lubricants to make the huge machines function, so that there was a blue smoky mist hanging in the air, in the welding department.... and the company would not even acknowledge that in some cases, so I heard, so that the dozens of victims died in poverty.   The rest of us built up some kind of immunity.    Oh well....   I have had MANY different jobs in my life, and a colorful stint in the Army, that shaped my life and gave me discipline.   I guess I was too proud and arrogant,  but the Lord knows how to humble people that have a good heart inside.... and it's like purifying steel, or precious metals...  God puts the heat to us to refine us and then use us to help share the Gospel !  That became my calling,  yet I still had much to work on,  but think I have finally found the HUMILITY and lowliness of mind, to be a good servant...  if I keep my nose clean and don't let hunger and lust into my heart...  and so many continue to help and pray for me.    Thank  you all, so much !

I have been studying the Proverbs, and writing many of them in my hand written Journal that I keep to record the important events of the day, and how I feel.   Right now, I am happy to rent from a good friend, Tim P., who also just bought my stick Lincoln Welder, as I am trying to "lighten my load" for a  future move, perhaps.   I don't yet know what plan God has for me in the near future,  but I feel somewhat secure and grateful for having a roof and warm covers for this cold Winter in the U.P. [Upper Peninsula of Michigan].   Give me the Summertime, please.   I try to keep the heat low,  but I just wonder what my first heating bill will look like.   I am not 'homeless' now,  but have been, and pray for those out in the bitter cold, poor, without money and food, here in the USA,  while welfare people of the 4th generation are getting fat on Gov't hand outs,  but then they also like to burn down towns with stupid riots in the Summertime.   I think that the American people have had enough of that noise,  and will protect their humble homes and loved ones. 
    I look out the window at the tops of trees to see if there is any wind,  because that is what cuts thru a person like a knife.   However,  U.P. here it's normal for many folks to run around outside without a Winter coat !!  They are a hearty breed, for sure.   They are also very laid back, and that 'knife has two sides...'  
      I love my peace, quiet and tranquility where I am right now,  but sometimes get lonely.   The H.S. guards my heart, against doing something wrong,   but I have what's called,  'a bible trained conscience' that understands what Heavenly Father considers wrong / bad in a world where homosexual behavior is the 'new normal.'   We also see so much violence on TV and movies that we become jaded and accept it as normal,  just like the ancient Romans at the Coliseum, watching Christians being torn apart by wild animals, etc.... Lions 3 --- Christians 0. 
       Many of us 'studied Christians' know and love the KJV Bible well,  but we don't always do what we should.  And that is where the H.S. [Holy Spirit] steps in to motivate our hearts to get back in the game, and prepare for the Rapture,  which is sure to come,  and COULD come now at any time.   Brothers and Sisters,  do we want to be catch with our pants down, doing the evil thing when the Lord comes back ?   That kind of scares me.... even though a man gets lonely for female company, etc. 

So,  instead of crying in my beer about MY less than joyful situation,  I can  use this Winter time to immerse myself in the book of Proverbs, and try to meet new people who are genuine, good, kind, Christian, and trustworthy and I think I have found a few already.  PTL.   And who knows that it might take a few weeks [with the super slow, red tape, VA system,  before I finally get the part in the snail mail for fix my power scooter LIFT / crane,  that moves my 400 pound scooter in and out from the back bed of my Dodge Ram 4 by 4, truck that I am so blessed to have.   Although for some reason, I am walking better, longer and farther, lately...  PTL... but my COPD hampers me, with loss of breath.   I would join the Gym again if I knew that I could keep up going there every other day or so,  but I don't want to waste my money, if I can't motivate myself to get up and go !  
     As always,  I ask all my friends to pray for me, that I make the right decisions in the future, and tread lightly, also watch my tongue that too often gets me into trouble.   It's no laughing matter, friends !  Just read the 5 chapters of James, to find out just how powerful the tongue is.   I like to joke around and humor people,  but when I hurt people,  I am so very sorry, and also make life long enemies that didn't have to happen.   Yes!  I know I am too truthful, and need to season my words with salt, not pepper.  
   Have a great day, and see if you can help someone today.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

13-Year-Old Schoolgirl Kidnapped by 3 Muslim Migrants, Raped for 30 Hours
13-year-old German/Russian girl was kidnapped on her way to school by three Muslim “refugees” and raped for 30 hours. No word in the Merkel-media, of course. But these horrors are daily now in the daily social fabric of Germanlife.
German police says there was no rape. Of course. Just like New Year’s Eve was a “normal, uneventful night.”
Above screenshot: The  APB issued after the girl was kidnapped.
Google translate:
Berlin: 13-year-old migrant kidnapped and raped for 30 hours
Epoch Times, Sunday, January 17 2016 (thanks to Jen):
A 13-year-old German-Russian was kidnapped these days in Berlin and held captive by three unknowns for 30 hours and repeatedly raped. Various Russian media reported the...