Thursday, January 21, 2016

Real Friends vs: Plastic Fakes.

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
   I have heard it said that if you have only a few good friends.... that you are doing well in this world.    I believe it.   According to how many emails, snail mails and phone calls I get, plus those who actually make the time for me --- to help me out when I really NEED a helping hand, speaks volumes to a older guy like me !!   Especially when I cannot move myself when I relocate to a different place/ location.   In my life time I have helped move so many people, and I was a very strong, power lifter most of my life,  but now I have back, leg, and knee injuries, and just cannot move stuff anymore.... and so I am at the mercy of folks who usually have to be motivated, cajoled, or paid in some way.   I have also contributed tons of money to different organizations, churches and people, only to have them laugh at me when I am broke, or don't have the big money anymore....   but God sees all that stuff, and He remembers.   For a number of reasons,  I am afraid to work evil on other humans for fear that the Heavenly Father will be displeased.    But, like the world says:  "What goes around -- comes around."   And the Proverbs are full of scriptures borne along by the H.S. supporting retribution in one way or another.   In Vietnam, we used to say....  "If you mess with a bull --- you'll get the horn."   Now,   I well know how to "burn people,"   but left to their own devices the evil they work/ perpetrate on other people usually comes back to them like a boom a rang.  
       For instance,  there have been a few women in my life who have taken advantage of my good, generous nature, and then tried to do me harm,  but I will bet anything that they are not doing so good in their respective lives RIGHT NOW, then they were before they met me !    You see,  God's generous nature seems to work ONLY when you are doing His Will !   You just can't fool God, dear friends.   You can fool most or all of the people at your church, including the pastor,  but NOT GOD !!  
     The only redeeming factor that I've got going for me, is the fact that I see the sins that I commit, and try to correct them, get up, dust off the dirt and shame, and walk on to try not to repeat the goof ups.   I also pray hard and often and mean it.   I have also prayed for God to soften the heart of some people....   but if they have a "false, hardened  heart and a false face,"  God cannot and will not bless them until they humble themselves.   Repent means to turn around from your sins and do something POSITIVE and take action not to repeat them !!   Agreed...  some things take a long time to change,  but with the help of the Spirit, progress can be made.  
      I quit smoking in 1972, and NEVER, ever looked back !!   And now I quit drinking whiskey, and don't even have a desire to drink it anymore.... PTL !   It seems when I drank it in the past, I just got to be very stupid, silly, or tired and went to bed... but sometimes I have said or done very stupid things that I was sorry for.   So I figure that I am better off without that "dog water."  And now that I am away from a 'certain person' who was stealing and spending my money and charging up my credit cards so high that she put me into big time debt......  I really don't feel the "need" to drink that poison anyway... LOL --  Ha!     But a small glass of red table wine seems to do me good, sometimes.   And today I had a great lunch at Carlo's Cantina, with some HOT roasted peppers that set me on fire... lol.     I like spicy, hot food, on occasion,  and these days, alone, I can afford it more... Ha!  
      Yes, although I have MANY good, close friends, the few that I have U.P. here in the frozen tundra, are all I need to be happy, with peace of mind.   The other, 'old, lazy, worthless, so-called "friends", who wouldn't pee on me if I were on fire,'  can just go fly a kite.   They are fake, false and plastic, IMHO.... sorry, that's how I see it, folks.   And yes,  I guess that I am too truthful for my own good.

"Am I now become your enemy,  because I tell you the truth?"  ---Galatians 4: 16.   You know, friends,  there are actually more than a few folks in some churches who are so lazy and so jealous that they condemn me  for knowing and memorizing Scriptures --- saying that I am 'showing off' or that I know them in my head --- but not in my heart !!   Isn't that a big pile of manure ?????   People who go to church all the time that say that to me !!  Wow,  what hypocrites ~ !   But they can memorize all the sports B.S. and other baloney in the world, however not the Bible....  duh.   I can't walk away fast enough from oinks like that....  sorry.   Time to start a new life, and maybe move to a different place where true, real, Christians love God's Word.  
    Well, that's my rant to today, folks.   I am selling many nice things that I don't need anymore, to lighten my load.
   Have a good night, folks.

I was thinking about just deleting this post,  but instead,  I am asking those who claim to me my friends and 'followers of this blog' to give me some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, please,  and I promise I will NOT get/ or be offended.    How else does a man grow and better himself....   besides listen to the Holy Spirit, and his bible trained, smart friends, whom he trusts ? ?   Thank you.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman