Sunday, January 24, 2016

A "New Place."

Tom's Journal.


Hello Dear Friends,
     I was invited to visit/ attend a new House of Worship this morning, and found that it was an easy walk from my truck at the labeled  disabled place, to the worship area/ chamber, and comfortable enough,  but I got there a bit early [that old, nasty Army discipline habit,  grrrrrr...  lol, or hurry up -- and wait...Ha!].   The membership was so swelled that they have 2 worship meetings in the morning, but that's good, IMO.   I held my water all thru that nice meeting, and also took some important notes home with me, and also felt like I made some new friends, too.    "The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart;   and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit."   ---Psalm 34: 18.   That, and a few other scriptures struck me strongly, and also brought tears to my eyes,  along with memories from the past when I experienced like worship services down near Kenosha, WI.   I also met a lady named, Diane, who told me that she was in my very own shoes some three years ago, too, so she knew what I was going thru.   And it occurred to me that someone else who had inflicted so much pain upon me, at the same time ----felt no sorrow or remorse for having ripped up my spirit and relative peaceful nature,  and she surely did NOT have either a 'broken heart, nor a contrite spirit,'   but just a deep seated, hostile and greedy nature.  
      Well,  people who know me will admit that PATIENCE was never one of my best attributes, nor 'fruits of the Spirit,'   LOL !  Pray, practice, and beg as I may,  patience is one grace that escapes me, although I might be getting a tiny bit better at it.  
     But planning for disasters, Prepping for the worst, and making safety nets and parachutes become me.   I am not crazy about cats,  but 'landing on my feet' ought to be my saving grace, even as I am old enough to save some important "tools"/ skills,  habits,   for survival and longevity.  
      On the way home from church I bought some KFC -- fried chicken and coleslaw,  but I think that they cheated me out of my 2 biscuits !   There is always something, isn't there, to mess up an otherwise good day.... albeit cloudy and foggy.    I was bored with repeats on TV, afterward, so I am on my PC [Personal Computer] on the kitchen table, right now.   Now,   if you ever ask ANYONE where   you might meet new people, to ask out for coffee or lunch,  they will say,  "I don't know."   But there has got to be some way to find others in your age group, or someone who is lonely.   Every Jack needs a Jill....      I think that half of the Internet dating sites are prob a rip off,  but that's just my own opinion.  
   And next week I need to remember to wear BLACK SOCKS with my black dress pants, to church....  duh.    Lord,  thank YOU for the few friends U.P. here that I do have who straighten and organize my clothes, etc., and keep my rented property tidy !  Amen. 

Another possibility could be that the Lord doesn't want me to get messed up with another relationship right now, because the Rapture is right around the corner, and perhaps He wants to "Use" me in some way to further the Gospel.    Time to save some money, and also pay off some debts now, and that calls for staying single for a while, at least.

But,  let us stop this discussion about ME  for a minute and consider what God wants, or how His Plan will work out... [and my days are so full now that I get tired early and just want to go to bed and sleep...  lol.].
      People are complaining about Europe, Germany, Sweden and the crude hordes of Middle East invaders raping and plundering those countries, plus Obama's illegal dumping of Middle Eastern Islamists here in the USA during the cover of night, etc.,   Many Patriots are saying,  "Just wait for the elections this coming Fall and the 'change of the Guard' to Conservative thinking again."   But will this system of things just continue to keep going to the point of total collapse, economic, and otherwise ???   I certainly think that is VERY POSSIBLE, people !!   The world economy is hanging on by a thread right now, anyway, and just look at the first part of 2016 and the Stock Market !  
       {I came back later to delete the last paragraph, as a favor to 'someone,'  and I also need to show more restraint on the matter....  sorry.}

Warm Regards,