Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Don't Shoot the Messenger."

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends,
     "Don't shoot the Messenger ! !"   2nd:   I am the messenger.   Third:  There is a large, bitter Pill to swallow, soon.  
      Dear Friends,  if we were a reasoning, mathematical, group of people who KNEW the bible,  things would be so 'cut and dried' and easy to understand,  the way my pragmatic mind sees it.   No insult intended, please.   The bible plainly speaks about a time when,  The OWG--One World Gov't will be here.   And the Pope is already pushing for a One World Religion, too !  [No offense intended there, either..]   If anything,  true Patriots in the USA will only prolong the inevitable with their Militias, etc [although I love and respect the Vets and Patriots, big time --- as I am one of them!].   It's like a Chess game where your King is threatened in 5 different ways and you have to say the word,  "Check Mate !"   There is no possible way around, a multiple attack of:  an Economic/ Financial Melt Down $$$.   A Societal Change in Morality -- read:  Abortion, the Gay Agenda, no more Marriage in the traditional sense.  The total devaluation of the American Dollar $$$, and other world currencies, except that the "cream always rises to the top." And so there will be winners and losers,  but America will prob. come in slow and low...  sorry.     And the UN  will be dictating that many national troops [prob. the Russians and the Chinese] invade our country as Obama and OUR CONGRESS betrays us [and sold us out long ago], to take away all of our guns ! [Read the term,  FREEDOM- gone!  Period....  because with out  arms to protect our other Rights,  we are TOAST ! !].     Isn't all that just too cute ?   Not....!!    It's a total nightmare for guys like me, who fought to keep this country FREE.  
     Friends, after I got home from Vietnam in 1970,  I was working at Nestle Company, making good chocolate in Burlington, WI., and when I heard on the radio and TV that all we fought for in Vietnam was being given back to the ENEMY, the VC and the NVA,  IT JUST MADE ME SICK, to have sacrificed so many valiant men and arms, to just give it all back....  and the same thing happened when Obama gave back the hard won territories in Iraq and Afghanistan !!   So,  I know how you younger Vets are feeling,  sorry, guys,  I already been in your boots too.    And guess who's  name is already on a list for the FEMA camp....   duh ?  Hey,  It's my big mouth again that sunk my ship.  Yes,  Tommy boy,  what ever you do,  don't speak the truth, what ever  you do.   Just go with the flow, like a dead fish,  Ha!  Well,  I wasn't raised that way,  and I am too opinionated,  but wish I was not.  
      But REAL Christians are not made that way,  sinners that we still are, we are still borne along by the Holy Spirit, to share the Gospel, something folks that go to many churches are chicken and loathe to do,  because they never even read their bibles,  IF  they even hold one.  [but many of those false Christians are so quick to say,  "Tom,  you may know the Bible well,  but you don't have it in your heart....  duh].   How dare they presume to tell me what is in my heart ???  Shame on them !    I guess that is one of the reasons why I didn't get along that well with some ladies I lived with for the past,   sorry.   Perhaps I should havc  just kept my big mouth shut,  like a 'potted plant' in their  houses.  either,  but now I sort of think I should have been.   I had to admit to a friend,  yesterday, that yes,  it still hurts to be betrayed by someone I claimed to love and cherish.    Not to belabor the fact,  but some women are just USED TO going out and spending with no need to spend, other than to burn up a man's money, for the hell of it, or out of spite !     I know that many men are the same way,  but when I had enough of any commodity, we stop spending !   And when people finally go bankrupt,  they learn fast that they DON'T NEED TO SPEND so much.    I pray for day when I no longer hold 'that hurt in my heart' so that I can go on and meet someone else, and not mention that woman in any of my blog posts, or texts, ever again,  but it's only been a month, and I am still licking my wounds....  sorry, folks.  Pray for me to wash that past  out of my system,  but never with whiskey,  because whiskey is my arch enemy, beside the devil, Satan.   But a small cup of red table wine does me good.   Smile.   I won't be donating any more money to a few places either,  as I need to pay off my bills, and in 2 months,  I will finally be on 'higher ground.' 
      OK,  there,  now just carry that thought to a much larger scale...  nationally.  The people who normally get things for free will  have a major crisis when they don't get their goodies from the Gov't [from the working man!] because there just isn't any more money, and then come the riots [right on schedule], Martial Law [just as Obama and Congress planned], and the FEMA camps already on-line with all the planned preparations, guillotines,   including death warrants and re-training, as scheduled, food shortages, and Water Shortages out West, controlled by our Gov't... on purpose,   and even possibly a few EMP's [electro-magnetic-pulse bombs] that will take us all back into the early 1900's, horse and buggy days.   Isn't that cute, too ?   Caution:   Water may be more important than Silver in the near future, especially out WEST ! !  And,  you ain't seen anything yet, folks. [sic]
     Europe is already dead and overrun, and very Socialist right now,  and America is only 2 months away from what happens in Europe.   Do you all see the Big Picture now ?   And figure in that 99% of everyone I meet doesn't even know what a coin of silver or gold look like !   Hey,  one ounce of copper is worth about $2.05, today, right now.  One troy ounce of  Silver is worth about $14., and Gold is about $1160.   But after the SHTF,  all the PM's with jump thru the roof so that the common man can't afford them....  like the expected low end of Silver being worth about $50 per troy ounce, etc.   Now,  you know that there will always exist a so-called,  "Black Market"  and all of the existing 401K's,  IRA's, STOCKS AND BONDS will be raided by our wonderful Gov't,  what's left after the crash.  
       So, just shoot me, a poor, but smart, old, disabled combat warrior, that aches in pain every day, even when the sun shines...  lol.    Now you know why REAL, Saved Christians wish that the Lord would come back soon, if not right now, or tonight while we sleep,  to spirit us away to that "Safe Place" in the heavens somewhere, away from the big storm on earth.    But we are in this fight for the long haul, weather it means we must go to the 'camps' to get beheaded, or starve for a while in cold houses,  or flee into the woods, what ever.   'Death before Dishonor,' is more than a motto, or a tattoo on the arm !   It is our way of life, and the only things that enamors me is the Holy Spirit.   That is where I get all my smarts, head knowledge, strength and courage !   There are few humans right now to help me, and I MUST get used to that,  like right now !!   If you want to know what a beautiful bunch of Scriptures help me like a shot of high powered vitamins and healing herbs,  just read the two Chapter of Psalms 33, and 34 !   For personal reasons,  I am trying to memorize as much scripture as possible, and get into what I consider a 'safe place' South of here by Springtime or a bit latter.   I hope that my close friends pray for that goal to be fulfilled.   But, of course,  Father God, will put me where He wants me.   Just think, no matter how much I try, work, push and force,  God controls everything, including my future.   And that is why Jesus taught His followers to pray for, "God's Will to be done, on heaven, also upon earth."  See:  Matthew 6: 9.   So many Catholics and others pray this majestic prayer.... yet few of them even know where to find it in any bible !!   People will say, "Does it really matter ?" And I will say,  YES IT DOES !!   Read the entire context and find out what it really means, for once in your life !  Duh...
       Yes,  it's so easy to go to some church with all your friends kissing you on the cheek and pressing the flesh, with hugs and pats of the back....   but when your really need a special favor,  they are super busy or out of town, or just hurt their back...  sorry.   And that is exactly what the short article talks about below.  
      My Mom, who still remembers me,  but is suffering from Dementia, and Alsziemers, was just moved to a Nursing home, and now disorientated,  but it could not be helped,  with my sister, Linda, pulling all the weight for years as her caretaker, bless  her soul.   I have to understand that things will be different from now on.   So,  I know that many people have it worse than I do,  but I have plenty on my plate too.  Mom told me that she was lonely all those years alone on the family farm in Racine County, WI., when the rest of us at least were in school and Dad worked in Milwaukee all his life before his heart attack.   I just needed/  felt compelled to joint the Army {NOT run away!} and do something better with my life than shovel manure on Dad's farm...  duh,  LOL ! 
       OK,  Attention, Veterans,  beware of Face Book, as some have said that they were, conveniently, broken into/ hacked by the Chinese and have secured the records of many Veterans which could be used to 'hit them first' in the event of an invasion sponsored by the UN, to remove all our guns, etc.   Just, please CYA, gentlemen.  
     It's a nice foggy, over cast  day U.P. in this frozen tundra about 100 miles North of Green Bay, WI., but it could be 30 below freezing and windy, so PTL. 

Here is a picture of my past wife,  Sharon, who passed away about 6 years ago from CHF...  Congestive Heart Failure, a very GOOD marriage that no one can take away from me.   I loved her very much, and she loved me too.  My son, Andy loved her too.

Tom's woodcarving hobby.

  We grilled outside most of the Summer time.

Warm Regards,

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The love of many waxes cold

Over the past seven years, the "president's" promise of bringing Americans together has failed miserably. The "change" that he sought to accomplish has been to pit Black against White, government authority against citizens, social class against social class, and cultural differences against one another. There has been Islamic-inspired terror and Christians are lectured. There are crimes committed and when police respond, they are demonized. There are the accused and the accusers. There are the citizens and an overpowering government armed with a handful of Executive Orders and legal loopholes. There is frustration mounting at just about every juncture of American society. 

This is both a spiritual condition and a physical condition. When socialism, translated: a form of communism, is instituted as it has been, the soul of a nation is at stake. People may think they are doing the right thing, being more compassionate to others, whatever, by accepting the tax and spend, heavy handed leviathan of socialism in their government. In reality, this is the relinquishing of the soul to idolatry. You see, communism, by virtue of its very own manifesto, "abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience." It attempts to replace God with government. It robs a nation of its very soul.

When we look at the current crop of candidates for President, one a proclaimed socialist; another by her actions, a communist; others various degrees of socialism by virtue of their votes and actions; there is little to choose from that will turn the good ship America back to the safe harbor of Constitutional foundations. The court system has been infiltrated by communists and socialists. Congress is full of people who claim to share America values, but have proven their faith in socialism either by their votes or by their willful inaction to oppose such. There is a dialectic conflict created--this new norm of socialism, and its heavy handed implementation, is in conflict with common sense Americans. 

This creates class warfare--yet another strategy of the Communist Manifesto--to abolish class, abolish marriage, and abolish family. So where are we headed? As Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." If America has a chance, it has to begin with a turn to God and to his law, not the laws and precepts of men who seek to deceive and destroy. It starts with what Jesus said in Mark 12:29, "The Lord our God is one Lord." Our God is not the US government. Jesus continued in verses 30-31: "And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these."
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

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