Monday, February 8, 2016

Eat Your Greens.

Tom's Journal.

Ha!   I been taking too much of a new BP Med. from the VA and they never told me what the dose was....   but the blame still falls upon ME,  because I should have read the directions.   You see, friends,  I admit my mistakes and take full responsibility for my ignorance and stupidity.   I got dizzy even at the wheel, and didn't understand why!   The vulgar world says,  "Shit happens."   ---but the bible is full of practical, logical, realistic good stuff to help us out.   Woe is the lazy one who refuses to MAKE THE TIME for bible study.    Hey~!  What lame excuse will we all have on Judgment day ?   Do some of you think that I LIKE to read the instructions, and half the time if they come from a foreign land like China,  there is a problem in understanding their brand of English.... LOL.     And I am telling you all that the Bible IS our Instruction Book for Life,  and more !   But it's all in the translation, and I have studied Latin, French, German and English, etc, etc., and sometimes it is just down right tedious getting a good translation when there is NO word for something in another language !!  It's frustrating, I know,   even from Spanish to English,  many Mexicans have trouble producing the correct term for words like:   Butter milk !   And I worked with many Mexican folks, who are hard working, nice people, and I wanted to learn their culture, so I could understand them better..... and I did.   Hey,  God loves the whole world of mankind,  but most of mankind refuses to accept His only Son,  Jesus, and so they lose out of being "Saved"  --- and Eternal Life.     And yet the KJV Bible is written on a 6th grade English reading level,  friends ! !  And with the H. S. {Holy Spirit} anyone with a meek, humble, honest heart can understand it !
      I have been meeting some new people, and also making friends that I think I can count on in case I need some help.   Folks,  you just don't know how important that is to me,  Tommy Schuckman !!   You see,  I thought I had some friends in the last 4 years that I have lived U.P. here in the 'Frozen Tundra,'  but they were ALL false friends !   They were Fake/  Plastic,  and when I was down and needed help, not ONE of them responded to me, no, not ONE !!   I did have friend far away in other States,  but not close to me.   Well,  maybe God 'ALLOWED' this to happen, just to HUMBLE me and put me back in my place,  but I still cannot forget the 'people' who let me down and some of the terrible gossip and slander that followed, untrue as it still is.   I don't need to 'get even.'   Because I know that in time, God will vindicate me,  and actually Heaven is the only prize I want.   I could have died of a stroke, heart attack or froze to death right around Christmas time, and in fact lost a lot of money and resources,  but God allowed me to survive, plus my good Army training and many prayers,  plus the Holy Spirit.  And I am still never going to be perfect while on this earth,  but I know that I learned some good things, especially more humility.  
      So,  I don't hang around those other, old so-called 'friends' anymore, now that I know what kind of "heart" beats in their chests.   I believe that I am now with some better, real friends.  
     This is not a sob story, or "poor, poor, me"  but a story of help, hope, trust and happiness, dear friends ! !   But  I now have some high legal fees to pay my attorney,  to set me free,  and the other person  [who still asks for money, etc.]   has said/ told me many times that she never, ever wants me back.....that there is no more love in her heart for me, ever....    and so many close friends know the real truth about what happened a while ago, and so does God.  

Please pray for a friend, who lives about 20 miles South of me, who has a bad stomach ache,  who also is my work out partner at the Gym,  and some other friends who have serious illnesses that they don't want to be made public.....  but those are the folks that I try to help if I can.   My new friends [from a good Spirit filled place of worship] -- like to haunt a certain Café in town that serves a good breakfast,  even if it's a bit costly  $$$,  IMHO..... lol.   I wish they had more good eating places in these   parts U.P.  here in these one horse towns,  because that "Fast Foods" seems to mess up the stomach after a while.    And all that cheap, WHITE  bread and buns are not good for me, either.  And KFC is too greasy and salty.  
     However, when/ if Martial Law comes and/ or the Financial Melt Down/ total demise of the American Dollar,  we will WISH that some fast foods were available !   A can of Pork and Beans will only be had by the rich and famous.   Or even dog food !  
    OK,  thanks again for reading my rant.   Smile !   God loves you.  
     It is supposed to get really COLD tonight and for the next few days.  Brrrrrr !   I need to fill my gas tank and go shopping for fresh fruit too. 

If anyone knows how to get rid of the BLERK,  just tell me.

Hello Again,  Friends,
  The article below written by a well known Christian writer is a POSITIVE one about the game  of FOOTBALL,  and I am also glad to present it to you all.   What gets me upset and disgusted sometimes is when some 'preacher' goes beyond what the Scriptures says  and espouses  his own brand of "Personal Whims, or favorites," and tries to impose it as "Law" to his congregation/ church.   Another name for that is:  "Legalism."   Sorry,  friends,  but I have been to so many churches and can readily 'sniff it out' for what it truly is !!   Our personal preferences are not the "New Law" that Jesus gave to His followers !   Some preachers like to look down their noses at other places of worship where a live worship band performs... and says that, "if they have drums there,  it's a "Christian Lite" church.    I say,  listen to the sermon and the way the people there treat each other !  Then draw your own conclusion !   Yes,  I guess I get a bit excited at some of the snobbery that I've seen in too many so-called 'Christian churches.'   But I am the one who can sit down with the Bible and prove what I say to be truth, right and correct.
       Yes,  there are also some areas   that we could call,  "Gray areas, or subjects"  but if we use the complete KJV Bible,  all 66 books, and know the Gospel of Jesus Christ,  we should be able to draw the same conclusion of any act, or subject, IMHO.    Now,  I have admitted many times that I sure don't know everything,  but if any average person with good reading skills reads the bible and asks for the Holy Spirit to help him/ her understand,  I am sure that we will all agree on all the important stuff.

Now,  I want to say that today was a great day for me in my new venture to get back to the health Spa/ Gym, called Bianco's in Kingsfort, MI... way U.P. in the 'frozen tundra,'   brrrrrrr !   I found out the hard way,  that if I eat a large breakfast and then work out,  it just doesn't work well for me.   But I am trying something new called:  "Patriot Power Greens"  that I put and stir into a cold glass of water and drink it for breakfast.  It not a 'smoothie,'  but it's flavored like berries and not so bad.   It gives me lots of energy and power when I lift weights/  "pump iron,"  and I get a good workout without crawling out of the door on my hands and knees.... !    I walk away happy, and feel like I accomplished something good !   Oh,  I know that I will always feel a bit sore the next morning,  but that is a GOOD FEELING,  IF you don't over do it with your work outs...  and you've got to use common sense.   And a friend told me today that I seem to walk a lot better than I usually do and look better !   Personally,  I am also taking some healing herbs:  Garlic and Capsicum for my heart and circulatory system, BP, etc.,  and also need to incorporate some Ginger, and all that brings a Spring flush to my cheeks and keeps me warm on a Winter day. 
      I have been lifting weights and powerlifting most of my adult life, and I guess you could say that is "My Sport", and Motorcycles used to by my obsession....  LOL !   Now, I am more balanced and just drive my new Dodge Ram 4WD truck, which is Plum Red with a white cap that houses my power scooter.   Yes,  for being disabled,  I consider myself BLESSED by the Lord in many ways.   I am also blessed with new friends that I make all the time, and get their email addresses and phone numbers so we can have breakfast together sometime at the "Holiday Kitchen" in Iron Mountain, MI.   They serve a great 'Country Omelet' that I have recently become addicted to.  
    Another friend from church came over to roast a turkey breast in the oven  and cleaned the house for me !!   I don't use the term, "lucky,"  but again,  I feel very blessed.   So some of my loneliness can be dealt with at present and then the Winter time isn't quite so bleak for me.   Seasonal depression is a real factor,  and we must "take the bull by the horns" and force ourselves to be active.  That is my humble opinion,  and I'm sticking to it.   Smile,  now I've shared a new secret with you all on how to get some new energy in the morning....  but I would not recommend taking that 'drink' in the night time.... especially all my fellow Combat Veterans out there...   Let the brain REST at night...  we don't need any extra 'stimulation' when we sleep.  Just my humble opinion, Brothers...

Also,  I stopped going on Face/ Book too often, and try hard not to "leave a human foot print" there.   I just don't trust who is listening in and reading everything... like "Big Brother."  

Tommy,  working on the "Triceps."  --  below.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl, culture and the light of Christ

Now that the Super Bowl is over, the stadium lights are off, the locker rooms are empty, there is reflection. I have read many, many reports and comments about the game, the entertainment, and the worldly aspects of this game. Because of my work in Christian character and leadership, the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to attend the last five Super Bowls. While there are certainly negative aspects of the Super Bowl and all its glamour, if America could get an inside peek at what goes on during the week leading up to the game, there may be more positive attitudes among the Christian elite who say football is an idol, a god, and a distraction. Point is, many people judge from the content of their own hearts.

Friday and Saturday before the game, hundreds of thousands of people came together for the exhibits at the NFL Experience and at Super Bowl City. People of all walks of life, all creeds and colors, religions to just celebrate. Sport, in this case, football in particular, galvanizes communities and brings people together. It transcends politics and differences, if at least for a moment. While discussing your favorite team or player, or your most disliked team or player, can get passionate, sport brings with it a patriotism, a respect for others and a moment of togetherness. I could tell countless stories of talking to many diverse people during the week, and how sport reduces issues to a common denominator.

It's an example of how we can have passionate differences, such as teams and opponents, yet can discuss those differences from a level of knowledge and respect. If only we could gather together like this as a nation and have reasonable, yet passionate, discussions about the issues that confront us. And, yes, there is decadence and all the dark things that come with a "super" event, but there is also ample opportunity to show Christ at each juncture. Behind the scenes, there are many, many Christians involved with professional and collegiate football speaking into people's lives. There are programs for youth. There are meetings about race, domestic violence, hiring practices and more. 

Who is leading many of these meetings? Christian men and women. The Super Bowl affords the opportunity to bring people together and demonstrate the good. It's one of those times that reaches beyond football, even though football is the platform. We can easily point our fingers at all the wrong and bad that comes to the forefront through the media. But please understand, the work of my hands and many, many others does not return void. The entire world is dark, but that is our opportunity to get outside the four walls of "church" and do as Jesus instructed in Matthew 5:16, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven."
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

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