Thursday, February 18, 2016

Speed :Limit: 55 !

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends,
    A funny thing happened.... as I am getting slowly back "into the pink", now pumping iron again at the Gym,  my circulatory system is pumping more oxygenated blood to my old muscles and I am feeling warm, even HOT now days!   Where I normally dress more in layers for Winter,  I find myself stripping down to my T-shirt even in the  great little,  Mexican restaurant --- also because I like to eat those hot roasted chili peppers and drink a small, short  beer, these days,  sometimes.  Why not enjoy life a little while I still can ?     And I have been known to even treat my close friends,  also.   But I think it's healthy to "Pump Iron" on a regular basis, even though I have to drive 15 miles one way, and drive 55 U.P. here.   But my close friends know that power lifting has been MY sport most of my adult life.   I lift because it will give me a little bit of 'quality' of life.  You see,  I am basically a lazy guy,  but I have had to kick my own butt and somehow ACQUIRE that motivation to get up and lift dumb bells and use the Natal-us machines, etc. [sp?] to isolate the muscles and work them harder to get a 'burn.'   Like Cher used to say....  'If fitness came in a can, of bottle,   everyone would have a good body..'   But,  I think I eat better these days,  but need to cut out that "Country Omelette" with saw dust gravy....  LOL !    But from what I read and study,  EGGS ARE GOOD FOR YOU !!  Good for the lungs and eyes.   That's just my opinion,  folks.    And everyone has got an opinion.   I just cannot swallow the Liberal News 'Media's' opinion.    ---or doctors'  opinions either.   But I listen to them like a nice little boy.... at the VAMC.   Show them the people  respect, dignity, and decorum,  just like we did in the Army and Marines.     We want to GET ALONG WITH PEOPLE, even when we feel out of sorts.   
        My regular doctor at the local VA hospital flew the coop, for greener pastures, perhaps, and I liked him....   but now I have a 44 year old, blonde,  drop dead beautiful woman, Nurse Practitioner in charge of my health care.    Wow,  what a knock out !    A slip of my tongue .... was that I felt a bit depressed while going thru a divorce, and she sympathized with me, that she had gone thru one too, and understood the hurt, and pain.     Naturally,   they are there to help the Veteran ~!   The other person has HER 'support group.'  I mean her not malice, hurt, or ill feelings, please believe me.  Why hurt each other any more ?     I am honestly looking for some kind of healing and a "clean break" if that is possible.   When a person tries to hurt another ---  guess what happens?  Everyone...   many people get hurt then !   isn't there enough hurt and pain in the world already ??   Christians are already being butchered and beheaded in other parts of the world, and Islam would love to do the same right here in the USA  !!   Seems to me that we ought to unite and care for our fellow Christian fellows !!   Not tear them down.   And that is what I intend to do right now,  to everyone up here where I live.   I will try to be more kind.     'I will try to cast my BREAD upon the water.... and maybe it will return to me.'     i truly hope that the right people I am 'targeting' today read this short piece, and give me a 2nd chance, and also test me out.   I want peace,    PEACE, and HARMONY !   As a matter of fact,  i will pray for just that right now, and again before I go to sleep.     I want my readers to do the same and let's see what happens tomorrow!    Bless all those who claim to have the H.S.  ---  the Holy Spirit.  if they truly have that Spirit,  they WILL HAVE:   love, joy, peace, kindness and self control !     And you can bet that I will also drive 55.  
            But all my blood work came out OK and right on target, for an older man.    So I hope our relationship will be good in the future.   And now I hope I don't need to see her for another 6 months !   

I wanted to talk about different people and  how they cope with life's day to day pressures one way or another.  Seems like women are there for each other to listen and  agree with each other, and they need to be Validated, and hugged, etc., by other women.    Men need some of that too,  but they tend to get into special "groups" like prayer groups at churches and in homes, visiting, etc.   Something bad and nasty,  traumatic will [will] HAPPEN TO ALL OF US within the next 7 year cycle, as studies explain.    So nobody gets a free ride forever.  And so some "coping mechanism" must be in place to support people.   Right now,  I don't HAVE much of a support group since I got separated, and it's usually a troubling experience that couples who have 'friends in common' are going to be left out as people 'splinter, and take sides' with whom they feel deserves their sympathy.    Now,  I am not crying in my beer [too much]  but I feel pretty left out U.P. here, and will most likely move farther South in the Springtime,  where the 'fishing is better,'  and people speak a better brand of English, with higher I.Q.'s     Ha!  Just kidding....   but it's the REGION... not the State.  We are living so far up North in the  Deep Woods and Forests, that these folks don't have all the luxuries of the big city...  nor the crime.    So there is always a "trade off."    
    UP here,  they like their lifestyle,    "very laid back," but I think that too many drink too much and get a DUI, lose their licenses and then sit home and drink more!   And people also get hurt drunk driving their snowmobiles and RV's,, ATV's,  in the snow and mud,  hit tress, died and get injured.   I just try to walk carefully so as not to slip and fall on the ice !  With stainless steel knees that would be tragic !    A friend of mine recently slipped and fell, injuring herself,  and I am sorry to hear about her pain and discomfort.
      And U.P. here right now at Iron Mountain, MI>, they have a ski jumping contest and competition that is really national, and international !      I will just stick with pumping iron at the Gym.... and staying out of trouble.    
        Sometimes a nice girl named,  Annie, comes over to my huge house to clean it  up and organize things for me,  and she does such a great job of it, and also attends the same nice, friendly church that I do.   She will have some knee surgery on Monday,  so please pray for a successful operation and not too much pain.   

I want to say one more thing today.  When you are traveling in the area of Norway, MI.,  to Iron Mountain, MI.,  you best watch your speed,  because it is 55  MPH, and they enforce it,  BIG TIME !!!   Hey,  they got nothing better to do...  LOL.    How do you think these small towns make their money to operate??  

Here is my old, 2007 Goldwing, motorcycle with 6 cylinders,  bu t now I gave up biking.  

 Here is an older picture of me with a full beard, and my older daughter, Barb.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman