Saturday, February 20, 2016

Writing a Book. Birthday.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends,  
     I learned in high school English that according to our good looking female teacher,  many artists and sculptors got their inspiration from strange and perhaps bazaar substances, strong drink, women, drugs perhaps, and writers, too.   Please don't take this the wrong way,  but I feel somewhat qualified in this field,  not that I abuse booze, etc.,  but because I have had a vast, extensive varied back ground, much of it rooted in PAIN.   Pain for many is no stranger, hunger,  deprivation, humiliation, failure,  loss,  etc.   When a person is too fat, lazy, born with a silver spoon in his/ her mouth,  where is the challenge and motivation for creation and writing ??   Recently, I have taken a liking to the song writer/ folk hero/ singer,  Gordon Lightfoot,  and read some of his biography via interview.   He is a giant and a legend, IMHO, and he goes back decades, almost died,  but recovered to write even more songs.  One of my favorites is his song called:   "The circle is small."   Please check it out on U-Tube.   It's a song about a man whose woman continues to cheat on him.   Yes,  lost loves in life are a powerful reminder of what happens all the time, every day, and shatters so many lives, marriages and families.   I know too much about relationships because I have been in more than a few.  Some guys like a variety --- the so-called,  "Spice of Life."  But I only wish mine lasted forever....  the good ones, anyway.   

And who knows....  that I might just have the time needed to write and publish my book that I started so long ago, born of another kind of deep, and dangerous pain,  homelessness in Milwaukee.   I don't know if that is what the Lord wants me to do.....   He would rather have me preaching and sharing the Gospel.   But perhaps through my writing, I can accomplish two things at one time.   And then the IRS can poke it's nose into my business again.... Ha!  Sometimes you just can't win in this world.   But I would rather be productive, then just sit on my butt and collect funds from others who work hard every day.   

Yes,  today is a somber, gloomy day --- my Birthday.   I am age 67, and wish I was still age 54 with a whole body,   and the mind that I have right now, full of knowledge.     

I ordered a pizza,  so I will end the blog post right here.

Warm Regards,

----And please,  Just because I stress that one particular church HAS the Holy Spirit...  doesn't IMPLY THAT some other place doesn't have the Spirit....   Think about it !