Thursday, February 25, 2016

Have You Read the Gospel Yet ?

Tom's Journal.

Good Day, Friends,

     I regret that I sometimes slip up and post things that are too personal,  that reach into my private, personal life.   I have feelings too and have gone thru some very rough times even lately,  and I am sure that some of it spills onto my posts....  perhaps bitter feelings of  deep emotional hurt,  that I want to share --- get it off my chest,  but these things are perhaps better left UN-SAID,  kept out of this public blog/ journal.   I am sincerely sorry if I hurt anyone with my words.  But also bare in mind that I may not even be referring to certain people who MIGHT THINK I am aiming at them...  but the very subject matter that I talk about frequently could be something that is close to your own heart or sensibilities.   Please give me the benefit of the doubt, instead of building a case against me.  And,  dumb old sinner that I am....  I make mistakes all the time,  every day of my life.  Sorry about that.   And isn't it a wonder that Father God still loves me ??   Terri,   I am sorry if I hurt your feelings and said something that hurt you, and will try harder not to let that happen again, sweet heart.  Won't we all be happy when the Rapture comes and takes us all away, to a nice, safe place....    God bless all Believers !   

    Talk about something DEEP INSIDE, the very core of someone's personality,  the TRUTH, is what I want to address today, if possible.   First of all,  we are ALL SINNERS.   Just reading the powerful book of Romans will clear that matter up really fast.   'for all have sinned and fallen short of perfection...'   And to some extent we all lie.   But to lie about something important and BIG,  that is where people get into trouble.   Telling a lie can get someone killed or put away in prison !   Now...  there are ways to get at the truth,  but do we want to hang around people we cannot even trust some of the time ??   Personally,  I would rather put up with a whole host of other personality flaws than be around a dang LIAR !!   Like I say,  a liar can and will get you into trouble.   Even lying about the structure, ability, strength of a product,  like a tool, car, truck, can be deadly,  for instance, if a car is made with a gas tank wrongly mounted too far in the back....  might blow up and kill the driver if that car ever gets 'rear-ended' in an accident.   And so,  those who claim that the vehicle is "safe" are not telling the entire truth !!   But who goes to jail ?   No body !   
    The same thing but to a lesser degree is,   when a friend asks you for some money for fuel/ gasoline,  but other wise spends the money on something else later,  weather pre-meditated or not  is dishonest, too !!   If they decide to spend the money on food, pets, smokes, drugs or booze,  it's a LIE !!   What ever their reasoning,  it's still a lie.   

"Am I therefore become your enemy,  because I tell you the truth ?" --- Galatians 4: 16.   

    And so we end up visiting the old term:   Priorities,  again, and again.    PRIORITIES !   If 2 different men work at the same place,  and earn the same amount of money,  but one of them saves and invests about 20% in a smart place investment,  but the other just drinks his paycheck up at the corner tavern every night,  who is to blame when there is an emergency ???    If the one neighbor buys a truck and gets his family out of Dodge right before the flood comes and into a place of higher ground and safety,  who is to blame for the drunk whose family got "Left Behind ??"    

Sorry,  Folks,  but I just don't believe in LUCK !   Smart, wise people "make their Luck."   With the right foundation,  that is to say,  the Bible, that teaches us right and wrong,  also all about Jesus Christ, His life and death for all of us to know,   and follow.   

So,  here are 2 simple questions:   Do you have a copy of the Bible ?   Have you read the Gospel and the book of Romans too  yet ??

Warm Regards,

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

To Christians trying to find their election footing

Donald Trump's victories have left many Christians trying to determine how or if they are going to vote. Many do not like what is considered Trump's abrasive personality, others are questioning his commitment to Christianity. In fact, many of the same back and forth reasonings are taking place about this election as in the past. Keep in mind that one of the primary reasons we have had two terms of an Islamist Marxist as "president" is due to Christians sitting out the election. Over-spiritualizing this election can multiply the results of the past 10 years. Sitting on the sidelines and allowing another "progressive" to hold the oval office will have dire consequences. Forthcoming, is a hard word for your consideration.

Some blame the choice of candidates for not wanting to vote. Frankly, Christians have been disengaged in the candidate selection process since the Reagan years, when we were very active locally in choosing good candidates. Instead of seeking self-improvement inside the four walls of the church, another route may be to engage outside the church in our communities. This may result in having a say in the type of candidate who runs for office. Notwithstanding, people may be wising up to how candidates woo Christians at election time with nice "Christianese" words, hoping upon hope that citizens will overlook their ineptness in office. In the past it has worked. Maybe not this time.

Politico writes of the Nevada caucuses, "For the first time in the 2016 primary season, media entrance polls showed that a majority of voters, 57 percent of Nevada caucus-goers, said they were "angry" with the federal government. And, as significantly, they want to bring in an outsider to fix it. More than three in five caucus-goers said they favor someone from outside the political establishment rather than a candidate with political experience as president." Let us remember that God uses whom he uses. Cyrus, for example, was open to God's plan and was able to get things done that God's own people were unable to do. That's not to say that its OK to choose evil over good when we have the choice. But we do have a choice and as Christians we should exercise that choice wisely. I know this is a hard word, I'm just the messenger.

Candidates who have spent their lives in politics, holding elective office, are part of the problem. In reality, there has been no EFFECTIVE opposition by any of the office-holding candidates to the things that matter most to Christians. Lip service, yes. Effective action, no. So now, when they want your vote, they come by with all sorts of evangelical words designed to con your vote. Candidates say, for example, they stood in the gap for God's plan of traditional marriage when, in reality, they did nothing effective. They are not leadership quality if they couldn't step out and truly stand on their convictions, but want to make you think they did. Jesus said in Matthew 7:16, "Ye shall know them by their fruits." Don't go by what they say. Look at what they've done, or just as importantly, haven't done.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!  - Bill Wilson,  The Daily Jot

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Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
- Bill Wilson, Daily Jot