Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Sin of Pride.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
  People ought to know...  that it is not a SIN to fail at things,  but it]s  nice to have a firm foundation, and if we were blessed by having good, smart, Christian parents ---that's a plus !!   But the Bible, Gospel of Salvation is here for ALL people on earth !!   I think, however, the main thing that prevents most people from gaining that "Free Salvation" thru the merits of Jesus' ransom blood sacrifice is PRIDE.   Of all the 'Cardinal Sins' in the book,  Pride is one of the MOST DANGEROUS !   Here is why I think so....  Number One:  Everybody is born into sin, and into a sinful world, so we can never be perfect on this earth,  yet we have our "Prime Example,  Jesus" to show us the way, and when we get to heaven we will BE perfect.   But we at least need to get smart now,  by  personal  STUDY  [Yes!   I said PERSONAL STUDY].   The reason?   Because you can stand or sit in some church forever,  but that in itself will never make you a follower of Jesus.... in other terms, a Christian !!   Just like standing in a garage won't make you an auto mechanic, or a car !    And I  know that some folks must be getting very tired of hearing this from me,  but it's true.   FACT:   The church you might be attending and giving your hard earned cash money,  may NOT be teaching you all the truth of the KJV Bible !   Just as some churches only teach and preach some of the truth.  Like.... did you really know that the ONLY real, scriptural grounds for divorce of a Christian couple is ADULTERY ???   Ha!  For many of you,  this is really  news !    Yet most, so called Christian churches just turn their heads the other way and allow it to happen with those members still being in "Good Standing."   After all,  money is what really matters now days.... 
     When you pick up a book and read it,  you have to think about what those words mean, and how they are linked together,  and what the writer wanted  you to learn.    Now,  if the bible was written on a 5th grade reading level.... and for a reason,  don't you all think that God wanted  you to not only read it,  but to also UNDERSTAND IT ??    What separates us from the monkeys, the goats,   the Muslims, the atheists, Hindu, and Buddhists, is that the bible is a perfect book that helps us live as true brothers, and also holds us apart from the heathen world.    We should not be divorcing our marriage mates for any reason EXCEPT adultery !  And even then,  the innocent spouse does not HAVE TO DIVORCE the offender....  bu t can forgive that mate and accept him or her back.... never to do that deed again!     Yet,  people inside the "Church" are just as bad as those we look down upon others outside in the sinful world !  Can we expect to have God's blessing if we deal with our marriage mate in such a manner, forsake our vows, and disrespect God's rules and laws ???     There will never be a perfect marriage on earth,  sorry.   And no matter how the so-called,  'brothers and sisters' in some 'church' carry on, take sides, and reassure each other how bad one mate was to another, the Word of God still stands !!   Sorry,  I will NOT attend some church that will not honor the Word of God.   And I don't think God will favor someone who has dealt treacherously with his/ or her brother -- mate.   Pride is when a person is AFRAID of what others may think,  or talk,   if she/ he does the right thing,  but people might talk disparagingly of her/  him.....  duh.  Well, who would want to even attend a church where that is even a real concern ??
    As a matter of fact,  we could expect deep depression, sleepless nights and a bad conscience to follow us, also poverty and bad times,   when we embellish the facts, and say the words,  "I am sorry,  but we just cannot ever get back together...  because there is no more love for you in my heart..."    For some, that so-called "love" ran out when the free money did....  lol.   And besides,  it was always a well know fact at Chrysler Corp., in Kenosha, WI Auto Plants,  that "a woman will never leave a man until they take his very last dollar !"   Ha!   But it's true.   And I have heard some wild stories in my time....  after 6000 people were laid off their good jobs at that same auto plant in Wisconsin,  5 years later, many of them were called back, and about half of their marriages busted up because of Financial Stress !!   But the marriages that held together were the good ones based on LOVE, trust, honestly...  but mostly LOVE !    So you see,  there was a real break down of love long before the big, major stress of finance showed itself.   Maybe a person's  family relations didn't turn out they way they wanted, or they felt abandoned or alone, or deprived of some love, etc.

Yes,  indeed,  there is always some underlying circumstance why things don't run smooth,  like "Women's Satanic Lib,"  an ungodly independent spirit and fight for dominance in the family arraignment,  contesting for the headship of a family,  not getting their way,  who is really the boss, or some stupid "POWER PLAY."   Hey!   I didn't write the Book,  but I have read the Book and understand it.   You may say that "now days things are different, and we all have to accept the changing times.." along with abortion, the Gay agenda, living with out marriage, cross dressing, not working for a living and sucking the welfare nipple, etc.   But that is not God's way, and we are seeing the Whole World Collapse now right in front of our eyes.  Sweden is the RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD !!   Christians are being butchered all the time by the hundreds and more~!    And soon, the USA may not even exist,  sorry to be the one telling you this....  WAKE UP !    Our "president" has totally messed up our military!!!    Hey,  when our American dollar is near  worthless, with people rioting and invading your very house for food and goods,  maybe then you will start to believe.   I hope that the Rapture has already come and gone by that time,  and I will not worry one bit.   In the mean time,  it is my duty to sound the alarm and prepare people for what shall surely come,  perhaps this Spring.   So.... if you really want to continue living with your girl friend....   go for it  !

One more month until warmer weather !!  In the mean time,  please don't slip on the ice,  like I did.

Warm Regards and Hugs,
Tommy Schuckman