For years, I have covered the sellout of the American Christian by the church. First, there was the betrayal of the Clergy Response Teams in which as many as 100,000 pastors were trained by DHS to serve government over God in which your pastors were trained to get you t accept confinement in a FEMA camp (see Pastor Walter Mansfield).
We have watched the fire and brimstone messages all but disappear form today’s pulpit until the word of God is so watered down that it’s pastoral messages from the pew have been rendered meaningless. In fact, God has been reduced to the “great slot machine” in the sky with the name it, claim it pseudo-Christianity present in today’s church.
More transgressions are taking place everyday and all of this is falling in place in regard to the US Government removing God and removing the Ten Commandments and Building Satanic Baphomets in their place and now this Temples to Baal!!!
This Satanic Ritual will trigger destruction whether Obama allows it to be made public or not it WILL happen! The satanic, criminal elite have planned this long long ago and this Event will usher in much Evil! We are in the Final Season. God WILL Allow DESTRUCTION to come to America.

Question: Is God Dead, Or Is America Dead to God?

When we permit the following blasphemy on American soil, we are a nation under Judgment

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