Thursday, April 14, 2016

Record Tax Collecting.

Tom's Journal.

I just might take a 'vacation' from blogging, to clear my head and let some fresh air blow into my brain.   I can take good, constructive criticism, and I even ask for it and comments.   But I also have feelings.   There are my faithful friends and email buddies,  but I just need a break.  I doubt if I will be on Face / Book much either.  


Top Song in Australia
Needs to be adopted here in the U S !  
Great Song--you'll like the  beat and message. 
 It seems like every country with an Islamic population has problems with these people.
  LORD, help us!
 This would never be allowed in the USA or Canada.

     I guess that the Gov't would label me an outlaw or a terrorist just for putting this message in print and disseminating it to my readers, etc.. in a public forum.   For those of us who fought to make other people FREE and independent,  we have seen what real Socialism and Communism looks like, and feels like, with oppression gone a rye/ amuck !!    It just stinks on ice !   I don't know if I can even say someone is a friend... who holds to those God-hating mind sets,  sorry.   I was misguided in my younger days too,  but the Word of God, deep prayer, study, understanding and the H.S. got me out of that 'church of the poison mind,'   PTL.   I regularly engage in helping others seek and find the Truth of the KJV Bible, as much as I can these days, Holy Spirit, help me.    Yes, folks,  I have been wrong many times and I freely admit it ---  but the Bible has always set a correct course for me, and I have prospered mightily, pretty much, since I retired from Chrysler in 2002, at the tender age of 54.   But my body and joints were pretty much messed up and pained by that time, mainly from super hard work and injuries.  
       But, "Once Saved ---Always Saved,"  and that is the biggest benefit I have for my retirement.   That trumps everything else, and smooth's  over the rough spots in my life.   I have also learned that it's best if I just give up certain things that have caused problems in my past, and just be satisfied with what I have and own.   However,  I know from Financial training and education from PFS Investments,  that we all need a lot more discipline to save and invest, by learning to live on 1/ 10 less of what we earn each month, and invest that part in something good and stable.   I used to teach people how to do just that !   It's surprising how much we ALL waste in our everyday life.... and we say that we "NEED" those creature comforts !    I guess we could call that selfish thinking.   
       But down below, the article tells us that the Gov't is stealing from the working class, and giving that ill gotten gain to people 'who COULD work,  but they are too dang lazy TO WORK,' and so we now have a 4th generation class of "Welfare People" sucking America dry, and making us into a 3rd world country,  and that IS Socialism, dear friends and readers !!   You cannot find ONE COUNTRY that is doing well on Socialism in the whole world !!  Yet so many Americans are so stupid and ill informed that they will vote for the poorest candidate, and that too is a by-product of "dumbed down public education !'   The older folks who graduated from good schools in the past know the score.   And for that matter, the 1st Century Christian communities were NOT Socialist,  but had the H.S. [Holy Spirit] operating in them to help distribute food and stuff to the needy in their groups, as should people today, IMHO.   [In my humble opinion.].   
     And then, go figure that our Gov't is over 200 years old and ready to collapse, partly from over taxation, and kicking God out of their system, plus most of the churches doing the same, and straying away from teaching the bible truth and watering down the Gospel.   

We can only do so much to help ourselves, I guess, and Congress is on the take, misled, corrupt, and in league with the WH/ Administration, and just godless.    We are going down for the count,  but perhaps we could make a difference by supporting new, better leaders and new Congressmen who want to clean  up the system, if only for a  while,  before God cleans up the world in "His own way..."    
    Any suggestions or comments from the readers ?   Don't be afraid to voice your opinions here, please.     Don't be afraid.
     It's going to be a nice, WARM, 60 degree day ! !  Have a great, safe time.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman


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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Record tax collecting; consequences loom

As we approach the day when our taxes are due, let us keep in mind the spirit of the American Revolution. Our Founding Fathers rebelled against England after a less than a penny tax on tea. They did not envision a multi-trillion dollar government tending to the specific needs of individuals. Neither did they expect Americans to work 114 days into the year (April 24) to pay taxes. The government at all levels has become an insatiable beast feeding on the hard work of all Americans and becoming more and more demanding with each passing day. The Treasury Department reports that it collected a record amount of taxes $1.48 TRILLION the first half of the fiscal year.

The American entrepreneur spirit must have money to be able to take hold and prosper the economy. Labor union workers do not "create" jobs. They work for the job creators. And yes, they too, should have tax reductions to be able to save more and provide for their needs. But it is proven economic fact that if the job creators are saddled with high taxes and excessive government restrictions, the economy will slow, jobs will be lost and companies will close. Here we go: The Tenth Commandment in Exodus 20:17 says, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor's."

Taxes, especially unfair and exorbitant taxes, are covetousness. Now many will also quote the Bible verse where Jesus says give unto Caesar what is Caesar's. But in this nation, our Founding Fathers set up a form of government where we all have a say. So we, in effect, are Caesar. It's when we lose touch with that reality that the government, any government, will fill the void and begin to expand its power. From property taxes to income taxes, when the fruits of a person's hard work are taken and given to another, that is coveting. It is also placing a chokehold on the economy because politicians are interested in expanding government rather than paying debt. 

For example, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has proposed a one TRILLION dollar tax increase if she is elected. Bernie Sanders will do much the same. This money will not go to reduce debt, but rather to give students "free" college education and construction workers jobs fixing roads. Seriously. It's true. The current national debt as we reach tax day is $19.2 TRILLION. If you are a citizen, your share of that debt is $200,221. If you pay taxes, your share of the US Federal budget deficit ($5.8 TRILLION) is $850,735, according to the US National Debt Clock. These numbers are sobering and they point to rough times ahead. If responsible stewardship is not put in place, there will be disastrous results--the consequences of breaking God's commandments. 

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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