Monday, May 2, 2016

'We Need to Change Hearts.'

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
     I had some challenges with my P.C. keyboard, so someone told me to check the batteries, and after I replaced them....  it worked !   I feel like a dummy.... LOL.   But I am back in the saddle again, although now I am having other issues with my blog back ground, etc., so please bare with me, folks.  

At least I saw and visited with my dear, old Mom, in Burlington, WI., a week ago, and also brought her some flowers and a cheese cake with Strawberries swirled in it.   I actually bought a fine pair of blue jeans in the Kenosha, WI area...  Mall, South of there that FIT ME PERFECTLY, right off the shelf !!   Now I need some suspenders to hold them up so they don't fall down while I am walking.... Ha!   I am going back to that fine store for more !   I am tired of wearing black sweat pants all the time and want to dress up a bit.  

For the most part, things are going well for me, as I plan on doing a new 'diet',  or new life style way of eating to lose weight, but today I took a very pretty woman out to lunch at Carlos' Cantina, in Iron Mountain, MI, and I ordered 15 hot, toasted, delicious peppers on the side to compliment the great, fresh food they serve there.    It's OK to have a few friends that  you can talk to and just visit a little bit, IMHO.   I honestly DO NOT want to be enemies with anyone,  as far as I can do that !   Life is way too short for constant bickering and fighting, so I am trying to relax more and be nicer to people, and look NOT for criticism and faults.   My Dad used to tell me:   'Tom,  if you cannot say anything nice about a person --- say nothing.'    It's about time I practiced that good point/  suggestion.

Romans 13: 12, is a fine note/ scripture to wake us up right now when everything seems to be going to the "dogs" and all manner of men [and women politicians] are lying constantly, and it never seems to stop !   I hope you invest 3 whole minutes to read the short message below, please.     Remember,  we are NOT electing a pastor to the church....  but we want to elect someone who will obey the U.S. Constitution and guard our hard won Freedoms, especially the 2nd and 1st Amendments.    Because once they get all of our guns,  there will be nothing to stop them from taking away the rest of our Freedoms ! !   All combat Veterans KNOW THIS ONLY TOO WELL,  and that is why "we are an endangered species in the USA, right now."   I kid you not !

On a different note,  I just bought and received a new, fine book that teaches the "Old Ways" of making things for yourselves, put things up, preserving them for hard times ahead.   And clean, pure drinking water is a must !!   They teach how to make the old, "small beer," with not much alcohol content, but it kills the bacteria, and harmful things in drinking water, how to make old fashioned "Soda Pop-- lemonade,"  etc, pemmican, etc.   It's historic and all but lost and forgotten.  We just MAY be needed that kind of info in the future, if our power grid fails us, or some terrorists that Obama allowed into our porous borders decide to wack out our grid that is so old and archaic,  IMHO.   A good Soldier wants to prepare for many different scenarios and situations,  and then he can relax and have fun, and fellowship with his trusted friends.   For the name of that fine book,  just email me, please.   I love to help people and make new friends ! !   We may all need a helping hand some day.
      Actually,  Paul counseled Timothy at:  1st Timothy 5: 23, "Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities."   Paul was not saying to get DRUNK !!  But history teaches us that the ancient Israelites did pour a LITTLE wine [not grape juice] in with their water, which had some value of nutrients but also killed some of the germs.    Hello,  they didn't have the luxury of clean, potable, pure drinking water as we do now days, dear readers....  go figure, that many people in 3 rd world nations die every day from dirty, germ ridden, polluted water.   Just look at Flint, Michigan  !! 

Have a great sunny, safe day !

Warm Regards, and Army Hugs,

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  Monday, May 2, 2016 Communist Cry: Make America Mexico Again There was a curious news photo attached to a story about how radical anarchist rioters were violently protesting an appearance by Republican primary presidential candidate Donald Trump. The photo was of a little Latino boy holding a sign that read, "Make America Mexico Again." This take off of Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again" spoke a thousand words. The George Soros communists, also supported by La Raza, Black Lives Matter, Communist Party USA and other radical anti-American groups, are using free speech to trample on the free speech of legitimate American citizens who support a traditional and law-abiding ideal of America. Democratic Party presidential candidates, especially Hillary Clinton, support these organizations. "Make America Mexico Again" is exactly what the current occupant of the Oval Office and others in both political parties have created by allowing illegals to cross the border in record numbers. With them come radical Muslims, drug lords, Mexico's worse criminals, and the Catholic Church's bleeding heart photo opportunities-children by the thousands. They are all part of the plan-the Communist plan to take over America without a shot fired. Generations of Americans are too far removed from the days we had to practice taking shelter under our school desks in the event of a communist attack on our nation. The protesters come wrapped in hate and destruction against Trump for his strong stance against illegal immigration. The Los Angeles Times reports, Luis Serrano, an organizer with California Immigration Youth Justice Alliance, said, "We're going to keep showing up and standing against the actions and the hate Donald Trump is creating. We are going to continue to just show up in numbers and stand together." So it is now "hateful" to enforce the law, but fine if a "president" allows free medical, social services, and protected status to those with their minds set on overthrowing the government. The only ones creating hate here are those who are protesting--minions and pawns of the greater communist cause. Crisis and unrest creates opportunities for governments to crack down with greater control, suspending civil rights in the name of security. Are we too asleep to see what is happening? The answer is the gospel-truly it is. Christians are orderly, God fearing and law abiding by virtue of the commandments we strive to live by. We need to do a better job in evangelizing and making disciples. Our form of government works when the moral and ethical are holding accountability. Romans 13:12 says, "The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light." We are in a fight as a people and a nation. We need to change hearts to win it. Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

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