Mark Zuckerberg  censoring Donald Trump.
Mark Zuckerberg censoring Donald Trump.
Much ado is being made about the obvious, in which the allegation is being made by several prominent Patriot websites, that Facebook censors posts based on content and topic. My brothers-in-arms, where have you been?
I am a little taken back that these patriot websites cannot understand that their pro-Trump posts are being censored in lieu of pro—Hillary posts. This has been going on for a very long time and given the current political climate, should they even be surprised?
My advice if you want to post pro-constitutional material and/or coupled with legitimate observations from those who really think that the Constitution is just a *** damn piece of paper as stated by George W. Bush, you are going to get censored. Deal with it!
The bottom line is, if you are a Patriot website who espouses traditional American values, you know a view like where those with XY chromosomes actually go the MEN’s bathroom instead of terrorizing women and girls, you need to put your “big boy” pants on and realize that when you are on Facebook, you are in enemy territory. Facebook stands for every perversion of our culture and legal system that there is.
If you post that Hillary sells Uranium to the Russians to fund her Presidential campaign, you are going to get banned on Facebook. Deal with it! If you want something legitimate to be concerned about by those unwitting people who frequent Facebook, please allow me to give you a place to hang your hat instead of the obvious censorship.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg, The Self-Appointed Purveyor of Integrity and Morality



IF you want to be banned by Facebook, post the following and widely distribute the material:
  1. Anti-Clinton positions of any type including politics or her lifestyle proclivities.
  2. Advocating for the need to screen Muslim “refugees” settling in the United States.
  3. Any post which criticizes the national police state surveillance grid.
  4. Pro-Second Amendment posts.
  5. Pro-Trump posts.
  6. Anti-Free Trade Agreements
  7. Any financial analysis of what unrestrained illegal immigration is financially costing your country.
  8. Treatment of veterans.
  9. Any revelation regarding the Communist background of President Obama.
This is just a small cross-section of topics that I have been banned for promoting. Under an assumed identity, there were no restrictions with regard to promoting the positive side of the New World and the minions (i.e. Hillary Clinton) that represent them.

How Does Facebook Censor?

Facebook will deal with the above posts by banning the poster from two weeks to 30 days. Of their robots will stop the dissemination of your post at 10 posts per hour. I know of a website that measured this effect with their own robots.
The most obvious way is when one has a post that is getting traction and is espousing values associated with traditional America. In these instances, Facebook will simply pull the post. Facebook will also engage in more subtle forms of harassment all designed to make the post in question less appealing With regard to me, Facebook has started to refuse to give me control over which photo will represent my post. They force me to accept an oversized version of my website logo. The display is hideous and drives people away.

Rules For Thee but Not For Me: Facebook Is Criminal

obama internet 3Facebook is a clear member of the criminal elite. Facebook fails to pay its own fair share of taxes as a result of tax loopholes and deductions. With the last figures available, Facebook paid no income tax for the fiscal year 2012, despite reaping $1.1 billion in U.S. corporate profits. While Americans have just been subjected to higher taxes, billion-dollar corporations like Facebook, General Electric, Boeing and Wells Fargo have all been able to avoid paying any corporate income taxes, reports Citizens for Tax Justice.

IF Patriot Websites Knew About This, They Would Never Complain About Facebook: Facebook Exposed

Everyone seems to know about Facebook’s long association with the NSA. However, Facebook is also associated with clandestine organizations like In Q tel which is the communications arm of the CIA. Here is a short video which helps the viewer understand the origins of Facebook and who it truly serves and how and why this organization got its start.

to Let my hypothesize with some of you who have no problem giving Facebook any and all information about yourself because “you have nothing to hide.” What if Facebook is a big data mining device? It is, read your service agreement. What if this information in conjunction with other data is ever used to determine your loyalty to the government? It could, again, read your service agreement. What if this data would someday be used to decide who lives and dies based upon your threat matrix score? If you don’t think this is possible google the MIAC Report and all of a sudden, I start looking more like Paul Revere than a mentally ill conspiracy theorist because censorship from Facebook is the least of your worries. They sell your information to the Communist Chinese, NSA uses your data to enhance your threat matrix score and Facebook is careless with data and sets you up to have your identity stolen.


I don’t begrudge anyone traveling in to the Lion’s Den of Facebook in order to spread the word of freedom. However, you cannot go into enemy territory and not expect to be fired upon. So, put your big boy pants on and realize that this is what you are going to get.
In reality, when you use Facebook, you are not just risking censorship, you are ultimately risking your life.

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The Depressing Truth About What These 6 Shoes are Doing to Your Feet

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Shoes, especially party shoes, can impart glamour and feminine appeal to a woman’s look; but this beauty enhancement comes at a price to foot health. The human foot wasn’t designed to be put in the contortions brought about through wearing pointy toes, stilettos, spike heels and backless shoes. No wonder business is booming for podiatrists.
The problems aren’t confined to fancy footwear but include styles many consider sensible, such as flats and pumps. Moreover, the negative effects aren’t limited to the feet: they also include the gait, which puts strain on the , and . Here are disorders shoes can cause along with tips on how to choose styles that are better for your feet.
(The information is taken from the recommendations of John Anderson, MD, co-chair of the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society’s Public Education Committee, and podiatrist Andrew Shapiro, DPM, a spokesman for the American Podiatric Medical Association to WebMD, as well as from the advice of podiatrist Emma Supple to the Daily Mail.)
1. Flip-Flops
Shapiro rates flip-flops as the top shoe villain, and the infographic below supports his opinion. They offer zero protection and support, so try to use them only for walking on the beach. Wearing them while dashing around and playing sports in the backyard can lead to injuries such as broken toes, sprained ankles and scraped feet, he says. Sandals that have a strap in the back are safer footwear for leisure activities.
flip flop
2. Pointy Toes
Pointy shoes with embellishments look elegant, but squishing the toes together can cause pain and hammertoes, warns Supple. Shapiro advises limiting the use of these styles to rare occasions and opting for shoes with a wider toe box.
3. Spike Heels
Shapiro says a heel higher than two inches can lead to chronic shortening of the Achilles heel. Tall-heeled shoes also put pressure on the ball of the foot, causing the cushioning fat underneath to thin, which in turn leads to pain, fractures and hammertoes, he adds. This is another style to limit to special events.
4. Pumps
Although many people feel this style is the most sensible, its rigid leather can chafe the heel and produce “pump bump,” says Supple. This disorder starts as an irritation and can quickly result in blisters. Over time, it can lead to a bony protrusion that requires surgical removal.
5. Flats
Flats, particularly ballet flats, lack the arch support and cushioning you need. Ballet flats carry the risk of tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, notes Shapiro. Other flats and moccasins produce friction on the foot that can cause corns, calluses and blisters. This kind of footwear also worsens painful fallen arches, says Supple.
6. Backless Shoes
When wearing backless shoes, a woman’s toes clench to get support, which may lead to hammertoes over time, explains Shapiro. Since the shoes are constantly tapping the heels, calluses and bruises can also develop, says Supple.

What to Look for When Buying Shoes

For leisure time activities when a dressy shoe isn’t required, good-fitting athletic shoes are best. When choosing shoes for daily office wear, Shapiro advises pumps or flats with a good arch support, wide toe box and support around the heel. He recommends avoiding styles with a heel height greater than 1.5 inches and says a lace-up or buckle closure is ideal.

Mary West is a natural health enthusiast, as she believes this area can profoundly enhance wellness. She is the creator of a natural healing website where she focuses on solutions to health problems that work without side effects. You can visit her site and learn more at http://www.alternativemedicinetruth.com. Ms. West is also the author of Fight Cancer Through Powerful Natural Strategies.