Sunday, May 22, 2016

Licking my Wounds, Again...

Tom's Journal.

OK,  Guys,   It's the day to get political !  And here are some prime Jokes!!

    How many of you men can figure out women ? ? ?   I just can't win... either I let them step all over me, and take all of my money, then kick me to the curb after I am no use to them any more, or I make some social blunder and piss them off  in some unimaginable,  goofy   I carved a joke on a 2 by 4 piece of wood that most folks find funny-- in the back on my truck, that I use to prop up the back window:   "NEVER TRUST A WOMAN."   Well,  sorry, but I am still paying off debt from the 'last woman' and wonder if I will be able to get back into the black before the Lord comes back ---lol!   I need to find a 'Prepper Woman' who is not afraid of her own shadow, who understands the value of putting food and stuff aside for any emergency, who is not afraid of a PICTURE of a gun, willing to take a gun safety course, and someone who is not afraid [and able to] read the KJV Bible.   Yes, friends,  I know in this time of our state of affairs on planet earth, there very well may not be such a woman, alive.....  so sorry.   I understand that many good women have big baggage carried from past relationships where they were physically beaten, abused,  and put down....  but I am not one of them!   I was trained on the farm from a  very stern father never to hit any female !  It is not a manly thing to do anyway.   {However, I will defend myself }   Yes,  I have made mountains of mistakes and mess ups, blunders and feel sorry for them all.   But I am honestly trying to be a better man these days.    
         But I enjoy teaching people new tricks,  to broaden their horizons, and at least TRY new things !   One lady I recently met never, ever tried Lobster, and I told her that she ought to at least TRY it, at Red Lobster, on a road trip with me.    IF SHE DOESN'T LIKE IT --- I WILL EAT THE REST AND ORDER HER SOME BEEF STEAK OR WHAT EVER SHE WANTS....DUH !!   Some of the U-pper's up here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan,  sorry,  are so removed from reality, and quite ignorant of what is happening in the REAL WORLD... like Argentina !  They have Martial Law there now after the past 3 weeks of no money, no food,  and they are eating their dogs and cats, pets, ETC. !!!  HELLO !  People are just so stupid and ignorant that they don't/  can't believe... understand that the same will happen in the USA, perhaps in a matter of MONTHS !!    You know what?   I am getting so sick of sounding the alarm,  even to some 'friends and relatives', that I am about ready to just shut up, fold up, and say nothing, anymore.  Let people suffer from the fall out of a crushed, failed, corrupt, fallen economy and financial collapse, and right now,  I almost hope it comes --- to prove my damn point....  sorry.  
      In the meantime,  I will continue "building bridges", paying off/ down debts, forgiving those whom I still care for, and also asking their forgiveness, and prayers for me.   I got another super fine sun burn today out side, and tomorrow will be another fine, warm, sunny day.  

I went to a special [to some folks] big, "White Tail" hunting jamboree and dinner, with many door prizes given out, expensive new rifles, but I didn't win any thing, and the cow barn was so hot, humid, sweaty and super loud, NOISY, that I was really suffering,  but someone bought a $65 ticket for me to attend, so I was stuck there.... and I was suffering.   Why those dumb ass hicks could not turn on the ceiling fans until the last hour, I just cannot figure out,  but I suffered, big time, and I guess I was kind of grumpy and nasty.  I will not ever go to one of them again --- so don't buy me a ticket.  It was in Escanaba, MI.  

You know  something else??    I confess that I still have a few "rough edges" -- too set in my ways,  perhaps,   but I know how to treat a woman right and spoil her, bless her, make her feel good, and special.  But now, an old man like me has found out that after the kissing and hugging, holding hands, a man needs to have mature, knowledgeable, serious, complex, educated conversation, if he is educated, and / or Christian.   So if the man/  or woman is not so educated or has trouble with verbal aptitude, not skilled in pleasant, human conversation,  sex and loving can only go so far.   I hope you all get the drift [meaning].   Smile.   
And believe me,  I know that I will NEVER find that perfect woman, and I don't want a perfect woman,  because I am an IMPERFECT MAN !!   Just someone I can love and get along with. 

Yes,  unless you go 'on-line' with your computer [PC], you just won't hear about places like Argentina, where people are eating their pets as food.   Well,  just remember,  REAL, studied Christians who know their bible--- understand completely, that before the real SHTF,  most of us think/ believe /  hope, pray,   that the Rapture will come.   So....  I don't want to be caught  with my pants down when the Lord comes knocking and an angel blows on his trumpet.....  duh.   

And in a country of "feminized men" --USA,  WE HAVE A WORLD OF CONFUSION,  where men have been taught early in school not to participate in contact sports, but it's OK to play with dolls and play house, or think that you might be the opposite sex.   But when and where there is a real emergency real men are needed to take action and deal with the threat, like ISIS, people who love to rape, murder, subjugate, cut off heads and torture.  People just refuse to believe that Sweden is now the RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD !!     Hey,  when I was in high school, I read many books, one of them:  "The Fall of the Roman Empire."   You see,  we need to know the past, and History, and the Bible, folks.   Because those who don't know History are condemned to repeat it !   Yes, we can learn from other people's mess ups and failures....  or do you need to break your own bones before you learn something ??  
   When the banks all close shop some Friday, and don't open up for a few weeks, and you have NO money, or food after there is a run on the stores and riots, and maybe Martial Law,  please remember this humble blog site:  TOM'S JOURNAL.   Will you be prepared ?  How long can you really live without WATER ?   And then the Gov't turns off the electrical grid to make things worse.  Now will you agree to all the BIG BROTHER --NWO, demands, rules and dictates ??  Just think about it.   The only thing that is keeping America out of the UN pushed NWO is our 2nd Amendment rights ! !  Give up your guns and you WILL give up all the rest of your freedoms.   I promise you that much.    Ponder on this tonight, dear friends and readers.

I like a little red wine,  but nothing beats a cold beer on a hot day...  or night~!   PTL.   And when a man loses a woman,  he has a lot more money to spend on  fine dining and cold brew !! 
         Carlos'  Cantina, in Iron Mountain, MI.,  has some of the best Mexican food that I've ever tasted ! !  And the best deep fried, hot peppers, ever !  I ate 30 of them today.    I have taken and treated many people there, when I really like and care for them.  

Warm Regards,
Scalia RIP  2016
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