Wednesday, June 8, 2016

To Prepare. Sunny Day.

Tom's Journal.

Good Day,  Friends,
     I just came back from breakfast at Holiday Kitchen in Iron Mtn. MI [the U.P.], and then went shopping for a few things, like soap to wash the floor, as my new cleaning lady made her first appearance here, yesterday.    So she used the last of the soap and I needed to prepare for the next time,  but I also bought some good bacon, chocolate ice cream, Butter Beans, and Southern style Spinach, etc.  Just everyday items {EDC}.   I don't enjoy running to the store every day when certain items run out at home.... and perhaps I am lazy [and why waste gas?],  but I prefer to stock up a LITTLE BIT, NOT hoard!   That is the way my father raised me on the farm in S.E. Wisconsin, in Racine County, back in the 1960's.... a whole different world and time, when we still had respect for our fellow man, etc.  
      In the big cities, however, where all the stores are much closer to the consumer with lots of competition and choices, it's quite normal to shop daily for nice, fresh, bakery, fruits, milk, etc., I am sure, and those are the 'benefits' of living in an 'ant hill.'  But I prefer small towns that are just a few miles outside the larger cities, so that my insurance, taxes, peace and quiet, crime rate and chances of lower theft and violence  are better/ so I don't have to worry so much about the criminal element and riots.   IMHO,  the average American doesn't yet KNOW and/ or have seen a riot, and so most of them have let their guard down.  Patriots and Veterans are a different kind of "Sheep Dog/ Protector type," who are trained and by nature aware of their surroundings all the time.   I have taken great pains to explain this many times in my modest, humble blog, here.   I am not trying to put us on some pedestal or make us something larger than life, nor demand worship or respect,  because all that is pure vanity and 'gone with the wind,'  anyway.   I also know that drinking a can of cold Cherry Coke in the morning is NOT GOOD FOR ME,  but it gives me an instant 'Jolt' of energy and wakes me up in seconds.   Smile.    I don't drink coffee or tea,  but it is certainly OK for others to indulge in such enjoyments, or needs.   BTW [BY THE WAY],   I am not JUDGEMENTAL !!   But the Liberal Lefty Losers love to use that 'card' when someone makes a simple "observation" while stating a commonly known FACT !   Look,   I used to smoke 'everything' in my younger, foolish days, over in a war zone and do other stupid things,  but I quit all of that trash when I was about, age 23 or so, and never looked back.   Now,  most folks know that smoking bothers me, [having COPD, etc.]  and so I hang around people / friends  that DON'T smoke or get drunk, or do drugs, and act like fools all the time....  duh.  People grow up, see their faults, get clean and sober, and try to walk straight and invest money for our  older days when we are not able to do all the hard work we used to do, for retirement and emergencies.    I can lay plenty of good scriptures on you to show the wisdom of putting some money aside for a rainy day, besides my days of working in Finance helped me see the 'light.'    Yet, I well know how difficult it is now days, to set some money $$$$  aside for investments, while also paying the monthly bills that never cease.  

What corks me is when those same people spend their money foolishly, party hearty, but don't take care for their kids or feed them, cloth them right/ properly, seem to have the most problems and challenges in life, and then wonder why !   And they seem to always have money for beer and tattoos and wild ass hair do's, and expensive gadgets.... Ha!
       "The soul of the wicked desireth evil,  his neighbor findeth no favor in his eyes,:  --Proverbs 21: 10.   And,  :The desire of the slothful killeth him, for his hands refuse to labour."  ---Proverbs 21: 25.   
      And I like.....  Proverbs 21: 19,  "It is better to dwell in the wilderness,  than with a contentious and angry woman."    And let me share with you some simple, great, "tricks" in understanding the KJV Bible, please.....   Just save your pennies to buy an inexpensive copy of "THE DEFINED KJV BIBLE."  Just visit the web site:    --- to find this good valuable, self explanatory, "tool",   type of bible that shows you all the shortcuts in understanding the best, most pure translation of God's Word, please.    And then compare it side by side to your present copy/ version of the bible.    It also tells you how we got our modern day, true, pure rendition of the bible, and the best bible in the world, true to what the original Writers wanted us to learn and know, borne along by the Holy Spirit.    It helped me so much, like giving me a 'quantum leap' -- light years, advancing my bible knowledge, big time !!   For all the fancy coffee, smokes, booze, movies, cable TV we all have --- why not invest in something that will really help you day to day, in good times and bad times, and give you all JOY, and peace of mind !  Get the LARGE PRINT copy and give your poor, old eye balls a break,  friends.

I am so happy that my humble house is cleaner now, with some laundry done, clean clothes, clean floors, mopped, swept and better organized,  and it's been about 4 weeks removed from having a woman's touch, as "one hand washes the other" and someone else has more coins in her pocket to put better food on the table for her son.    Smile.   I have a lot of JOY now !  

Well, friends, here is a little more from a different source, about preparing for emergencies.   I hope you are not bored or over loaded,  but it lends more weight to what I have been saying all along.  

"Have not I written to thee excellent things in counsels and knowledge, That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth,  that thou mightiest answer the words of truth to them that send unto thee?"   ---Proverbs 22: 20 - 21.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

...Here is an old pic of me training my pasted, dear wife, Sharon L. Schuckman, how to cut metal with a torch, and how to weld steel, etc.

Above is Tom doing some wood carving, etc., in the back yard of my old house in Union Grove, WI.  I bought an old, cheap house all in my name only, as I was single at the time, something I could afford and still have a 'good cash flow' and a new vehicle to drive, too.  

Hell Obama should know.  He and his admin. have created most of the turmoil that is currently going on and many believe that it was by design.

.....................and now, when 'the criminal-in-chief ' tells you to PREPARE, you might wanna' listen....................could he be possibly finally telling US the truth; I wonder................?
A prudent man for-sees the evil, and hides himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished’ ~ Proverbs 27:12

What Hell Is Coming? Even Obama Is Now Warning Americans ‘To Prepare For Disaster’

Michael Snyder
June 2nd, 2016
Economic Collapse Blog

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.
Editor’s Comment: As Snyder astutely notes, Barack Obama basically doesn’t open his mouth unless it is to spin propaganda for an agenda he has signed on to. Across a range of politically sensitive topics, President Obama has repeatedly proved to be little more than a salesman for a brand of government control over society, adorned with redistribution and social benefits, and thoroughly connected to the kind of change agents who want the republic of the United States destroyed and its people manipulated into accepting the conditions granted to them.
Is a false flag terror event, mega-disaster or total episode of civil unrest combined with martial law coming to America soon? Is it another scenario like world war with Russia? Basically, any one of them could lead down the same dark road in the end. Be prepared to be surprised… and outraged. The elections have proved to be a spectacle and everyone is taking sides, and at this point almost anything is possible between election day.
How Obama plays into it remains to be seen, but there is cause to think that “they” are preparing to pull something — and something major. If Obama is the one telling you to get prepared for disaster, then it might already be too late. What hell is coming? Those who know aren’t talking, but you can sense it in the air.
Barack Obama Warns Americans ‘To Be Prepared For A Disaster’
by Michael Snyder
When Barack Obama speaks to the public, it is very rare that he does so without a specific purpose in mind.  So why is he urging Americans “to be prepared for a disaster” all of a sudden?  On May 31, Obama took time out of his extremely busy schedule to deliver an address at the FEMA National Response Coordination Center in Washington.  During his speech, he stressed that every American is responsible for preparing for disasters, and that includes “having an evacuation plan” and “having a fully stocked disaster supply kit”.  These are basic steps that I have been encouraging people to do for years, but if they won’t listen to me, perhaps they will listen to the man currently residing in the White House.  The following excerpt from Obama’s speech comes directly from the official White House website
"One of the things that we have learned over the course of the last seven and a half years is that government plays a vital role, but it is every citizen’s responsibility to be prepared for a disaster.  And that means taking proactive steps, like having an evacuation plan, having a fully stocked disaster supply kit.  If your local authorities ask you to evacuate, you have to do it. Don’t wait."
This speech was timed to coincide with the beginning of the hurricane season, although hurricanes have not posed much of a threat lately.
In fact, a major hurricane has not made landfall in the United States for 127 straight months.
But without a doubt, we all need to be preparing for disaster.  Hurricanes can create a short-term emergency that can last for a few days, but there are other threats that could create a major emergency that could potentially last for an extended period of time.  That list of potential threats includes a major volcanic eruption, a natural or engineered pandemic, a west coast earthquake, a New Madrid earthquake, a tsunami on either the east or west coasts, a meteor impact, Islamic terror, war, an EMP burst that takes down the power grid, cyberwarfare, economic collapse, and civil unrest resulting in the imposition of martial law.
Of course the items that I just mentioned are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, in different scenarios we could actually see multiple events happen in rapid succession.
It is interesting to note that during his speech Barack Obama also noted that the American people seem to have become very complacent about getting prepared…
And what we’ve been seeing is some public complacency slipping in; a large portion of people not having preparedness kits, not having evacuation plans.
This is exactly what I have been noticing as well.  There appears to be a tremendous amount of apathy out there, and relatively few people really seem to feel much urgency to get prepared these days.
My contacts in the emergency preparedness industry have been telling me that sales are way down right now.  There was a big peak last fall, but since then it is like interest in prepping has just fallen off the map.
Ultimately, those companies are going to be okay because interest will pick back up shortly as global events begin to spiral completely out of control.  However, of much greater concern is the fact that people have not been using this period of relative calm constructively.
Just like we have seen in Venezuela, time to prepare eventually runs out.  And someday there will be millions of parents that are absolutely horrified when their children come to them crying out for food and they don’t have anything to give to them because they didn’t heed the warnings and they didn’t get prepared.
When that day arrives, many of those families may be forced to turn to whatever help the government is offering at the time.
One more thing that I found particularly noteworthy about Obama’s speech was that he said that there is now “a FEMA app” that can direct you to the nearest “FEMA shelter” in the event of a major emergency.
If you need information about how to put together an evacuation plan, how to put together a disaster preparedness kit, as Craig said, we’ve got an app for everything now.  We have a FEMA app in English and in Spanish to help you prepare your family for a disaster.  You can update the National Weather Service alerts.  You can get safety tips for more than 20 kinds of hazards.  It provides you directions to nearby shelters.
Could you envision yourself and your family having to take refuge in a “FEMA shelter” someday? If not, you should do what you can to get prepared now.  Over the next couple of days, my wife and I will be releasing a couple of new videos about preparation on our YouTube channel.  I hope that many of you will check them out.
Unlike Venezuela, it looks like we may still have a little bit more time to prepare for what is ahead.  Some people will relax and use this time to party, but those that are wise will work diligently and will do what they can to get ready for the exceedingly challenging times that are rapidly approaching.
Hopefully you are listening to the warnings and are heeding what the watchmen are saying. If not, the consequences for what will happen to you and your family will ultimately be on your own hands.
This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

Mac Slavo
- June 1st, 2016

What makes the news today in Venezuela are the events of the slow-motion long term collapse coming globally, and will not spare the United States population.

Riot 2 - Public Domain
It was only a matter of time before our deeply divided nation was going to start coming apart at the seams.  Waves of anger, frustration, violence and civil unrest are starting to sweep across the United States, and political rallies for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump have become a focal point for releasing some of that energy.  The angry mob that threw rocks, bottles and burning T-shirts at police and Donald Trump supporters on Tuesday night wanted to get the attention of the national media, and they got it in droves.  Now that the election is less than five months away, this kind of scene is going to be repeated over and over, and this is something that I warned about back in March.  Millions upon millions of our young people have fully embraced the radical left, and they have already made it exceedingly clear that they are not afraid to use violence to advance their cause. (Read More....)

Mac Slavo
- May 30th, 2016
In short, should widespread civil unrest, whether this summer or at any point in the future, spread across America and be followed by military and law enforcement intervention, you absolutely cannot depend on the government to be there to provide any meaningful assistance.