Thursday, June 9, 2016

'Battleground of the Mind.'

Tom's Journal.

Per the 2nd Amendment:

… the word “bear,” should anyone want to look it up, means “carry" and “transport."
Any court that can’t understand the basic tenants of language should be dissolved.
We have the right to “BEAR" arms; therefore, we have the right to “CARRY” them, Period!

Hi Friends,
     This might/ may be my last blog post for a while....  or maybe forever.   I can't and won't saw more than that for obvious reasons.  
   But anyway, THE DAILY JOT, really caught my eye, down below, so I though I would share it with you.   Now.... what ever happens -- God is/ and always will be in control.   And as the world turns,  He will intervene to MAKE THINGS WORK His way so that bible prophecy always comes true, and 'on time.'   His schedule must be adhered to and we need to always keep that in mind.  At Matthew 6:9 ["The Lord's Prayer']...   or the Sinner's Prayer, how ever you look at it, Jesus says,  "Let your kingdom come -- let your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."    Stand back for a minute and just THINK.... what did He mean by that ??   OK,  do we see, 'God's Will' being done on earth now ? '  With all the terrible, heathen,  ISIS butchering of Christians and Jews, death, hunger, destruction, corruption in the USA and all over the world, war, famine, drought, etc. ?   Shake your head:  "NO!"  But that WILL BE DONE eventually and only by the hand of  the heavenly Father, almighty God, thru His Son, Jesus,  but first He has to "clean up the earth."  Don't forget that there will be a 7 year, "Great Tribulation" and  then the great war of Armageddon {Rev. 16: 16.}.  But some good people, like the author/ writer below, believe that maybe we can have a  short little reprieve, or breathing space,  to get more people on earth educated in the bible, learn about Salvation thru Jesus Christ,   and "Saved" in the Lord, who will then go to heaven, in the Rapture and in death,  BEFORE the SHTF.  [Sorry to be so graphic].   I well know whom I want to vote for, and I intend to vote for the MAN who still loves and protects our U.S. Constitution !!  He is far from perfect and rubs many people the wrong way,  but he speaks the truth and still has our real interests in mind and heart, IMHO.    But.... we shall wait and see what happens this Fall..... if we even get to Fall and are still free to talk, worship, vote, speak, assemble,  write, blog, comment and breathe.    Things could happen OVER NIGHT and tomorrow we could wake up to a whole different nation.... in chains and headed to FEMA Camps !     No matter how much the WH, Congress, and the Lefty-Loosey "Press"/  Media says,  we are truly on the edge of a total, economic, financial, credit crunch, MELT DOWN and bank failure, where our American dollar will be near or totally worthless  --- and most smart folks know that they is no gold in Fort Knox or New York !!     Yes, friends,  I believe that it's that important and that frail, unstable economy and the U.N. wants to topple us as we are the 'Last Man Standing' in the way of the NEW WORLD ORDER ! !   The fact that we still have our guns and the 2nd Amendment is the only reason that we are not slaves already.  
     Oh,  it's all coming and you can be sure that the last book of the bible, Revelation, is all true and the ONE WORLD GOV'T  --- will come, for sure, and it will be so much death, loss of life,  freedom,  and liberty that you will not recognize the good, old United States of America, Europe, Asia, etc, etc.    Satan is pretty much running the whole show now -- but things will get MUCH WORSE, I promise.   Because I know the Book !     Sorry to sound like a broken record...  duh.   But... 'repetition is the mother of retention.'   Now go look up those new
    Ha!  I tried to give a simple, nice, bible tract to a lady today, 'who claimed to be a Christian...' and she refused it.   Oh boy..... the people U.P. here are sure different than they are farther South, and maybe I will move back there,  but I would surely give my good, kind, landlord, 30 days written notice, before I moved.  That is what a Christian would do.  Right now, I just cannot afford to move.

I will see you --- when I see you.  Please pray for me in the mean time.  Thank you.

Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Battleground of the mind
In the coming months there is a war to be waged against believers in the one true God. The battleground is your mind. It cannot be stressed enough that the forthcoming election is a harbinger. America stands at a crossroads of ideals. The ideal of a nation founded, bred, steeped in the Judeo-Christian values found in the Holy scriptures versus the Marxist humanist ideal of abolishing all religion, morals, property ownership in deference to government almighty. This is what we are facing. It's not about the imperfections of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It is about the American ideal. The two candidates are merely representatives of whether Marxism will overtake our country, or it buys a reprieve, a chance.
Many have expressed their disdain that I would write about politics in this column. Some have told me to stick to what I am supposed to do, that politics is not in my wheelhouse. Others say that we shouldn't be discussing politics and religion, there is separation of church and state. My response is that this election is not about politics. It's about the Judeo-Christian ideal of being an American and preserving those inalienable rights. Many are so blinded about the perceived evil in one candidate that they cannot see the greater and truer evil of the principality awaiting legal entry as represented by the other candidate. Separation of religion and state? How does one separate his spirit from his body? Only by death.
Are we, as the vast majority in this nation, going to become so bogged down in shades of gray and doctrinal gradients that we cannot or will not make a decision to save ourselves? There is a great threat to our way of life looming over us. We have had about a decade of this Islamic Marxism flooding our nation. We have had more than a generation of government promotion of sinful acts, our money funding them. While one person cannot right all this, nor will he try to do so, the other, however, will open the floodgates to the most anti-God forces we have seen to date.  Is it not time to at least begin to turn the country around rather than allow it to sink further and faster into the quicksand of Marxism?
As the Lord said in Ezekiel 22:30, "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it." This is what we have before us. And the battleground of our minds will determine the outcome. We will either focus on the American ideal, the Founder's vision, of a free America with freedom of speech and religion, and inalienable rights, or we will succumb to the communist ideal of government as god. The question before us is 'will we make the hedge and stand in the gap, or will we fall in the weeds of endless debate over gray areas and allow the enemies of God to overrun us?' I for one, want to be counted among those who stand in the gap so that the last part of Ezekiel 22:30 is not realized: "but I found none." We need to get our minds right for the time ahead.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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