Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wrong Mindedness --Deadly Consequences.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Folks/ Friends,
    I guess I do a lot of thinking.... like "Dick Tracy" in the comic books, etc.   Ha!  'I think.....  therefore, I exist.'   The Bible talks extensively about the "BRAIN",   but also the "HEART" -- the seat of all emotions.   Now,  we have Right Thinking, and we have Wrong Thinking, and the bible clearly defines both of these,  but like any good thing, any reliable thing, we have to DIG, dig, dig, and before that we have to PRAY for the H.S. to guide us to the right area, book, place, to find the nuggets of gold.   I keep saying to you all that,  I don't consider myself a super smart man.....  duh.  It that we so,  I would have found true HAPPINESS by now, found a lady who loves the KJV Bible and the Lord Jesus, and just live in love, bliss, happiness, until I die !    It seems that I might never find that happiness,  so I must plod on like an old plow horse, until my time has come to 'depart.'     
       Anyway,  not to meander on,  but to make a strong point today....  If we really, truly understand what God's plans are for us, the earth, the New Heavens, the Rapture,  that should help us all lift our heads up higher and have some measure of the 'Fruits of the Spirit' that I talk about so much.  Visit:  Galatians 5: 22, again, and read/ memorize them, please!  'Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, Self control, etc....'   If, IF, if a person claims to know the Lord and have the HOLY SPIRIT IN THEM, they must have SOME of those "Fruits!"   Probably not all of them,  but at least some of them.   OK,  now, also,  if we know what the future is by reading the last book of the bible,  Revelation [Chapter 13 deals with the 'One World Gov't  --- the New World Order.'],  we won't fret and anguish so much even now, at the edge of the cliff, when EVERYTHING and every nation is about to go down into a super economic collapse, with all kinds of chaos and disorder.   Friends and Readers:   THIS HAS TO HAPPEN !!   And it will get so bad that the nations will BEG for that new, ONE WORLD ORDER/ GOV'T/ BEAST, to take over !!   After millions die of starvation, mob violence, Martial Law, corruption, etc.   Please try to wrap your minds around this true, scenario.  Deal with it !   God's Word, the bible, cannot lie, and it is not misunderstood by God's true servants and followers.  
       Now, having said that,  I still intend to vote for the right, conservative candidate for POTUS, and he is not going to be a Socialist,  but the STINK will STILL hit the fan, regardless of who gets elected !   Things just cannot be reversed and bible prophecy must be fulfilled.   Period.   I worry too much -- I admit it.   But I force myself to "see the true light of the bible" and force myself to prepare myself for it.  My only chance is to get as close to my Lord and God as I possibly can, folks.   

I am so sorry that I have hurt the one/ ones that I loved so much, but I cannot reverse my sins of stupidity, anger, being goofy, too proud, selfish, demanding and abusive in my life.   I beg forgiveness for all my past sins, almost ever single day.   I have chest pains and sorrow too often, and don't really care if I live or die,  but I will now try to made amends as often as I can, to re-build the bridges I have burned and show as much love as I can, in many ways.   But I also have to keep my eyes wide open, for scammers and those who want to harm me.   If some of this sounds,  "Cryptic"  --- it is.   But those who know me, personally, will clearly understand.   This I pray.

OK,  if anyone has read my humble, simple blog posts, they should know what the best route to travel right now, I hope.   I think a 2- pronged approach is wise and useful now.   Cement all close relationships RIGHT NOW, contact/ talk/ love them and teach them how to make preparations, right now,  TODAY!!   But first, set aside, some serious time to talk to/ pray to Father God, read His Word the bible.  Why not just read the short, 5 chapter book of  James, today ??  It's so powerful !   It talks about the tongue, what a powerful member it is, and how it can inflict such deep pain and hurt in others !!!   It tell us that our "Life is a Vapor"  --- and how we should always keep our promises to others !    It tells us how heaping up gold and silver will NOT save us in the 'Last Days.'

OK, friends, time to fly, and go get some gas in my truck now, etc.

Warm Regards,

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wrong mindedness has deadly consequences
Whether they want to classify it as terrorism or not, the facts speak for themselves. Here we go...Iranian immigrant Mohammad Moghaddam opened fire in an Amarillo, Texas Wal Mart, took two people hostage, and was shot dead by police. Authorities say it was not terrorism because it was a work dispute. Folks, this white-washing of Islam by America's leaders puts us all in harms way. When they don't get what they want, these radical Islamists will not abide by the law, they follow Islamic custom. America's leadership is in league with them by not calling this what it is: Islam is not compatible with free societies. But Islam is a useful tool in forwarding a totalitarianism agenda, such as communism.
Homeland Security chief's Jeh Johnson's solution to the problem of Islamic terrorism is disarming America. Johnson told CBS, "We have to face the fact that meaningful gun control has to be part of homeland security. We need to do something to minimize the opportunity for terrorists to get a gun in this country." Why should the rights of American citizens be further violated because of one violent class of people? The first thing that comes to my mind is to put a ban on any Muslim that wants to buy a gun. But even then, they will have guns and they will commit terrorist acts. France is a perfect example. Huge restrictions on gun ownership, and yet 130 people killed by Islamists in November 2015.
Johnson's solution is to appease Muslim communities in the US: "We're going to continue to build bridges to American-Muslim communities, not vilify them and drive them into the corners and shadows." Johnson's, Clinton's and "the president's" bridge building nonsense likely comes from results of a study. The Washington Times reports, "But some researchers suggest the link to religion is less important than the marginalization immigrants and first-generation Americans may feel. In a study last year funded by the Homeland Security Department, researchers said those who felt instances of discrimination, personal shame or humiliation had higher propensity toward radicalization."
Does "feeling" instances of discrimination give someone the right to take another person's life? Isn't that exactly what the Koran teaches? If you don't submit to Islam, you are discriminating against, and humiliating the Muslim religion, deserving of death. So let's get this right. The groupthink of leadership in America is that we have to treat Islamists with the highest order of respect, give them what they want, take our weapons away from us, and they won't harm us. This is absurdity. Never in history has this worked with Islam. This is wrong-mindedness. Romans 12:2 says, " ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." We need transformational leaders who have renewed their minds to uphold what is right. It first starts, however, with us. 

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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