Friday, July 29, 2016

Time is Running Out.

Tom's Journal.

   Sorry Guys and Gals,  You just won't get this kind of Prepping, honest News from the Lame Stream Media... and I use that term loosely.   You also will not get truthful, up to date News like this from any Democratic people/ Party/ stupid DNC lying dog piles, etc.   OK,  I know that many folks on undeserved Welfare and Food Stamps still think that IF they vote for 'Hilly" [sic] that they will continue in their sorted, dirty, immoral, 10 babies from 10 different men situations, for generations to come.   But the buck has to stop somewhere, and common sense tells us all that we are now at the end of our 'borrowing game' and printing more American Dollars in the back room days.   It's time to "Pay the Piper !"   
       Too,  if we COULD/ would have a fair, honest election,  Mr. Trump would beat the pants of the Dim Woman in a land slide !   But we all should understand that we WILL NOT HAVE A FAIR ELECTION !!   The election machines will be messed up,  doctored up, corrupted, with 'dead folks' voting again, and that is what I personally think will happen.   Or.....  I hate to think that somehow Mr. Trump will 'meet with an accident' or worse, and be eliminated,  but I hope and pray that never happens !  
    But let's not forget about the "Third Rail,"  that the KJV Bible SAYS:  That the One World Gov't will come to be, as noted at Revelation, chapter 13, must come true.   It will seem that Satan will have his day of extreme victory over earth and mankind.... our darkest nightmare.   Sorry to tell you all this dire message, dear Friends.   That means that our 'Prepping' might only be good for a WHILE, for a season.   But I still have that mentality ingrained in me, a simple Soldier, raised on a farm in Wisconsin, USA.  
      As I have repeated so often,  our true hope and trust, must be in the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ !   If you have not 'grown/ acquired' the humility and mentality of bowing down to the Lord, studying His Word and doing His will..... NOW, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO JUST THAT !!  

If I told you all when the Rapture would/ will come,  I would be a liar.  We do not know the day....  but we know the season, and the clock reads 11:30 PM.   I seriously don't think that God will allow His servants and people to suffer and die too long, after the SHTF,  and we have seen all the "false flags" and "dry, practice runs" executed this past year, one after another.   We all know what an EMP device is and how easily it can be launched to take down our entire power grid.   I don't think that most Christians have their own solar power devices/ generators.... and if it's
Winter time,  not all of us can produce wood fire heat in our houses.   So that is how I figure out my own conclusions about being in the Lion's Den.   Most Christians don't have large bags of gold and silver, either.  
      So our supreme faith and trust in the Lord, Jesus, must be firm and alive.   "It's the only game in town."   On the other hand, time WILL continue to get harder and the economy much worse,  so stocking up on food, water and ammo, etc., is not a bad idea.

If you claim to LOVE someone, a close friend or relative,  do you love them enough to share this message with them and help them read it for themselves in a Bible ?  ?  ?  Words have meanings.  Are you really a friend to your kids and grandkids ?

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

Peter Schiff: Time Is Running Out, “Crisis Worse Than 2008 Coming”

Mac Slavo
July 28th, 2016
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We are headed for disaster, and the only question is how long the economy can dodge a bullet.
The illusory bubble on Wall Street claims to be at record highs, but the reality, the underbelly, is dark indeed.
Economic expert Peter Schiff speaks on not only the safe haven of gold, and what is at stake in the election, but just how dire the financial consequences will be when the great storm hits and batters everyone.
As Before Its News reports:
The endgame for the U.S. economy is oblivion. 2008 was a minor correction compared to the eventual collapse of the U.S. Dollar.
WHY: After the bubble burst in 2000, Fed chairman Alan Greenspan-led the Federal Reserve through a series of interest cuts that brought down the Federal Funds rate to 1% by 2004. The bubble created by those years of cheap Fed money at 1% resulted in U.S. households losing a total wealth of almost $14 TRILLION in the 2008 crisis. Stock markets fell by almost half for losing $7.9 trillion, and the housing market lost $6 trillion.
FAST FORWARD TO TODAY: We’ve had 7 years of interest rates at 0%. As a result, there is more than just a housing bubble this time. There’s a stock bubble, a housing bubble, a bond bubble, a student loan bubble, and I could go on. As Peter explains, the Fed only has ONE option at this point: Continue to fake it for as long as possible by printing more money (otherwise known as “quantitative easing”), or let the whole system come crashing down.
HERE IS THE REALITY: The world has caught on, and the gig is up. Under Obama’s stewardship, the U.S. national debt has gone from $10 Trillion, to what will be $20 Trillion by the time he leaves office, with nothing more than 100 MILLION Americans out of work, and 50 MILLION in poverty and on food stamps. That’s what cheap money bought for us. It was all “borrowed” cheap money too, making it infinitely worse, and the world is tired of lending.
In no uncertain terms, Schiff warns that the next crisis will be far, far worse than the 2008 collapse, and the “recovery” that has since rotted away at the house:

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