Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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Hi  Friends,
   I am taking the liberty to share a kind note from a distant email friend and Christian lady that I know....  Ruth H.  

I was also sharing something near and dear to my own heart, my ministry of:  Bible Tracts, Inc.  -- a wonderful, colorful small paper Bible tract that can and will open the eyes of Unbelievers, and perhaps those who are now 'siting on the fence,' in these very last days of this wicked system of things.   Yes !  We ALL need to share the Word of God, the KJV BIBLE... AND THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST !!  All over the world, all the time.
       I am not  a rich man,  but disabled and ride a power scooter given to me by the local VAMC in Iron Mtn., MI., when I go shopping or what ever.   It sure does take pressure and pain from my back, knees, feet and knees.... PTL.   Anyway,  when some younger guy at the store is sent out to help me put my groceries in my truck,  I hand him a few bucks $$ and a colorful bible tract, and they love me !!  I tell them,  "please read this in your spare time  -- you will love it !"  I have NEVER been turned down.   And if they have any questions at a later date, I will follow up by inviting them to a church meeting on Sunday, and then start a bible study with them.   God gives me the 'tools' and it is my duty to follow up and show that person the road to Salvation in Jesus Christ !  

I am blessed to have a good handful of nice, Christian friends, whom I email, consult and visit with all over the USA, and even though I have never met them in person,  I feel well connected and happy to have them for support, etc.

---Tommy  Schuckman

Leaving information for others to find is a good thing.....I see some pick them up.  One way or another
the 'message' must get out there for the ones who have nothing to hang onto.  To find faith from the
bottom of the barrel is a real uplift.   Also, just sharing a kind word and treat with respect those who
least expect it opens doors...I wear my cross all the time so they know where it comes from.  Yes, there
are ways to reach the unreachable.  

Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2016 00:55:23 -0400
Subject: Fwd: [TOM'S JOURNAL.---"The Man in the Door“.] Will Christians survive the 'False Prophet,' etc ?

You know,  we will all go before the 'Bema Seat' in Heaven and account for all of our past sins and also good actions and how or if we even MADE the time to further the Lord's Kingdom by sharing the Gospel while on earth.... or were we just plain COWARDS and useless idiots.....  duh .    I have been using some very fine "Bible Tracts, Inc.," -- that serve me well as I always try  to keep a few in my wallet, and they are colorful and easy to read, with a strong, informative message.  Not everyone had a good education like me....LOL...  PTL.   Here is the Info:   www.bibletractsinc.org      Phone:  309-828-6888       -----Bloomington, IL.    I once met the main director/ evangelist, Mark, at my old church in Union Grove, WI...a Baptist church, and what a great man.  They also do some dangerous missionary work in the darker, Muslim side of Africa and dig water wells to help the people get PURE drinking water.  ;-)  To me that would be even more scary than mortal combat !!
    I get the tracts for free,  but I like to send a donation to help them $$$, and that is ONE of my various Ministries or sorts.     I have a bold tongue that gets me into trouble too much,  but 'harnessed by the Holy Spirit' it can and does do a lot of good !!  PTL, again.  
   The country of Germany where I was once stationed in the Army in late 1968, right before 'Nam has pretty much returned to it's old Pagan roots,  but that country is one of my best, hungry readers !!  There are many good Christians in Russia and underground China too, who read my humble blog posts !   That all makes me HAPPY, and although I am too big and heavy to dance....  I am dancing in my heart.
    If ever there is a time to shift into high gear with the Gospel sharing work -- this is it !   Don't go to heaven alone --- take some one with you !  :-P
Tommy  S ;-)

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