Sunday, September 4, 2016

Study and Shop for Healing Herbs.

Tom's Journal.

Good Sunday,  Friends !  Smile.
     I want to share one of my important "Gold Mines" with you today and well wishes/ Health, as well !   I shop on line at:  VITACOST, and get the 'good stuff' for a lot less than any Herb/ Botanical/ Vitamin store anywhere, with superior/ better quality, too !   Just invest in a good book of Healing Herbs, or just use the InterNet as a guide to study up on Herbs that can and will heal you and your loved ones...  but be serious about it and study/ read WELL, so you don't made a mistake and take the WRONG HERB.... danger !  
       Sorry,  but I have been LIED TO way too many times by 'doctors' and dentists, in my life, and what is wrong with doing the research for yourself ??   Just like:  "Most men will die with prostate disease/ CANCER......  but not BECAUSE OF IT  !!    Big difference.   And I would never allow radiation or Chemo therapy for any kind of cancer, either.    And the so called 'Medical Experts' have often flip-flopped on their Judications  of wholesome   foods like:  bacon,  butter, certain fruits, etc.   Like I said....Sorry,  I will do my own research.   But I will admit that skilled ER staff have saved my life a few times and I honor and respect them for that and sing their praises !   I give credit where credit is due.  

When and if the SHTF [when the Spit hits the Fan...], and all the electricity stops and trucks fail to resupply the stores,  then the one with medical knowledge, especially RN's will be very sought after and valuable.   But I feel that my knowledge of healing herbs suits me just fine in helping me stay alive, and treating myself for my own inherited challenges as I get older and close to heaven.  

I have tried a bunch of other herbal/ nutrition companies in the past,  but VITACOST seems to be cheap --- with high value, potent, good quality herbs and vitamins.    Ask me about the new Patriot Power Greens morning drink that I use, too,  from another company  !  Wow !

Friends,    Something has already happened to the InterNet recently !!   I cannot put my finger on it, but maybe it's 'Big Brother' -- the Gov't controls/ Obama.   But I usually have a super big following and from many other countries all over the world, especially Germany.   But a week ago, the bottom fell out of my humble Blog following for just about 10 strikes per post.....
    I didn't say or do anything out of the ordinary, and it's still a mystery.

Warm Regards, Big Army Hugs,
Tom   Schuckman

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