Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Apostasy in the Church.

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,

   This was sent to me by a good friend, who never holds back from giving me godly advice to make sure I am walking the strait and narrow.    "When in doubt -- take the high road and do right !"   ---Thomas 22: 3.    [Joke]    Almighty God has answered my prayers TOO often to be just a figment of my vivid imagination or coincidence.   In fact,  I am praising His Holy Name with love and gratitude RIGHT NOW, today, for delivering my pay $$$ so my sent bills won't bounce.... Ha!   PTL =  Praise the Lord.   I also went shopping and had a good breakfast today,  PTL.   And now,  if you read this timely blog news down below,  you will see why I plan to 'hunker down' and burrow into a hill or something. 
      The big bankers and the super elite  all know what is going down, and WE THE PEOPLE  should  know too, except that the 'Lame Stream Media' [ and I use that term loosely....duh] will ALWAYS give us the slanted, twisted, WRONG, fake, lame, lying style of  'News !'    So,  just Beware and form close groups with other Patriots, fellow red-blooded countrymen and real, bible-smart Christians.
      BTW,  My own blood grandfather on my Mom's side, Mr. Albert Kramer,  came over to American on a ship at the tender age of 13, without a penny in his pocket,  but he always worked hard and did very well in America !   I am so proud of him, and he came from a small country in Europe called,  Croatia, where beautiful women live !!   Donald Trump's,  fine, loyal, beautiful wife comes from Slovenia, just a little bit North of Croatia, and those countries are strong, Christian folks !   PTL.   I will bet that people from Croatia know that following Christ is the 'only game in town.'   Hostile Islamic people don't live too far away from Croatia,  but the Croats don't not scare easily nor back down or forget their Christian Faith.   So,  if someone knows by studying the KJV Bible --- that the Rapture is near, and this present ungodly, Satanic system is going down for the count --- we ought to throw in our lot with Jesus Christ !!   Because the Good Book says in Revelation that Jesus and His Saints  in heaven will win the final victory !   If we die for Christ on earth or get Martyred  --- we KNOW that we will be resurrected to everlasting heavenly life.    Contrast that to the Muslims who THINK that they will go to heaven and get 70 virgins....duh, for killing Christians and Jews....   Ha!  I have always wondered about what the good 70 female virgins get for a reward.... and I am still scratching my head.     The Bible even tells us how HUGE the "New Heavens" will be, and there is lots of room up there with wonderful new things to be learned and discovered.   I just posted an article and data/ facts about the size of the New Heavens a few days ago.     Hell is a bad, nasty place.... a REAL PLACE of suffering !   And if you call hell a fake, wrongful, fairy tale teaching...  you are calling Jesus Christ a liar.    You really  DON'T want to do that, friends.    Don't think for one minute that you will be 'partying with the devil !'    For that reason, I am STILL CHANGING MY LIFE STYLE as we speak/ post/ write !   I never claimed to 'know it all' or be super smart,  but I am still learning, even after I started serious study of the bible some 40 years ago.   I also have an "inner circle" that I depend on, to bounce my ideas and thoughts of and get friendly advice and fellowship.    Yes,  I have special, smart, educated, Christian friends, however far from me that live,  and they all love and respect me, and I care for them very much, too.   If they were closer to me in the U.P.  I would certainly take them out for a fine lunch or supper !    My dear friends tell me that God will provide for my every want and need.   So I am now taking their advice more seriously.   Thank you all, dear friends.

My PC [computer] is slowing down, so don't be surprised if I just "disappear" in the future,  mostly because of what I write and post here on:  TOM'S JOURNAL.   
    Remember:   "Iron sharpens Iron."   ---Proverbs 27: 17.     That means:  2 or more Christians hanging out together sharpen each other's wits, brains and hearts.  Good stuff !
      My own, dear blood relative has recently told me that I have posted too many "predictions in the past" that have not come true...   And I am thinking,  'thank God' that they have NOT come true !!   That just gives a guy like me MORE TIME TO PREPARE, and also share the Gospel with more people before the "Spit hit the fan."   Lord,  we will all be hurting if what the experts say, comes true.   Please don't confuse fear, for a healthy RESPECT for things and times, seasons with the real day of wrath !   Just like in war and battle,  we might not "FEAR" the Vietcong,  but we will surely respect and pay attention to his well working, AK-47,  when our own U.S. Gov't AR-15's are jammed and don't work well....  duh.   And our M-60 machine guns would also jam too often because our own Gov't chose to use cheaper, inferior gun powder...  Hello !   Oh well,  we American Soldiers and Marines are all expendable...  right ?   And folks wonder why some of us still have a sour attitude,  but most of us would fight again, if we could 'hump in the jungle.'   Or fly and crew Huey helicopters, like I used to do when I was age 19 -21,...  years: 68-70. 

Just be prepared for anything that happens and get right with Father God, and Jesus Christ.   Pray for me, please.   Thank you all, so much.   

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

6:21:48 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Prophecy News Watch Headlines - September 21

  Breaking Updates For September 21, 2016
Church Apostasy Grows Worldwide
With virtually every passing day, it's becoming clearer and clearer that the Christian church worldwide is faced with a serious moral decline and seems to be losing the battle to retain its purity and integrity.
Eastern Europe: The Last Barrier Between Christianity and Islam
In Hungary, Croatia, and elsewhere in Eastern Europe, a pro-family, pro-life revolution and a rediscovery of Christian roots is occurring. Like it or not, the last chance to save Europe's roots might well come from the former communist members of the EU -- those who defeated the Ottomans in 1699 and now feel culturally threatened by their heirs.
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Canada Refuses To Confront Islamist Views Spreading Through Schools
The government of Canada has been calling for greater work towards identifying the causes of extremism and radicalization in Canada. One source of extremism is clearly in educational institutions. If the government of Canada is truly serious about attacking extremism in Canada, then having a national level investigation into educational institutions would be a good place to start.
Palestinian "Pay-To-Slay" Program
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his government incite their citizens to hate Israelis and incentivize them to murder civilians using a "pay-to-slay" lethal form of welfare that makes killing and maiming far more profitable than working at a regular job.
Frightening Prophecy Film Watched by Millions. Director Says "Give It Away for FREE".
Shockingly accurate prophecy film is being praised by TV hosts and news organizations as "the best prophecy documentary ever released". You need to share this with your friends and family as soon as possible.