Monday, September 26, 2016

Green Bay Packers Foot Ball Patriotism.

Tom's Journal.

Great article! Reason you will not see this aired by the media is because they are controlled by the corrupt government and the government is trying to kill patriotism! Don't want to forward this? Then you are as much a part of the problem as the corrupt government!
Thought you would really enjoy this.  God Bless America  and God Bless the Greenbay Packer organization.  Make sure you go down far enough to see this incredible tr 

ESPN did not show this on TV - take a look
Those who attended the game said it was extremely emotional to see the entire bowl of the stadium turn red, white and blue. It took 90 workers two weeks to get all of the colored card boards mounted under each seat.  Each piece of card board had eye slits in them so the fans could hold up the colored sheet and still see through the eye slits.  Every seat had to have the proper card, with no mistakes, to make this happen.
Lambeau Field
This is what ESPN failed to show you Monday night,
Apparently, they thought their commercials were more important than showing this scene for about 5 seconds.

Forward this to as many people as you can so that they can see this incredible display