Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Scandal: FBI Director.

Tom's Journal.

     Very interesting !   Greed is a powerful sin, and many people fall by it and give up their good name !    From all the past accolades great, leading, famous Congressmen and Senators, alike,  you would think that FBI Director Comey was incorruptible.   But why work for small wages when a person can be very rich ??   Well,  here are the facts....  read 'em and weep.

I got my Kerosene Convection Heater delivered to my own home about 3 days after I ordered it from on-line,  but now I must put it together.... and I never was too great at doing such stuff, and no one will help me now.....   Everybody is too busy when I need them, and don't expect that to get any better as time goes on.   See: Timothy about that number, 'as the love of the great number will cool down.'    I am already wearing Winter clothes inside the house, now !    I got a feeling that this year's Winter will be very cold, snowy and WINDY ! !   If you are a Disabled Vet....  good luck --  Ha!   Well,  at least I grilled a few steaks on the Weber grill outside, so that was nice, even if they were a tough bunch of old cows..... LOL.   I just cancelled my News Paper delivery account, today, too.    Got to cut corners to survive.   

A good friend sent me an article about all of us Christians praying harder for Mr. Trump's health and success, even comparing him to the ancient King Cyrus, who released all the Jewish captives of Babylon, and had them repatriated back to Israel.    That was good,  but did we ever hear of Cyrus ever becoming a worshiper of the One True God, Father Jehovah ??  You see,  god USES whom ever He likes --- to get His job done, and we cannot forget that.    I want to be "USED" too,  but most of all, I want to be Saved, and go to heaven !    We must remember to never place a human being on a pedestal  and worship him or her.    I think that Donald Trump is just what America needs as the new president.... POTUS, right now,  but who really knows what will come to be.   Except that Father God will do what ever it takes to make His perfect prophecies come true, to save His people, followers and servants !   His "Eternal Purpose" is another story, reaching all the way back to Genesis, and I would be glad to explain that to you all, some time.   
       We know one thing for sure,  things on earth will only get worse, eventually.   It's just a matter of who will be going to heaven, and who will 'be Left Behind' to get roasted with the devil.    Remember,  we judge a tree by it's fruit ---  is it wholesome and clean,  or is it rotten to the core and unfit for human consumption ??  
    There are very powerful forces protecting and covering up the bad deeds of the female contender, going all the way UP TO THE TOP !!   Judges, Senators, and other high officials can all be bought off now days !  They have no honor.... so why give them a 2nd chance.
     I know one fact for sure, and I learned it the hard way.....  "You can love a drunk, or a drug addict ---- but you can NEVER TRUST THAT PERSON !!"    I have been very generous to many people in my life --- and usually got a kick in the teeth back for repayment !!  Yes,  even so-called, 'Christians' who attend church on a regular basis,  Yes, even PASTORS AND PREACHERS !!   And so, unfortunately, even those kind of people will have to proof themselves to me, before I ever share a dime with them.   Sorry.   When some preachers take as many as 10 vacations per years, and I take NONE,  I have to wonder if I am in the wrong profession.... Ha!    And I have also had some terrible things happen to me when being kind to drug addicts and drunks, who only wanted to STEAL from me !!   I JUST WILL NOT TAKE ANOTHER CHANCE OF BEING BURNED AGAIN.

----Tom  Schuckman

New Scandal: Hillary Caught Paying Off FBI Director?

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When Comey, the director of the FBI decided not to charge Hillary Clinton, it looks like it had more to do with money than motive.
Director James Comey told the American people that Hillary did have classified information; she did delete state property and didn’t turn over all work emails.
Despite the apparent laws Hillary Clinton broke by having a home server for conducting federal business, the director of the FBI cleared her by saying she had no intent on breaking the law.
He called her reckless and that was the end of the email scandal. Well, until now.
A source close to the workings of the FBI and the Clinton Foundation has released his findings to the press.
It has come out that James Comey accepted positions and financial compensation for working as a general counsel for Lockheed Martin.
Comey worked for Lockheed and in one year, the first year Lockheed would become a major Clinton Foundation donor, Comey was paid $6 million in 2010.
The same year, Lockheed Martin won 17 private contracts from the State Department. Guess who ran the State Department in 2010? Hillary Clinton.
Lockheed Martin also joined the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt and the group paid Bill Clinton $250,000 for a speech in the year, 2010.
To take it a step further, James allegedly made sure his brother got in the loop too.
Peter Comey, the brother of the FBI director works as Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas for a company named DLA Piper.
DLA Piper is the company that performed the “audit” on the Clinton Foundation in November.
The employees of DLA Piper as a whole have donated a very large amount to elect Hillary Clinton.
In fact, DLA Piper ranks number five on the Hillary Clinton’s all-time “Top Contributors” list. DLA Piper comes in right above Goldman Sachs.
Ironically or coincidentally James Comey owns a mortgage on his brother’s house as a Private Party lender.
When looking at the way the FBI ran the investigation into Hillary, it is clear that someone was covering for her. The lead agent on the case resigned in the middle of the investigation and many think it was because he wasn’t allowed to do his job properly.
Agents were blocked from interrogating witnesses, blocked from serving search warrants for key evidence and even allowed the pay-for-play scandal involving the Clinton Foundation to be swept under the rug.
We are finding out that the investigation was a mess from the beginning and now we are learning why.
Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation helped make James Comey and his brother rich! Why would he want that gravy train to stop?
Let us know your thoughts on the FBI director being involved in the corruption that surrounds Hillary Clinton in the comments below.