Sunday, October 2, 2016

It's a good day to be Alive.

Tom's Journal.

The end of our InterNet !!   Watch this short Video, please:

Hallo Freunde,
PTL--lobe den Herrn, unseren Gott, der Herr, und sein Sohn, Jesus Christus. Ich hatte gerade eine große Diskussion mit meinem Freund aus Alabama, USA, und er hat mir geholfen, sich etwas in meinen Gedanken und in meinem Herzen, dass mich geärgert hat, für eine Weile, mein Glück und Freude. Ich fühle mich so viel besser !
Wer weiß wirklich, wie viel mehr wird das Internet bleiben Sie für die Menschen, die Wahrheit zu sagen über die Dinge. Bitte teilen Sie uns diese mit Ihren Freunden, wenn Sie denken, es hat Verdienst.
Meine e-mail Adresse:

Dear  Friends,
     One of my most read audiences is Deutschland [Germany], and I don't know why --- but I know that they are good people, with a rich history and a hard work ethic.    And that is where some of my ancestors came from, so the 'apple doesn't fall far from the tree...'    Since the Printing Press was invented there and some of the first bibles in the Motherland tongue of German came from that part of the world,  we should all be thankful and give them due honor and glory !   And now those kind people are being told to "get ready" to more war, trouble, and hurt.... as they store up water, food and money [silver I hope !!], because the SHTF --- the 'Spit will hit the Fan' pretty soon, and it won't be a picnic in the grass !  

I have a sign near my computer:  "DON'T BUY OR CHARGE ANYTHING !!  9-1-16.   But I went out for my special Mexican lunch at noon, and also ordered 30 hot peppers and ate every one !   Then I went shopping again, at WalMart, for a few things, and came home.   Some how, I over slept up to 0930 !    And I have a full week ahead of me, too.

As my 'German foreword' says,  I finally had my fine talk with a dear old friend from Alabama, USA, today, and my friend who is very smart, told me the truth that I needed to know, for sure, so now I feel like a huge weight was lifted off my chest.   I feel much better, and PTL.  
       I had to hire a lady named Heidi, yesterday to help me clean the house, wash clothes and hang them on the line, since the gas powered clothes dryer went belly up and died on me, and I am pretty much on my own here, even though I rent and always pay my bills on time.... duh.    If we adopt the true mindset that we are only temporary residents here on planet earth --- and our real home is in heaven, then we can cope with life's anxieties and worry's.   That doesn't mean that we should let our bodies and teeth rot, or not bath and shower, or clean the house to keep things orderly !!   We should try to set a good example.  

I wanted to 'cut and paste' something special to this post, but it didn't stick, so check it out latter to see if that happens.
      I still have to collect the clothes hanging out side on the clothes line that I strung up a few weeks ago.   I also grilled a few more beef steaks outside before, so I could just warm them up for another meal, later, or tomorrow.   We had a beautiful day, again.   I am so happy for what the Lord has given me today !!  

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Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman