Tuesday, October 4, 2016


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Islam teaches that any person NOT Islamic must be killed. De-capitation is the ordered method in the Quran (Koran).  Below is a video link on how Islam is taking over the planet by breeding. They are here in America for welfare benefits and creating future jihadists.     WE deserve better than this, but any person who votes for Hillary Clinton or "stays home" on election day deserves whatever they get.  You may not want to deal’ with it, but it is a fact of life.  

Hello Dear Friends, all over the World,
     Just when we think that things cannot get any worse --- they do.   You can't even make this stuff UP anymore !!   I entreat you all to click on the Link below to read the whole story of what is happening  right now, please.  

Friends,  I will tell you right now that I don't derive any pleasure from the fact that,  "I told you so !!"   As I have repeatedly told you,  I am in this world, as surely as all my brothers in the Lord, and everyone else.    The 'fat is in the fire,' and 90% of us will suffer, sure enough.   I don't even care about the rich folks who think that they are safe..... God will certainly deal with them, and I am not going to worry about that !   I got my hands full of dividing up my own bills, debts, to stay above water, to keep a roof over my own head.   

One things we can depend on,  and that is God's promise to take care of us, one way or another.    But how will we act in the mean time ??  Will we all act like Christians is this world mess ?    Many times that is hard to do in a 'dog  eat dog world.'    Sure, some of us old Soldiers are well trained for combat and survival,  but I know that this 'Storm' will be something that the world has NEVER, ever, seen before, and we will all be gasping for air, etc.    And who is to say that some evil person or crowd might hit us on the head and take what we have ??    Well, the only good thing about dying, is that Christians know where they will go, after death.   
     I had a very nice, pleasant talk with a pastor today, and he helped me out.... and I told him so, and thanked him.    It seems like the Holy Spirit was pricking my conscience all the time, but I needed to hear things from an HONEST man of God, to help me figure things out.    I am, in deed, very thankful.    I just hope that I am doing everything proper, and I am now trying hard to 'repair all the bridges that I've burned.... if I can, and make amends.'   "Repairers of the breach."  

Well,  I think that I am almost done blowing hot air at people that think they have everything under control -- who worry NOT about anything.   Jesus didn't come to earth either -- to minister to those who were "healthy."   He came to show sinners that there was 'something else, a big change' that would occur, shortly....  His death, for all of mankind.   

Warm Regards,

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