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Muslims Rape Many in Europe.

Tom's Journal.

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Good Evening, Friends and other Readers,
   Well,  I am patiently waiting for the great Debate between 'Hilly-goat' and Mr. Trump in one hour, and I plan to make myself a baloney sandwich.   All I had all day was a little bit of left over grilled pork on the Weber outside, from yesterday.    I don't know how I am going to stand the Winter cold if I decide to grill out.   I just love that rich, smoky flavor the meat acquires and  taste so good.  
    I got two special packages via UPS today, and so I had a nice, busy day.   Tomorrow will also be a nice, prosperous day for me, I'm sure,  and I have a great, positive attitude now.... seems like I am on a mission, and just want to be friends with some new people I've met recently.   I am taking steps right now to just let the negative, heathen oinks, to crawl back under their rock, in Oklahoma, far away from me....  LOL.   "Do not be misled,  bad associations spoil useful habits."    And,  Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers."   If people cannot understand that I am legally disabled [even after 30.5 years of good, hard work, at AMC/  Chrysler, etc],  have a bad back caused by some reckless VA Milwaukee "surgeons' who messed up my Right knee replacement operation, where I was also abused by the ghetto people on 3rd shift --- that just too bad.   Actually,  I don't have to account to anyone, except the Lord.   Not to worry,  I know how to let that dirty water roll off my back.    Folks like that will be starving or dead pretty soon, anyway, when this world and this country go, slip-sliding away, on the way to hell.    That is NOT being negative,  it's called just telling the truth.

Now,  can you all BELIEVE all the stuff that is being perpetrated in Germany and Europe ! ? !   And our spineless 'Congress' is allowing Obama and Clinton to  just let those heathen, illegal, Islamic invaders into our country ??    This is not something that can be made up !   Men and Women,  arm yourselves NOW !   If Hilly gets in, she will surely ban all guns, ammo., and maybe even knives.  How will we ever cut our baloney ??   Oh, My!   I just had a rush.... a taste for sliced Beets, and I must buy some tomorrow, for sure !   

Please read the nasty,  but true  things down below, and share them with other people.  
         Please let me draw your kind attention to one immutable fact that most people, but especially the 'News Media' keep forgetting to spot light.....   All the Syrian and North African so-called 'refugees' are composed of mainly military age MEN, with very few females and children ! !    What does that tell you ??    Would any kind of human being leave their loved ones behind to suffer and starve in the war-torn, ravaged lands/ countries that they are running from ---  if they had a conscience ?    Or,  is that just the Islamic mentality,  that women are nothing more than a 2nd class, unimportant 'person,'  almost like a donkey or slave ?    Or..... is this on purpose and by design,  that the so-called 'refugees' are really military age young Muslims, intent on tearing down the Social Fabric of Northern European countries, also sucking the public teat dry, also raping, robbing, and murdering all whom they care to/ want to, even according to their own 'holy book ?'    But you see how completely  incompatible these back ward, violent 'human beings' really are.    NIMBY,    means:   "Not In My Back Yard."   What real human beings and Christian would welcome a huge pack of rapists and murders into their peaceful, content, hard working community ?    
      Sure,  when you get just one family of Muslims in one town, they might seem to be nice, quiet and industrious, and they tend to be industrious, albeit shop keepers or filling gas station attendants....  but NEVER physically hard workers.   that's just not their style....  LOL.    But,  I know this MIGHT sound racist to some ---   but it's  truth, and I have seen it with my own eyes.   And,  I am sure that there are many "GOOD" Muslims in the world and the USA, plush some are turning to the real God of the Bible, and Jesus Christ,  but they are few, IMHO.  
        The election in the USA is so important,  if we don't want the same things happening to our own women and girls here in America !  And please continue to pray.

Warm Regards, and Army Hugs,
Tommy  Schuckman
My email: 


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19-year-old Muslim migrant RAPES 90-year-old grandmother coming home from CHURCH

There is a danger of becoming inured to the daily diet of horror and depravity. Then along comes something that shocks one to the core.
A 90 year old woman finishes her act of worship in a local Dusseldorf church and is then dragged off in broad daylight and raped.
Police have arrested a young Moroccan migrant. It is said DNA is the key evidence.
You may well cherish and treasure a lady of a similar age – mother, grand mother or great grandmother. Our senior citizens deserve to be free from fear – open borders will not deliver that freedom.
“They despise our country and laugh at our justice,” Chief of the German police union Rainer Wendt
Hillary promised to increase this supremacist, violent migration by 550%.

Two-thirds of child refugees screened by officials found to be adults, report shows

These are Hillary and Obama’s innocent “orphans.”
migrant horror
“Two-thirds of child refugees screened by officials found to be adults, Home Office figures show,” By Peter Dominiczak and Steven Swinford, The Telegraph, October 18, 2016:
Nearly two-thirds of “child” refugees who officials questioned about their real age were found to be adults, Home Office documents show.
Figures show that in the year to September 2015, 65 per cent of the child refugees who had their age disputed were found to be over 18.
It comes after Conservative MPs raised questions about the ages of 14 refugees who were brought to the UK this week from the “Jungle” migrant camp in Calais.
The Home Office has no way of independently...

Muslim gunman opens fire in hairdresser shooting in Dueren, Germany

Too bad Angela Merkel was not having her hair done there. This is her handiwork; why shouldn’t she suffer alongside the Germans she has done this to?
“‘Turkish’ gunman opens fire in packed hair salon leaving several seriously injured, By Patrick Christys, The Express, October 18, 2016:
A GUNMAN opened fire in a crowded hair salon leaving one person with life threatening injuries before barricading himself into a nearby apartment, taking a woman hostage.
Heavily armed police arrived at the scene and discovered one man was already dead and a woman was critically injured – she has been airlifted to hospital.The shooter, understood to be a 27-year-old Turkish man, is believed to have fired indiscriminately into...

Rigging the Election – Video II: MASS VOTER FRAUD

Hillary, Obama and the Democrats deny voter fraud — of course, they know the media will report just that and never report these explosive revelations.
The bussing of voters from one State to another must be happening on an industrial scale; otherwise there would be no point in doing it.
Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud
Project Veritas Action Reveals the Diabolical Step-By-Step Voter Fraud Strategy
Democrats Have Been Rigging Election for Fifty Years and Here Is the Proof
View the video here: 
(New York) – Project Veritas Action has released the second video in a multi-part series that is sending shockwaves through the DNC and the Clinton campaign. The first video explained the dark secrets and the...

‘All [non-Muslim] girls are good for is sex. They’re just sluts’: Eight members of ‘openly racist’ violent Muslim sex gang raped and ‘sexually degraded’ three teen girls in Rotherham

I have reported on thousands of Muslim sex gangs (scroll down) degrading, raping, trafficking in young non-Muslim girls. And nothing changes, it is still happening on “an industrial scale.” And law enforcement turns a blind eye for fear of being accused of islamophobia.
The UK’s Rape Jihad: A Survivor’s Tale – Breitbart
Upwards of a million British girls were victimized. Thousands of British non-Muslim girls are still being raped, trafficked, tortured by Muslim gangs. It’s Islamic culture, and to stop them would be islamophobic.
The underlying belief is the same: non-Muslim women exist for the pleasure of Muslim men. It’s in the Quran: Muslims can take “captives of the right hand” and use them for...

MUSLIM SCHOOL CLOSED: Islamic school that taught pupils ‘gay men should be killed’ shut down ‘after pupil exposed” true teachings of Islam

Why should they close it? These are the true teachings of Muhammad. These are the true teachings of Quran. It is pure “islamophobia “to close these schools.
It was brave for this Muslim girl to speak out. That is rare, so tragically rare. Imagine the millions who don’t, who drink it in.
MUSLIM SCHOOL CLOSED Islamic school that taught pupils ‘gay men should be killed’ shut down ‘after pupil exposed its extremist beliefs’ By Lauren Fruen, 16th October 2016:
Former student Aliyah Saleem says she was expelled from the boarding school in 2011 for owning a disposable camera
Jamia Al-Hudaa Residential College for Girls in Nottingham
Jamia Al-Hudaa Residential College for Girls in Nottingham
According to reports Jamia Al-Hudaa Residential College for Girls in Nottingham has...

FRANCE HORROR: Female journalist ‘raped by knife-wielding migrants’ at camp

This is not the first reporter sexually assaulted by Muslim migrants. And still the media continues to peddle the “poor migrants” narrative, and they have since the invasion began, in spite of the terror (which they cover up).  Well, they got what they wanted — migrants. Did they think they would somehow be spared? Did they think that they would escape the terror that everyday Europeans are now forced to live with?
I recall a leftwing activist who was raped but didn’t report it because it would reflect badly on Muslim migrants.
I am sure this rapist will get off (no pun intended). He will say culturally (in other words, Islam) that he is permitted to do such things, encouraged, even, to infidel women, and to...

Uruguay: Muslim who stabbed Jewish man to death while screaming “Allahu akbar” avoids jail, is “mentally ill”

Why do they think he is mentally ill? Because he “was not able to appreciate the wrongfulness of his actions.”
But his actions aren’t wrong in Islam. Islamic Jew-hatred: it’s in the Quran. If authorities had known that and taken it into account, as they should have, Peralta would have received the punishment he deserved.
“Muslim who killed Uruguayan Jew to avoid jail,” JTA, October 14, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
The Muslim man who murdered a Jewish merchant in Uruguay seven months ago cannot be held responsible for his crime by reason of insanity, a court in the South American country ruled.
The verdict reached over the weekend likely will send Carlos Peralta, a convert to Islam, to a...

Italy deters jihad terrorism with tough citizenship laws, deportation

The Islamic State vowed that it would “conquer Rome…. break your crosses, and enslave your women.” Since then, the Islamic State has committed jihad massacres in France, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Tunisia, Australia, Canada and the U.S. But not Italy.
Their model should be emulated and imitated all over the West.
“Italy deters terrorism with tough citizenship, deportation”, by Nancy Montgomery, Stars and Stripes, October 14, 2016:
VICENZA, Italy — Two years ago this month, the cover of the Islamic State’s English-language magazine featured an altered photo of the group’s black flag flying atop the Egyptian obelisk that anchors St. Peter’s Square in front of the Vatican.

Canada: Security screening for “refugees” is a “joke”; ANYONE can pass it

Anyone can pass it. It’s only a matter of time. While our authorities wring their hands over islamofauxbia, this is the kind of problem they should be addressing.
refugee welcome
“Security screening is a ‘joke’; anyone can pass it”, by Jonathan Halevi, CiJ News, October 13, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
CIJnews recently met with Mustafa (a pseudonym), a Syrian refugee resettled in 2016 in the Greater Toronto Area, who provided information about the security screening by the Canadian authorities based on his own experience. According to Mustafa:
He and his family moved from Syria to one of the neighbouring countries, rented an apartment, found a job and registered as refugees at UNHCR office.
The security...

Canada Muslim Says Yes, Indeed – Sharia in America is Possibility

A Muslim activist living in Toronto who serves as a public speaker, community organizer and marketing consultant, and who volunteers in his spare time with DawaNet, said Sharia in America was a real possibility – that all was needed was patience and a plot of gradual integration.
DawaNet is a group that operates out of Ontario to engage Muslims and fire them up to perform outreach across various communities. Its activities include such campaigns as Sharing Islam, the set-up of booths at shopping malls across the region; My Spirit, a Muslim youth outreach effort; and MuslimFest, a festival aimed at spreading the principles of Islam in a way that celebrates the arts and entertainment.
As Christine Williams of Jihad Watch reports, Taha...

Politico Reporter Busted Seeking OK for Stories From Clinton Camp: Yes, I’m a ‘Hack’

A reporter for Politico – or, more in truth, a sorry excuse for a reporter for the left-leaning Politico – was busted by WikiLeaks for sending his stories to the Hillary Clinton camp for pre-post, pre-publication approval.
And his excuse?
No excuse – he simply admitted he was “a hack” for the Clinton campaign.
Read this, from the Daily Caller:
“A Politico reporter has been caught sending his journalism to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman for approval.
“In an April 30, 2015 email, released Monday by WikiLeaks, Politico’s chief political correspondent Glenn Thrush asked John Podesta to approve his writing pre-publication. Thrush begged Podesta not to tell anyone he had shared the copy and...

Maryland Muslim Charged With Trying to Kill U.S. Soldier for ISIS

A Maryland Muslim man, Nelash Mohamed Das, was just charged with trying to provide support and resources to ISIS and kill a member of the U.S. military – an indictment that drives home the point: Terrorists are indeed living and plotting on American soil.
Das, a citizen of Bangladesh, was living in Landover Hills.
He faces up to 20 years in prison if found guilty.
The Baltimore Sun has the story:
“Prosecutors say Das, 24, spent months in late 2015 and early this year expressing his support on social media for ISIS and the attacks in San Bernardino, Calif., and Paris.
“Eventually, prosecutors say, he met with a confidential FBI source whom he believed was a fellow ISIS sympathizer.
“The two plotted to kill the service...
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