Thursday, October 20, 2016

Examine the HRC Records.

Tom's Journal.

Good Evening, Friends,
     I watched the last, third, Debate last night, and thought that Mr. Trump did OK.   But what I didn't know at the time was "HOW MUCH HILLARY ACTUALLY LIED --- and to what extent."   Wow!   Here is the "Fact-Check" all laid out in an easy  to read format.   So here is the sum total of the entire debate:   Hillary is either in a constant 'brain fog' or a mental midget,  or she is the biggest liar since Satan lied to Eve,  in the Garden of Eden ! !   Doesn't she know that now days with all of our speedy computers and fact checking abilities that all those lies can and will come back to make things worse for her, for the whole, entire, world to see and hear ?   
      Most everyone makes mistakes and miscalculations in their lives, but telling an "untruth" on purpose, is called "A  LIE."   Hey, gentlemen and ladies.... we really don't need to look that word up in the dictionary,   or do we ?   Who even wants to be around a liar, or a thief ?   Not me !    Years ago, people were severely punished and ridiculed for those two crimes, and they are even mentioned in the 10 Commandments given to Moses.   See:  Exodus, Chapter 20.   Now.... "A typo" is not a lie, and thank God for that....LOL.   It is merely striking the wrong key when a person is in a hurry, and then doesn't "proof read" his story before he/ she posts or publishes it.  
      One time when I was living in Union Grove, WI., between Milwaukee and Chicago, out in the beautiful farm country,  I wrote a short piece about the 'Village Idiots' who tried to pull a fast one on the small town population and hike up their taxes, and pull some of their houses down, even though the houses were perfectly fine and safe to live in.   So I wrote a letter that was published in the local News Paper,  telling and explaining the pure truth of the whole dirty deal, and the people all said that I was the one who stopped the whole, dirty, illegal affair from happening !!  That made me feel good inside !   So,  I have been known to do such things thru out my life...  like a man on a mission, righting wrong where and when I can, and helping the "little guy,"  the hard working blue collar married men with families,  but especially other disabled combat Veterans.    I believe that is my main niche in life, and I want to help as many as I can.   Because I know that Father God appointed and sent special men and women MY way to explain the pure Gospel to ME, so I could get Saved  by the blood of Jesus' propitiatory sacrifice on the cross for me.... and all of mankind.   The problem is:   Too few people in the world bother to take advantage of that special FREE gift from Father God.   And here is a very common, well known Scripture that proves what I am saying,  at John 3: 16,  "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish,  but have everlasting life."  

Well,  friends,  I could type/ provide tons of scriptures and verses here until the cows come home, but actually a little bit more than JUST believing in the Son,  Jesus, is needed.  An open, public verbal confession of this Truth....  because Jesus, Himself even said in Matthew 7: 6,  'that everyone being ashamed of Jesus on earth,  would have Jesus being ashamed of him or her in the Judgement time in front of the Father.'   We wouldn't want that, would we.   And as I penned/ posted yesterday,  'God doesn't like or want, Cowards.'     It's kind of like a woman who says she loves you.... all of a sudden back stabbing you once she leaves you to travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to visit her sister, and then they both text you with dirty, vulgar, low life, terrible, hurtful words, after you gave her expensive gifts and money.....  duh.   Let's just call that, 'an example,'  please.  
    Ha!   Live and Learn.   Most of us have suffered from a 'broken heart' at one point in our lives.   And from now on,  I have a different tack on life,  to just live and let live, and look to a "different, better, reward."   That sorry fact that THOUSANDS of REAL Christians are being murdered/ butchered in other parts of the world RIGHT NOW, is motivation enough for me, to be thankful that it's NOW YET HAPPENING TO US HERE IN THE USA !   However, mostly because of people like Obama and Hilly, we are actually starting to see the beginning of persecution in our country, but Muslims seem to get away with MURDER !!     Also  now.... we have our fearless leader in the WH who, along with his Sec. of State, Hilly Clinton [sic], have waged and configured  a bunch of wars in the Middle East for what ever reason, and now those countries are doing MUCH WORSE, with major dislocations of millions of starving humans and chaos....  but Obama and Hilly will not lift a finger to protect all the Christian minorities in those countries ! !   Figure that out.    In fact we see real videos of  the 'people'  of the "Islamic religion of Peace", roast Christians alive in cages, drown them, decapitate them, etc.  But what does America do about it all ??   And we wonder why we are in Judgement with God ?   All of our troubles can be traced back to,  Genesis 12: 3.

Let's play the devil's advocate for a minute, please.   Let's say,  IF, Mr. Trump were elected, and he and the Legislative  branch changed some of the laws and tried hard to ease the poverty in the USA, and righted some of the many wrongs that the goofy Liberals have wrought on the nation,   and the tax structure is made more fair, etc.   And people started getting along with each other, crime went down, with more jobs, less racial stress and hatred, etc.    Remember,  God still has an agenda and time table and a divine Purpose, and Prophecy MUST come true.   But in the process, many more come to know God and His Son, and His majestic Purpose !   That would be a GOOD THING !   
    Unfortunately,  God knows human nature much better than WE do....   so I THINK, sadly, that things might not go the way HALF OF AMERICA wants.... and votes.   Sorry to rain on your parade, dear Friends.    We shall see what happens,  but I personally THINK that we ought to Prepare, anyway, just in case.    We might always help our neighbors who are less fortunate then ourselves.  
    I am so thankful for what I have, and what God allowed me to earn and enjoy .   But I just wish some talented person could help me put my new Kerosene Heater together.    I also need to find out where I can purchase some "bulk Kerosene", in case the Natural Gas fails us so far U.P. North.   

Have a great, warm, peaceful Night, Friends.

Warm Regards, and Army Hugs,
Tommy  Schuckman
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I used to get these handy-dandy long needled shots in both knees for big time PAIN, at the Milwaukee VAMC.   But the pain finally got so bad that I 'let them do a Right knee replacement surgery,' and that pain was ten times worse... for months on end.  But some 'people' wonder why I cannot just jump up and run fast, anymore.... LOL.  


The Clinton Foundation gives 90% of its proceeds to charity.”  Examination of the records the foundation has produced shows they only gave 15%.  The other 85% goes to her staff for salary, benefits, and travel, including her own activities.
“Trump supporters are violent.”  Project Veritas just released undercover videos of Democrats bragging about starting fights at Trump rallies and then blaming Trump supporters.  Apparently, she missed the exposé.
“Trump endorses Russian espionage of America.”  Having WikiLeaks expose Hillary’s lies about her emails, Benghazi, manipulations rigging the electoral process against Sanders, getting debate questions in advance, and the contents of her speeches to her banker donors she blew off as an alliance between Putin and Trump.  Trump countered that an alliance between Russia and America to destroy the Jihad would be a good thing.  Hillary called that being “Putin’s puppet.”  Trump called out Hillary for being the puppet of Islamists.
Hillary claims she is the champion of gays and women while Trump is sexist.  Her “proof” is that Trump said of the women proven to have falsely accused him of molesting them that some were too ugly for him.  Trump has always been described as a perfect gentleman, but he is also bluntly honest.  The Donald rightly pointed out that Hillary takes loads of money from countries that enslave women, kills them for adultery after being raped, and executes homosexuals.
Hillary in public says she fully supports the 2nd Amendment but wants some “common sense gun laws” to prevent gun accidents and close buying loopholes.  Gun accidents cannot be prevented by law any more than car accidents can, and there are no buying loopholes.  All laws that would prevent guns from being used criminally are in place.  Democrat’s “common sense gun laws” would only restrict law abiding citizens from access to guns, not criminals who are the ones running amok committing all the murders.   Trump slammed her on Chicago which has the strictest gun laws and highest gun murder rate in the country.  On exhibition of Hillary’s capacity for being two-faced in her true intentions is the audio of her telling her private donors that the Supreme Court ruling on the 2nd Amendment was wrong and she intends to overturn it with her replacement for Justice Scalia.
Hillary says Trump does not have the temperament to be president because he doesn’t respect the electoral process and claims the system is rigged.  Everyone knows the system is rigged as hacked emails proved that Democrats stuck it to Bernie Sanders so badly that the DNC Chairwoman was forced to resign (but given a job in the Hillary campaign).  Hillary even got debate questions in advance from CNN.  Democrats don’t deny this, but claim that the emails of Podesta that were hacked are “stolen evidence” making those reporting the contents “thieves.”  So the crime, in their minds, is not rigging the election, but in people finding out about it without going through the court system that can also be corrupted!  Meanwhile, governors of Democrat states are publicly enlisting illegals and felons to vote!”
As for Trump accepting the vote without question, he was absolutely right to say he would wait. Remember in 2000, Gore agreed with the vote and conceded until he wasn’t satisfied with the Florida tallies and then rescinded his concession. In fact, even after the SCOTUS opinion that Bush was the winner, Gore and the Democrat Party refused to believe he was the rightful president stating for 4 years that the Republican party and Bush STOLE the election. So, all of this deplorable feelings the Democrats and the media have been spewing forth in the last day or so is pure unadulterated poppycock  political mush and hypocrisy.
Thomas Neviaser

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