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Election Outcome Scenarios.

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     And to think that Obama and Hillary were supporting ISIS all the time, SECRETELY even way back with the Benghazi mess up/ tragedy,  where those brave Americans were sacrificed, and one of our best Generals was thrown under the bus  because he would not support and lie for Obama !!   It was all Obama/ Clinton LIES from the get-go !  Shame on them !!   I will bet that there is a special place in hell reserved for those two, and Slick Willy, too !   If I was a smart man or woman,  I would think about storing up some more rice and beans, etc., NOW !   Things could get messy/ bloody in a few weeks.....   Pray hard, friends.  Because, as we speak/ type, read,  Obama is smuggling in thousands of his Muslim buddies from Syria, mostly military age males,   and Hillary wants to smuggle in a lot more of them !   And even though the Dims know this fact -- they will still vote for the Illegal Alien Islamic 'people.'  

-----Tommy  Schuckman
       Email:  tschuckman@aol.com 
Jesus is Lord.

---This picture was taken back in about the year, 2000.   I can only wish that I still had that body.....

ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC : ISIS massacres 250 children by kneading them in bakery dough machine
Posted: 25 Oct 2016 07:13 AM PDT
isisA Syrian woman who lived just outside of Damascus recounts how ISIS stormed into her town two years ago and brutally killed 250 children by kneading them in bakery dough machines. This . . .
The post ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC : ISIS massacres 250 children by kneading them in bakery dough machine appeared first on The Right Scoop.

I be praying very hard right now.....

  -----Tommy  Schuckman

ANALYSIS: Election outcome scenarios reveal 95% chance of widespread post-election violence... streets of America to run red with blood

Election outcomes

(NaturalNews) My ANALYSIS of possible outcomes from the upcoming presidential election reveals that America only has a 5% chance of remaining peaceful after November 8. This does not mean the violence will occur on November 9th, but rather that events will be set into motion on that day which will lead to an escalation of violence (95% chance, see below).

Here are the scenarios I see unfolding, all based on the best available information right now:

Scenario #1) Trump wins popular vote

There are three sub-scenarios under this outcome:

Scenario 1A (10% chance): Trump wins popular vote, but democrats steal electoral vote to claim victory, overriding the voters

Even though Donald Trump wins the popular vote, the democrats have bribed enough electoral college representatives to sway the vote to Clinton, even in contradiction to their own states' voters.

Should this occur, expect mass protests, violence, bloodshed and many legal challenges in those states where the electoral college votes do not reflect the popular vote. There is no question that the Trump-supporting citizens of America will not accept a "rigged" election outcome where the electoral college votes are essentially stolen from the People. This would very quickly escalate into armed citizens marching in the streets and occupying key government buildings in an armed revolution against corruption.

Scenario 1B (60% chance): Obama declares Trump victory invalid, claiming the Russians hacked the vote

In my analysis, this is the most likely outcome of the upcoming election, and the democrats have been planting this narrative in advance with ridiculous claims that "the Russians" are running Wikileaks and that Trump is a "Putin puppet" (direct claim from Hillary Clinton in the third debate).

The purpose of all this is to create the narrative where a Trump victory can be declared invalid by Obama. Despite all the talk among democrats about how much they love and respect democracy, the simple truth is that they deeply hate it (and don't trust it). There is almost no chance that Obama and the Clintons will voluntarily cede power to Donald Trump.

If Obama declares a Trump victory invalid, all hell breaks loose across the nation, with leftists going "full terrorism" and patriots taking up arms to defend democracy against the anti-American traitors in Washington D.C.

Scenario 1C (5% chance): Democrats accept the Trump victory and agree to peacefully transition power.

Even if Obama and the Clintons admit defeat and agree that Donald Trump is the next President, the liberal voters go nuts and begin firebombing buildings all across America. You'll see mass riots breaking out everywhere. Obama can then use this to declare Martial Law and, if he wishes, postpone the transfer of power to Donald Trump (or blame him for all the violence, of course).

Remember, the democrats are already running mass staged violence across America (ProjectVeritasAction.com). They can easily stage riots, arson, bombings and much more in order to maximize chaos in the streets.

Scenario #2) Clinton wins popular vote

Based on current information (and considering just how much the "official" polls are completely rigged by deliberately oversampling democrats), in my analysis, there is only a 25% total chance that Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote. Here are the sub-scenarios under that 25%:

Scenario 2A (20% chance): Clinton wins the reported vote, but Trump challenges the validity of the election results

This scenario very likely starts with legal challenges to the mass election fraud, but could quickly escalate to a military coup or an armed citizens' revolt where outraged Americans literally march on Washington and depose the corrupt regime in power.

Expect huge bloodshed in this scenario. There is no question that roughly half of America simply cannot and will not accept Hillary Clinton as their president. She is too corrupt, too evil and too dangerous to maintain the consent of the governed. (Hillary Clinton is a serial criminal who must be indicted and imprisoned if America is to remain anything resembling a legitimate nation that respects law.)

Thanks to Wikileaks and Project Veritas, everyone with a working brain now knows the democrats are hopelessly corrupt and deeply invested in widespread voter fraud to steal the White House.

Scenario 2B (5% chance): Trump accepts the election results and tells supporters to get behind Hillary Clinton

If Clinton wins and Trump admits she won fair and square (which seems VERY unlikely), he could publicly call for everyone to back down and accept the Clinton presidency.

I see the chance of this at only 5%. And even then, so many conservatives and patriots are going to be so angry at this outcome that they may decide to stage their own peaceful protests.

95% chance of mass violence in one form or another

The upshot of all this is that I see only a 5% chance of a peaceful, non-violent outcome to this election. In most conceivable scenarios, America descends into mass violence of one form or another.

This is a direct result of the extreme polarization of political beliefs in America today, where we have an entire class of illiterate, ignorant Hillary Clinton supporters who only watch CNN and have no idea whatsoever that the Clintons are corrupt criminals. Witness the depth of the democrats' corruption in this Project Veritas veritas (part 3), just released today:

On the other side, we have informed, awake Americans who understand how this election is their very last chance to restore democracy by voting against the corrupt establishment.

These two groups cannot reason with each other. They cannot compromise, and frankly, you can't even reason with democrats anymore because they are all so propagandized and brain damaged that they have utterly abandoned the very concept of "facts." (To them, a "fact" is anything Hillary Clinton says, while a "lie" is anything Donald Trump says.)

We are so far beyond the realm of reason that democrats are now essentially running America like a massive political CULT steeped in delusion and mental illness. Believing in the lies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has very nearly become a psychiatric disorder, as their ideas are rooted in such lunacy that only a mentally ill person could possibly believe them (or vote for them).

In essence, this vote on November 8th is not merely a vote to find out whether America will reject the insane corruption of Hillary Clinton, it's also a vote to find out whether the American people have collectively lost their minds.

If Clinton wins, it means we will all find ourselves living in a society of mentally ill zombies and cultists who are a danger to everyone (including themselves).

The global debt collapse will be initiated no matter who wins

Importantly, no matter who wins, the global debt collapse is imminent, which means the entire scam of Big Government, endless growth and high entitlement payouts is going to come to a catastrophic end. And that's mathematically guaranteed to unfold no matter who wins the presidency.

Make sure you understand the if Donald Trump wins and takes office, the central bankers of the world will deliberately crash the system so that Donald Trump can be blamed for everything.

I've even published an entire video detailing this scenario. View it here:

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/055755_election_outcomes_mass_violence_citizens_revolt.html#ixzz4O9ItV66R

Bless Israel -- Genesis 12: 3.

Tom's Journal. http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com/


Hi  Friends !
     Thank You All for tuning in on my user friendly, humble blog, today, dear friends and readers.

As I read so many pieces of email every day, plus "Well Wishes" and "Good Intentions,"   I can't help but to automatically "filter" everything thru a 'bible conditioned, intelligent, well studied Brain,' with all due humility.   But now days, a man or woman has to do just that to separate the 'sheep from the goats,'  true KNOWLEDGABLE CHRISTIANS that actually STUDY and KNOW the Bible ---vs:  those who never flipped a bible page and don't ever intend to !   

Please,  Let me be very clear on one point:   We can't have it both ways.   We MUST adhere to what the Bible and God promise, and ....  'Let God be found true though all men be liars.'   So when the book of Revelation says that there 'WILL BE A NWO --New World Order, an Anti-Christ, dominating the whole, entire world,'   that is just plain going to happen.... and most 99% of real, studied, Christians know this ! ! !   Period.   So, when we see all these weird, half true, emails about how powerful "Prayer" is --- that our combined world Prayer can stop the One World Gov't from happening....  that is just not true.   Because God MUST fulfill His prophecies, Laws, commitments, and Promises !   It's as simple at that.  
     So, it's the same as, 'electing Mr. Donald Trump to POTUS.'   I am personally voting for him, I like him, admire him, and want to see him elected.   But even he cannot and will not halt, stop or delay what God has set in motion for one minute !   You see, friends,  It's not what WE want or will.   It's what our Creator says will happen, no matter what we do, say, or think.   Now... Genesis, Chapter 12, and verse 3, says that,  'who ever supports, friends, helps, protects the State of  Israel,  shall be blessed.... and who ever hates, hurts, supplants, or even threatens Israel, will be CURSED !'    And America, thru the elected Obama, has been guilty of harming, hating, dissing, and threatening the State of Israel, for the past few decades, IMHO... but especially the Clintons and Obamas.   We all [Americans] bare a "Community Responsibility" for having elected a heathen, Islamic, hater of Israel,  and now it's time to pay the piper.   Beware !  
    So, as I have said many times,  Individuals may yet be Saved, gain forgiveness, protection under God's Wings, gain the Holy Spirit, and go to heaven... YET.   Once the 'door closes' when the Rapture comes --- it will be too late, and then all the so-called 'good intentions' won't carry water.   This is what all Christians should believe.   
       Now,  frankly,  I don't know how some so-called "Christians" can say that they 'believe in Jesus Christ, are Saved, even though they were too lazy, or what ever goofy reason, had never even turned a page in the Bible !!'   Even if they were deaf, dumb, blind, or what ever...  now days a person can and will know the bible, one way or another, with all of our special "tools" and gadgets.   I have the KJV Bible on audio cassettes, and also have many bible, including the one that always sets on the Oak easel  on my Kitchen Table, next to my P.C.,  personal computer.    My eyes are getting bad, from age and so much reading every single day, so I like the Large Print edition, and the:  biblefortoday.org    --great company also makes a GIANT PRINT  KJV  BIBLE, for a great price !  Go get one now... for the best investment of your life !   We all piss away money for every goofy other things that we don't need, so why not invest in the right thing and feel good inside ?   Smile.

Well,  it's a sunny, but very chilly day in the 20's F.,  but we shall take it, and I will bet that we will even see snow in a few weeks !   I am prepping for that events even right now, and need to buy some road salt to melt the ice on my walk ways, soon.    I'll be a monkey's uncle,  but I spent too much money at the store again, early this morning, after my Country Omelet ,  dang !     I love that hot, stick to your ribs kind of food in the morning, and then I don't get hungry until supper time,  when I like to watch Fox News on T.V.   OK, now to off-load my truck of groceries, again,  and put things away.   I forgot that it was Tuesday, and failed to put the garbage out the night before.... duh, and the garbage men already came and went.   Hey,  I am only a man....  lol.    I am all alone,  but that is what I prayed for a month ago, to keep myself from sinning or doing wrong, for this short time from now  ---- to the Rapture, and I just don't feel that there is time to get to know someone or marry again.  Besides, who really wants an old, age 67 year, broken down, tired, lazy, disabled combat Veteran, with a good steady income.... Ha!  
    Every night that I crawl into my huge, King sized, clean, fresh, bed, with plenty of nice, new sheets and warm blankets,  I THANK my Father and God, YHWH,  Jehovah,  through His most holy Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, for the simple comforts that I have... that God has allowed me to earn by years of hard work.   I have my ritual of brushing my teeth, washing up, turning on my oxygen and CPAP machine that allows me to breathe properly when I sleep or rest.   And after my night prayers that chase away any old nightmares, and asking forgiveness of my daily sins, what ever they might be,  I also have a small radio to listen to some nice, cool, music [something I also love very much], and drift off into a restful oblivion.     I usually sleep very well, PTL.   But I also advise my friends who cannot sleep well....   to read the books of Proverbs and the Psalms, that will put them to sleep, effectively.   There are also the good, healing Herbs of:  Hops, Skullcap,, Passion Flower, Valerian, and a great combination called:  "Silent Night" that you can buy cheaply enough at:   VitaCost. com    ---So there you go !   Frankly, though,  I don't know how any Democrat or Liberal can EVER sleep !  They are mostly,  'Pro-abortion,'  Pro- Homo/ Gay,  Pro-Islam/ heathen, Anti-Constitution, Anti- 2nd Amendment, and 1st Amendment, etc.,  ---duh... and all these things are ANTI-GOD !   So,  how could God ever bless them with restful sleep ??   And most of them don't even BELIEVE in Hell or Satan,  but won't they get a big surprise.... LOL !

Have a great day !

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman

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