Thursday, October 27, 2016

Operation "Bluebeam ?"

Tom's Journal.

Good Day, Good Friends !
     It's a dreary day but we'll take it, and such is the Fall season U.P. here, and deer hunting season is about 3 weeks away.... and the deer know it... LOL.  
     I vividly remember the good old days when I used to get what's called,  "Buck Fever,"  an internal phenomena where boys and men get that seasonal urge to walk in the deep woods and stalk the BEAUTIFUL deer, that are so tasty, when prepared in many ways for dinner and special occasions.   My mother's Mom came over from the 'Old Country' speaking Hungarian and German, and was  trained as a master cook for some Baron, in Hungary,  but she opted to come to America, instead.   But she was a "perfectionist" in baking and cooking the finest meals that no one could ever forget !   So,  she had a German name, but in times past, and even now, in  some of those European countries, when an economy went sour,  people would travel to another country to find better work/ jobs, and they also had to learn and know other languages.   Not like too many LAZY Americans who can't even speak and write ENGLISH !!   Shame.   Hey,  I am not cutting down my beloved America -- but the goofy, backward, political baloney of 'dumbing down' the schools and children, and propping up the 'Welfare system' that keeps so many black people in perpetual poverty and IGNORANCE for the past 5 generations !!   And they keep voting Democrat, to STAY on the public tit....   sorry to be so graphic,  but I am tired of paying for so many illicit/ fatherless  babies !    And without a TWO-PARENT family/ upbringing, the child just doesn't grow up RIGHT !   It's not what our Creator in Heaven wants, and it's unhealthy !  And it's breaking our economy $$$, and we will all understand this fact all too well, in the near future, when all the Fed. Banks collapse after the election....  sorry.

Again, Folks,  please read about 'Operation Blue Beam,' which the 'Global Elite --NWO- Goofs' are planning,  because it seems that they read the bible too, even under Satan's direction.   And they have to have a 'cover story' ready,  so they can explain how MILLIONS OF GOOD PEOPLE in the world just VANISH in thin air....Ha!   It will be the Rapture, but they don't want to admit it... for that would really cause undue panic in the streets, and they want to COMTROL the masses thru lies and deceptions, of course, pretty much as they do now !    They don't ever want to admit that there IS a great, wise, loving GOD of the Bible, that always keeps His word and promise.   But millions of people who at least had a chance to hear the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and about the coming Rapture, will TRULY know that they messed up --- and missed the 'last jet out of a messed up, trashed, godless world,' and now they are stuck here to witness a horrible, tragic  "Great Tribulation," that will be worse than anything else in human History ! !  The 'key word' here is:  "WOE to the world, and mankind !"   This will be the Mother of all Nightmares, and Satan will do his 'happy dance.'   Just read the book of Revelation, now.  
     So the nations will fabricate the story,  that Aliens from Space came down and beamed up millions of humans, that they all just vanished... and what a stinking LIE !   Well,  half the people in the world are being misled NOW, so it won't be that much of a stretch...  lol.   But anyone who has ever read this humble blog,  will know the truth, and they will feel so terrible and lost, because they didn't make/ take the time to just sit down and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as they personal Lord and Savior,  confessing all their known sins at that time, and pledging their heart, soul, mind and body to the Lord, there after, and committing to at least TRYING to follow the Lord, and learn His Holy Book,  the KJV Bible.    Just saying the words:  "I am a Christian, and I believe in God" ---won't get it, IMHO.    Remember,  God can and does, read/ see the hearts of us all, and He knows the score/ facts of the matter.  
     It's like common life and actions now.   If you are in a relationship with another person... the opposite sex, and you say that you love someone,  what do your ACTIONS say ??   If you treat your wife or husband like 'used toilet tissue' or worse, is that really "love ?"   Dang!   I still remember about 98% of all my past sins, and I still feel sorry and deep remorse for all of them, no matter what the circumstance were, or how much I suffered and was wronged !   But, as a Believer and Follower of Christ,  I know that my sins are forgiven... Praise the Lord.   And all I can do now, at this point in my life at age 67, is to try to make amends and not repeat the same sins again, as is humanly possible, with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT.  

Friends,   I know that I have been sending out and sharing a heavy load of blog posts lately,  but I sure do feel the intense urgency to get the facts out any way I can.   Because the evil powers that be will be soon, IMHO, blocking and cutting most lines of communication and InterNet, in the whole world, and many of us will then 'be in the dark,' and cut off from our email friends, etc.   So....  if you already have some of my unread emails and posts,  you can at least go back and look them up.
     There is a LIMIT to God's gracious Mercy !   Seek Him and Christ, NOW, while you still can.   I have been wrong before and had a steady diet of Crow meat... lol,  but I just have some bad vibrations about the coming next 30 days or so, no matter what happens, or who is elected,   sorry.   Now is the time for intense prayer and prepping, dear friends and readers.   Even the fine, hard working people in  Germany, have been instructed by their Gov't to prepare, stock up on pure, drinking water and food !!  They must smell some evil in the air, and have always been an intelligent nation, in my humble opinion, so why not follow their smart example ?

   I will just enjoy what I have and be HAPPY.   I sear that I won't be as generous in the future... or I will have to whack myself with a stout stick... lol.   Have a great day !  Smile.

I can only WISH that I was still handsome and in shape....  and still my wife, at the time, still ragged on me every single day.... Ha!   You just can't please some people...   >>>

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman

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