Monday, October 31, 2016

Please Share This.

Tom's Journal.

Hello  Friends,
   As I have so many times written on my modest, humble, Blog.....  Jesus did away with the O.T. Law [although He also fulfilled it in every way, and kept it perfectly, for the 33 years He spent on earth...].   It's too bad that most people on earth fail to understand this huge, important point, and still stand high and beat their chests like some arrogant Rooster chicken !   They say that they are still under the original 10 Commandments given to Moses and the Israelites at Mount Sinai !   But if they were REAL, true, bible studying Christians,  they would know better....   but they are TOO LAZY to just crack that inspired Book open, to J0hn 13: 34- 35.   Ha!   to drive that point home,  let's see just how many of YOU readers know how to do that !  
       Remember that sweet little bed time prayer ?   "Matthew, Mark, Luke, John,  bless this bed I lie upon...."   Well,  the book of John is where you ought to be heading right now, to look up that short, simple, verse I want you to read, out loud, right now,  please.  
    A smart test that I would really like to leave you all with is,  that  you get into the "good habit" of leaving/ placing  your own copy of the Bible next to your Personal Computer, so you can do just as I asked you to do, and look things up.   Get into the good habit of pushing yourself just a little bit each day, and start reading the Gospel --- all FOUR Books, and then the book of Romans !   If you can all do this task BEFORE November 8th,  2016,  Election Day, in the USA,   and also ask God for His forgiveness of all your sins up to now, and ask Jesus to come in to your heart, and try to obey His 2- Rules, [His 2-- New Christian Commandments]  and follow Him, from now on,   you will be Saved, and go to Heaven !   But you've got to really MEAN it in your Heart of Hearts !

Now....  I don't want any of your money, wealth, property, love, respect, apples, oranges or Walnuts.    I just want you to share everything that I have given FREELY,  and SHARED with YOU ! ! !

Thank You very much for allowing me to come into your house today/  tonight, and sharing this all --- very  important gift with you, your family and friends.   God loves you,  and I care for you too.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G  Schuckman
Norway, MI  49870


Romans 13: 34-35  [In German]: 
34 Ein neu Gebot gebe ich euch, daß ihr euch untereinander liebt, wie ich euch geliebt habe, so sollt auch ihr einander lieben. 35 Dabei wird jedermann erkennen, daß ihr meine Jünger seid, wenn ihr Liebe untereinander habt.