Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bible Tracts Inc.

Tom's Journal.

    Here are the 'Links' to the famous,  Bible Tracts Inc., web site/ place  that I have been talking about so much in my past few  blog posts, that are so easy to use in our Gospel sharing, witnessing work/ ministries !!   Just so you all understand that ALL real Christians are admonished to have a share in the preaching/ sharing of the Gospel, as the Holy Spirit helps us 'say the right words at the right time !'   And this is yet another reason why it is so important to study the Bible daily, if possible.   Go figure:   If we watch T.V. at all,  or play with some hand help cell phone or device,  we do have the time to read and study God's Word.   Most teen age kids are texting half the time, anyway...  lol.       I prefer the KING JAMES BIBLE,  but I know that the NASB is another suitable version that helps people....     And if it seems strange and difficult to you,  just ask for the Holy Spirit to HELP YOU !!  Rome wasn't built in one day, folks !   And I didn't learn everything in one day, either.    I remember how long it took me to learn to play the guitar well.    But it's like learning how to walk and talk.... and ride a bike,   LOL !   Some of us have to work harder than others  to really get good at somethings in life,  but we all need to learn our Mother tongue, or what ever country we were born in... or are living in, so just DO IT !   there are some countries that do not have free schooling, and centuries ago, school was something that only the rich could afford. 
    Ask yourself:   "How important is it to wind up in either heaven or hell...  forever ??   Just think,  Would you rather be whipped like a dog, under fed, live like a dirty rat, in pain every day, forever ?   Or would you rather live with all your trusted, beloved friends, with all the good food you ever wanted, for free, in perfect safety, Air Conditioned, or the perfect temperature, FOREVER ??     Smile.  Now... was that a really hard choice ?    There is NO party in hell,  just misery and pain!   Do you have to be "perfect" on earth to get to heaven ?   The answer is:  "No !"   But you do have to know and love, the Lord, Jesus Christ, confess all your sins to Him that you can remember, and follow Him as best you can.   And with the special help of the Holy Spirit, which is FREE,  we can and will learn to follow Jesus in a better way, especially after we begin studying the bible on a regular basis, and try to associate with other like minded Christians, if we can.   They won't be perfect either...  until they get to heaven.    If  you are blind, you can listen to a beautiful audio version of the complete bible.    If you are deaf,  you can read the bible.   If you are both deaf and dumb and blind,  I am sure that God will somehow show you the way,  because God is Just, Perfect and full of Love.  In face:   "God is Love."

Please check out these fine, well worded,  colorful, yet simple, Bible Tracts Inc.,  soon !   Then order some for free, and carry a few with you all the time, and USE THEM to help others learn about Jesus, the Gospel and true Salvation !   But YOU will learn too !    Most Christians on earth feel that we don't have a lot of time left to do this special work that Father God and Jesus Christ commanded.   So, let's get a piece of the action, NOW !    Now,  this fine ministry also does some important work all over the world helping others in many ways, and so a donation will certainly help them.... although their bible tracts are free.   I usually send them a check  $$$ to them out, and that makes my heart feel good !  

   Tommy Schuckman

Jesus is Lord.

Bible Tracts Inc.
Bible Tracts Inc. was founded in 1938 through the preaching of our founder, Evangelist Paul Levin. As people came to Christ, they wanted to be able to tell others how ...
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  • "Invest" your American Dollars Now !

    Tom's Journal.

    Hi  Folks,
        I am only parroting what I just read on an 'investment site,'  lol.   But there is a golden nugget of truth in it.   You just might find a small pearl of wisdom today, amidst all the poison floating around, lies, zingers, made up, media sponsored stories that we have TODAY !   Don't we all wish that life were more simple... like in the 1960's...  Ha~!   I am happy, glad, and somewhat peaceful right now, at my age.... except that my body wasn't so slow and messed up.   I just got home from driving a long way just to eat a delicious Mexican meal at my fav. place.... and even brought some of the goodies back home to enjoy later with the hot peppers, too.  
          I have always been taught to keep enough 'cash on hand,' just in case.  But depending on who wins the election, that might change rapidly --- that is, if there is not a civil war...  lol.  Either way, my dear friends and readers,  I am afraid that we are about to go thru a little hell.   Now... remember, we are living in the 'End Times' according to the bible, and in Satan's world.   If we are really followers of Jesus Christ,  we can expect to suffer persecution just like our Lord and Master did ! !   But it's just like the Army and Marines.  You go thru a rugged, highly disciplined training and advanced training [AIT], and then get sent to your permanent duty station.   In some cases that means combat, and all Soldiers know that combat Veterans have earned something special that is respected by most others in the world !    Hey,  weather we were young and stupid, looking for adventure, or just patriotic and for love of country,  we EARNED our wings... our 'spurs !'    And too many of our offspring and wives just lived on OUR HARD WON glory and benefits $$$ !    We are NOT gods,  but mortal men who have passed the test and somehow survived !  Please remember that this coming Veterans' Day !!    We are not looking for a handout, money, praise or worship....  just a little respect and kindness.   I can tell you one thing for sure.   Vietnam Veterans seem to have a special love and respect for each other, perhaps because they/ we are dropping like flies every day...  dying.  Suicide is a terrible, ugly, horrible fact of life, too, for our Veterans... so why not call them or email them more often and tell them that you LOVE THEM !   I am not just talking about myself.    But hey, the VA system is STILL screwing us over, royal, and with another 'Lefty-Loosey, Liberal Administration,  they will try to kill us off harder and faster !!'    I am NOT paranoid !   But I know that the VA and Gov't would love to silence me.   But then, so would all false religion, including the JW-Cult of the poison mind, and all Islam !  

    The cool, hard driving facts/ true stories below are sure to knock you down.   Have a great week end.  Jesus is Lord.

    ----Tommy  Schuckman

    Now, the American dollar is doing good right this second in the world market, and so we can still get some good bargains in the world, such as 'durable goods,' autos, houses, hardware, investments, "Metals."   But watch out for gravity,  because what goes up  --- must come down.   Historically, that just always happens, and we are at our peak right now, and it IS the time to BUY !   I know what some of you are thinking... that they barely have any money left to buy new shoes for the kids in school, and fix their old car.   But for older folks who still have some cash sitting dormant in the bank  [BTW... BANKS are your worst enemies!], doing nothing, because too many folks are afraid to even fart.   Now remember, that I am NOT giving you all any financial advice, legally,  but now is the time to invest in something hard, substantial, durable hard goods !    Personally,  I would invest in 'Metals,'  but that is only my opinion.    If you really need a new furnace to keep warm this Winter, now is the time to buy it !   Now is also the time to buy new tires for the car, so it won't slide into the ditch on the ice when you hit the brakes!  Warm Clothes for the kids.   Stock up on more, extra dog food...  because YOU might be eating it... lol.    Got it ?
        It is so nice outside today and tomorrow too, so I hear,  that I intend to cook outside again !!   Buy more Charcoal and lighter fluid for the Weber grill, too !  

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    False Flag Is Imminent-Obama’s New Executive Order Paves the Way

    By Dave Hodges on Nov 04, 2016 06:09 pm
        Four years ago, I knew of many ex-intel and alphabet soup agencies that went into hiding. Why? To a person they felt that if the globalists were not able to get the country the way they wanted, they were going unleash a biological and chemical attack. Four years ago I detailed how these […]
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    Ex-NSA Agent Picks Election Winner

    By Dave Hodges on Nov 04, 2016 11:12 am
        I intereviewed ex-NSA agent, Vance Davis. People wonder why Vance can speak so freely. The major reason is because he was incarcerated because he and his colleagues would not obey an illegal order. Vance was pardoned by President George H. W. Bush. Therefore, there are no restrictions placed upon him. In this interview, […]
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    President Clinton and Her Sustainability Policies Will Mark the End of America

    By Dave Hodges on Nov 04, 2016 07:44 am
      I constantly pray that God Almighty rebuke the evil-inspired candidacy of Hillary Clinton. However, in case Hillary and Soros are able to steal this election, it would be prudent to plan for the worse. Recent Indicators Are Troublesome Recently, Paul Martin and myself, through our sources broke a story about how the Chinese and […]
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    I Stand with Standing Rock

    By Dave Hodges on Nov 04, 2016 05:54 am
    I stand with Standing Rock. Haven’t Native Americans been persecuted for too long? Isn’t it time that someone spoke for them. In North Dakota, the multi-state law enforcement agencies are entering North Dakota in order to violently put down a Native American protest over their stolen property rights on behalf of the oil companies. To […]
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    FBI-“5 Foreign Enemies Stole Secrets From Hillary’s Server”

    By Dave Hodges on Nov 04, 2016 05:29 am
    The FBI has announced that at least five foreign governments have hacked into Hillary’s private server and obtained classified information. Stupidity or treason? “What does it matter?” The details are in the following short video. PLEASE NOTE THAT STEVE QUAYLE AND DOUG HAGMANN ARE JOINING ME ON THE COMMON SENSE SHOW FOR A “PRE-ELECTION SPECIAL.” […]
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    IF Hillary Is Elected, Christians Better Run Like Hell: The Six Stages of Christian Persecution

    By Dave Hodges on Nov 04, 2016 05:16 am
        “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. Remember what […]
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    Colorado Radio Station’s Paul Martin Interviews Dave Hodges on Election Fraud and Standing Rock

    By Dave Hodges on Nov 04, 2016 05:07 am
    I was recently interviewed on “The Lion” radio station in Johnstown, Colorado by guest host, Paul Martin. Paul and I discussed how rampant the election fraud has become and the elite may still pull the plug on the election if Trump continues to surge. We also discussed the latest in Wikileaks and what it means […]
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    Hillary Is a Communist Spy- Alex Jones, Dave Hodges and Global Research

    By Dave Hodges on Nov 04, 2016 04:41 am
      Alex Jones came out with his reasons why he believes that Hillary Clinton is a Communist Chinese spy. Alex and I both have our beliefs as to why Clinton should be considered to be a Communist operative and we both come at this from different angles. Alex maintains that Hillary is a Communist Chinese spy. […]
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    Herbs, and Superbugs.

    Tom's Journal.

    Sorry to be a 'Doubting Thomas,'  but I have seen so many 'Teflon coated' Perps getting away with Murder for so long,  that I just will NOT allow myself to believe anything unless I tough it, first !   I think that the toxic poisons sprayed on all of us with the fake, sorry, Clinton/ Obama owned 'Lame Stream Media' has dulled most of us.   The KJV Bible is the only thing that keeps me afloat in this cesspool today...  sorry, again.   But please check this stuff out, sent to me by a kind, Christian friend, named, Vicki, from WI:  

    Hi  Friends,
         I am truly amazed !   It always seems to happen,  that when you think you know a lot, something pops up to show you how ignorant you are...  LOL !   The term, "ignorant" doesn't have to be a negative term,  friends.   And that's why HUMILITY is such a valuable, precious gift/ attribute, and so pleasing to our God.  
        One example of how great God is....  just read a book of the bible a 2nd time, and I will bet that you will gain something new, again, and see a different slant/ facet of truth, from a different angle.   Where as,  someone who brags too much will always be taken to the 'wood shed,' either by God, or another person.   Don't I know that !   Ha!  

    Now at the risk of offending someone,  I have noticed that so many so-called 'Medical people' brag how they can heal and treat any disease or condition under the sun.... the case for MRSA is a great example, and I caught some of it a few years ago in Kenosha, WI., at one of their hospitals, down by the Lake Michigan.   They even tried to lie about it and blame it on me !   But the "Power of my Pen"/ blog, trashed them, big time !   How some of those people fear my humble, little blog....  LOL !  
         God Almighty, is the "Great Healer" and even death stops Him not !   There is so much Power in the name of Jesus, too.   But that doesn't mean we want to 'walk on the wild side,' as if we were invincible or immortal, while on earth.   It's so good to have a humble, balanced, godly,  mindset.  
        I admire some of my own handiwork, in the simple easel [book holder]  that I built out of Oak wood, many years ago, that makes my large print bible easier to read and so "available" for everyday use, right on my kitchen table.   A person has the proper 'focus' when the bible is propped open to a particular book and verse, ready to REFRESH the soul ! !    If that sounds a bit prideful...  sorry.  But if we always give THANKS for everything we have...  everything that our great God has "allowed" us to work for and buy,  I think we are safe.   It's OK to have some fun, enjoy our treasures in life, and give thanks.   Just be sure to always understand the Priorities in life, and that our life on earth is a Vapor -- as the book of James tells us.  [James 4: 14].  

    Well,  I broke down and bought 6 'long johns' filled with butter crème yesterday and just enjoyed a few of them, so my 'sugar content' has spiked right now, big time... lol.   I do that about twice a year.   And I know all of you ladies out there will be emailing me promptly to reprimand me, in short order.    In fact,  I splurged yesterday, lamenting that I just didn't have any good "munchies" in the house, in case I really needed a good snack and didn't want a whole meal.   I have been told and also read....  stock up on GOOD, nutritional snacks, so you don't just pig out and binge on the wrong food types.  The trouble is:  'Fruit doesn't keep that long !'   I also buy cans of nuts, and beef jerky.  

    But if we are to spend our money of these luxuries,  we ought to also stock up on Healing Herbs that can and will save our lives, after the SHTF scenario if some catastrophic scene hits our country.   In this case, friends,  we SHOULD NEVER be ignorant of what is going on in other parts of the world, like the Middle East and Venezuvala, where I doubt if they still have any more dogs and cats !   Read, Study, Learn, Prepare, and PRAY.   

    Warm Regards,
    Tommy   Schuckman  

    Antibiotic herbs destroy drug-resistant bacteria

    Antibiotic herbs

    (NaturalNews) Hospitals have become a breeding ground for drug-resistant bacteria. Hiding in the shadows, strains like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Clostridium difficile, carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, and gonorrhea have become prevalent, unstoppable, infecting over 2 million Americans each year. The CDC now reports that drug-resistant bacteria claim the lives of 23,000 each year.

    Prescription antibiotics work on a singular mode, are easily outsmarted by bacteria

    Often perceived as the cure-all in contemporary medical communities, antibiotics are prescribed en masse each year by doctors who are taught a one-size-fits-all mentality. Prescription antibiotics work on a singular chemical mode and are easily outsmarted by bacteria strains. Allopathic doctors cling to antibiotics as savior medicine because they were never properly educated on prevention, botany and the natural antibiotic properties of herbs.

    The complex antibiotic qualities of plants, herbs, berries, roots and barks are more highly intelligent in and of themselves than an entire 12-year medical degree. Natural antibiotic herbs don't encourage bacteria to evolve, like prescriptions do; they destroy the highly evolved bacteria strains through multiple complex modes.

    There may be a place for prescription antibiotics in extreme cases, but nine times out of ten, prescription antibiotic use could be mitigated and avoided altogether.

    Why plants are the new antibiotics

    Using the right combination of herbs is more powerful than any prescription antibiotic.

    In Stephen Harrod Buhner's book Herbal Antivirals: Natural Remedies for Emerging & Resistant Viral Infection, several reasons are listed why plants are becoming revisited as the most powerful antibacterial and antiviral medicine source.

    For one, plant chemistry is highly complex, consisting of hundreds to thousands of compounds that take down bacteria from multiple angles. Single chemical prescription antibiotics allow the bacteria a chance to adapt and build resistance.

    Another reason involves a plant's longevity. Plants are stronger antibiotics because they have developed sophisticated responses to bacteria over several lifetimes. Man-made antibiotics use a singular mode that has only been around for a handful of decades. In contrast, plants work together in synergy, exhibiting multiple modes of bacterial destruction.

    A third reason to use plants as antibiotics is that they are practically free. An individual is self-empowered when utilizing plants, bypassing the need for a doctor's directive or prescription. Herbs can be identified, grown and harvested. Teas and tincture extracts can be made in one's own home. The complex constituents of the herbs combine to create highly potent preventive medicine that halts viruses and bacteria in their tracks.

    Herbal remedies are apparently more safe to use as well and do not destroy the good microbes in the gut. While prescription antibiotics welcome drug resistant bacteria infections that kill thousands yearly, herbs promote the opposite -- life and sustainable ecology. They kill drug-resistant bacteria.

    On top of all this, it does not take a decade of higher education to learn how to work with these natural plants.

    Four potent plant antibiotics and other antibacterial herbs that work in synergy

    In Buhner's research, four plant antibiotics are highlighted, although many exist.

    Cryptolepis is a broad-spectrum, systemic antibacterial, effective for taking out resistant C. diff, CRE, gonorrhea and MRSA -- all of which are pervasive now due to prescription antibiotics.

    Goldenseal is one of many berberine-containing plants that is effective for nearly all drug-resistant gastrointestinal tract infections, including C. diff.

    Juniper berry and cranberries are effective for nearly all resistant urinary tract infections.

    Honey is becoming the United Kingdom's topical antibiotic for surgical wounds infected with resistant organisms. Check out this study and see how honey works.

    Other powerful antibacterial herbs, roots and berries include but are not limited to: oregano, garlic, onions, cumin, elderberries, eucalyptus leaf, Echinacea, goldenseal root, tea tree oil, green tea, olive leaf and pau d'arco bark.

    Current crises in modern healthcare and the lack of affordability thereof could routinely be solved by personal responsibility to educate and utilize plants and herbs. It is fear and lack of trust in oneself that holds individuals back from reclaiming their natural state of healthy existence.
    Sources for this article include:


    Learn more: