Sunday, November 13, 2016

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Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends !
    And what a beautiful Sunday morning !   Praise the Lord for small, simple blessings and  tender mercies !  
     Well, the good preacher/ pastor Dave, at church refused to shake my hand after the service [great sermon... as usual],  because he had a very bad Cold/ Sickness, that he didn't want to give to me.   OK,  I understand.   But I had a great breakfast, and later picked up a 'few things' at the grocery store, too, but ended up spending TOO MUCH MONEY !!   I still cannot believe my eyes... $$$$.  Ha!   I had better watch it from now on.  

And about the present  incoming results of the Mr. DJ Trump as our President-Elect...  I am so happy,  but I am restraining myself,  because there is still so much vile, stupid, childish hatred of the election results, that so many Liberal Dim,  Idiots somehow think that they can reverse the results by rioting [as they always do... like little children who have never been Shepard-ed    by a father figure in their lives... and ain't it the truth... just check the Stats!],  but those heathen oinks never read the Bible either.... sorry to tell the chilly, bare,  truth.    They don't have any use for God....  but they will, in the near future...    Hey!  If I was raised that way,  I would have the same," gimme -gimme, no work mentality --- but I want all the gov't food, money, housing, Welfare, Food Stamps,  etc. --thought process"   Life was not easy for me either, growing up with a "Drill Sargent type Dad,"  who was a very strict authority who demanded respect and absolute obedience  every day, for ever.... lol.    I wonder if that wasn't part of the reason that I JOINED the Army, on August 21,  1967 ??   Smile.   But... talk about jumping out of the frying pan --- into the fire... Ha!   However,  I never had much of a problem with Military Discipline, and got used to it....  or paid the price.    But,  it didn't make a career out of it, and loved my freedom too much.   I figured that:  'If I couldn't be an officer,  I didn't want to stay in longer than my first hitch.   But I certainly benefited from all the training and good discipline !!  
     And here is a point that I have always wanted to make, dear friends.    'Everyone in the Universe, except God Almighty, is in SUBJECTION to SOMEBODY ELSE !!   Even Jesus Christ !    Because, after the 1000 reign of Christ,  in the book of Revelation,  He will hand back the Kingdom to Father God.   It was the devil who first started the rebellion from God's rightful hand and 'Original Purpose.'  And that translated down to 1/3 of the angels in heaven following Satan, and then Eve, and then Adam, and then all of humankind that inherited sin from our first father, Adam.  'Man had dominated/ ruled Man, to his INJURY !   Now that we are all at the end of the 6000 year 'rule of man' -- that experiment is about over, and God will shortly take over to "clean things up on Earth... also in Heaven."   Ha!   And some of you folks thought that Mr. Trump will change things around, and bring true Justice to our land that has been in corruption and darkness for the past 8 stinking years ??   Yes,  when Trump becomes POTUS,  things will certainly look and be run, differently,  because we are used to real JUSTICE !!   It used to be that,  if you were a big Cheese with lots of money and pull/ Social connections,  you could just get away with anything !  [ See:  The Clinton Foundation]   Friends,  I still worry so much about the safety of our President-Elect,  Trump ! !   I entreat you all to continue to PRAY FOR HIM AND HIS FAMILY,   please !    If he lives for a while, and maybe a few years,   things might really change for the better !   I don't think that VP Pence, would carry on as  such a brave, reliable successor to do Trump's original plan ....  sorry.    People pick VP's to help them get elected !   And I could give you a few examples.
      But President Trump will only DELAY/ fore stall the coming of the Lord for a short time....if at all,  because, bible prophecy must always come true, and be fulfilled !   "God cannot lie."  --Titus 1: 2.  
    Actually, on election night [and I voted for Trump on that morning],  I got tired and went to bed early, before I knew the truth, final outcome ....   but I prayed that night for, "God's Will to be done." --one way or another, and knew that I would just have to 'deal with the outcome, if Hillary was elected, or course,  and just fell asleep.   I expected Hillary to win, by hook or crook, cheating, of course.   But she did NOT win !!!   And even today we are finding out that Mr. Trump won by a wider margin of victory in the "Rust Belt States!!"    And that is saying a lot,  because Hillary did cheat, helped by that nasty old Soros, guy, the so-called 'News Media' and the DNC liars, etc.    So, the upset is all that more,  meaningful,  BIG NEWS !   
     MeThinks that God surely had His hand in this,   but we shall see,  friends.     I say this because the "National Debt $$$$" is eating our lunch !   It may be even too huge for even the grand master, Mr. Trump to handle,  but I'll bet that he can really make some deals...  lol.   I know that the State of Israel is very happy too.

I can hardly wait for Mr. Trump to teach the Liberals and lazy ass Welfare Queens, and fakes, and cheaters, the "Facts of Life,"   like the bible says:   'If you don't work -- you don't eat.'   ---2nd Thessalonians 3: 10.   But I know that he will be very humane.   Same for the illegal Mexicans.... I doubt if he will 'break up families.'   That is not in his nature !   But I cannot wait until he checks out the totally, dangerous, smuggled in,  Illegal Muslims that snuck into our country with malice and hatred in their hearts !!     Iran brags about how many soldiers they have in the USA right now ---ready to strike us !!   Obama is buckling already and is 'play nice' mode,  to Mr. Trump,  because the 'community organizer' has got his ass hanging out right now, and has done so many illegal things, that he KNEW Hillary would cover over  for him !   Ha!   Such 'Poetic Justice,'  now that Trump is almost POTUS.  

But again, dear readers, please heed the words of Paul @ 1st Thessalonians 5: 17,   Pray without ceasing."   Mr. Trump and his wonderful family are still going to need many of our Prayers to deal with the future.   Lord, Please, Protect the Trump Family !   Amen.

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman

Welcome Home...  All Combat  Veterans ! ! 
     Confess Jesus Christ, as your personal Lord and Savior... while He may YET be found !    Dear Veterans:   You are so Special, and God Loves you so Much !    See:  John 3: 16. 

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