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The Bible, Prepardness, and the 2nd Amendment.

Tom's Journal.

Watch this Vietnam Video about "Door Gunner" in Helicopters !
Bob Cooper
Vietnam in Country Veteran

Friends, All over the World,
   Here is a very interesting proof article/ read on the moral legality and biblical stance of self defense and weapons.   Very insightful, in depth, pure logic with Scriptures that I will certainly memorize.... and please,  you should too !   I also have references to a Legal Arm web site if one should ever need legal assistance in case you HAVE TO PROTECT YOURSELF SOME DAY... use your firearm in self defense.   Just email me for that company that I pay every month for "peace of mind,"  Legal Help.   It's worth every penny, about $20/ month.  

Just sit back and take your time reading and absorbing all of this timely information, please.   Have a great night... or day.

Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman

---Here is a pic of me, at age 19, in 1968, shortly after I got to my "Duty Station" in Cu Chi, RVN  [Vietnam].   'Mean and Lean.'   Our heavenly Father was certainly watching over me for those 2 years in combat, and protecting me.   Praise the Lord,  Jesus Christ !   Thank you, Lord !

--- I am the dark haired 'door gunner' on the extreme Left,  Tommy Schuckman, and weighed 160 pounds, at the EM Club at Camp Bear Cat, RVN.  3rd Corp.  With the 240th AHC [Assault Helicopter Company], on my 2nd tour of duty.    I enjoyed a cold brew after a hot day, flying 7 days a week, forever.   I was very proud of those black subdued flight wings on my chest [Left].   My email: 

The Bible, Preparedness, and the 2nd Amendment

As anyone can tell you that has ever discussed the bible or religion there is no one Christian view on any topic and the purpose of this article is not to push one view or another but to provide a perspective that you may not have considered. There will be those that may say these scriptures are out of context but I challenge you to look them up for yourself. Obviously, our founding fathers quickly amended the constitution to provide the citizens a clear assurance that they could “keep and bear arms” but where did they get this view? Was it simply from their experience in dealing with the British or was there a scriptural basis for it.

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The Geller Report.

Tom's Journal.

Watch this fine Video about "Door Gunners" in Vietnam !
Bob Cooper
Vietnam in Country Veteran

... Nun, sagen wir zum Beispiel, dass der amerikanische Dollar ist das Papier nicht wert das Papier und Tinte für den Druck verwendet wird, und recht bald, viele intelligente Experten sagen, dass es sich lohnen könnte sogar noch weniger als die in der nahen Zukunft... Duh. Was wäre ein intelligenter Mann oder Frau, jetzt ? Neben der Speicherung von bis etwas Reis, Aufzählungszeichen und Bohnen, Check out "Metalle" mit diesem Titel: MMX

Hello Friends and Readers, all over the World !
     I want to THANK ALL OF YOU, now 117 readers in the USA, for sure, on my list of getting my Blog posts automatically, by just following the simple directions-- tutorial on the 'Right side bar' of the Main Page of my humble Blog.     I lost a few sanctimonious so-called 'church people,' U.P. here after someone maligned my good name at the end of a   But as one mentor used to say:  'They were planning to leave you anyway, and just needed a lame excuse.'   Ha!  Ain't it the truth !   And so many people don't even know what the TRUTH is --- and I don't care if they sit like a bump on a log is some "church" all their lives,  that don't mean they are a Christian ! !   Anymore than standing in a garage makes someone a car, or an auto mechanic !   

Actually, good people,  I am very HAPPY today,  as I remember my good son, Andy T. Schuckman, who was killed about 6 years ago, almost one month to the day prior to  that of my sweet, gentle [but spirited and fun] wife,  Sharon L.  Schuckman, from Ohio, passed away from Congestive Heart Failure.    Even my attorney told me that she was a "Keeper" and I should be extra kind, loving and respectful of her even before we got married, 5 years before she passed away from that congenital disease.    That attorney, from Kenosha, WI., also used to ask for my free Financial advice, as I was Security Licensed, at the time,  too.   "One hand washes the other,"  and you all know how fond I am of Proverbs, etc., and all kinds of cool wisdom.   
      I am NOT crying in my beer tonight, nor vindictive in any way,  but I feel very blessed as I look back at my life, good times and bad.   My dear son,  Andy, used to console me,  "Dad,  you need to cut your losses!"   'Put your silver in the leather bag and walk away before the female steals more of it !'  Well,  we should know that Matthew 24, and Timothy tell us that, "Critical times hard to deal with shall be upon us in the 'Last Days.'   The "Time of Grace" is about to run out.   And don't it always happen, that when things look to be getting better, and a new king or president comes to power with the will and where with all to set things a right....with the God-given brains and backing,   that the whole world can be flipped on it's side by some strange, catastrophe !   Friends,  NO BODY wants things to go a rye, or hopes for failure, except the Islamic heathen or George Soros, the Nazi sympathizer, OWG promoter, oinker, or Hillary followers.   I find time/  make the time to pray for the personal safety of Mr. Trump, and his family, every single day !!   I heard that he already has a well trained Army,  but he still needs our combined PRAYERS, please !

And Obama and the Dims are NOT doing enough to put out the Soros' inspired flames of unrest and riots in the streets, or the constant threats on Mr. Trump's life !   The cops,  FBI, and the AG, ought to be hunting these 'sour grapes' criminals down and jailing them, now !  A mere threat is a felony, and should be prosecuted, immediately !     We cannot wait for one shot to be fired !   Yes,  there are a lot of exclamation marks {!!} here on this blog, today and for good reason. {!}     After all, we Conservatives all 'sucked it up' when Barry got elected.... or Soros 'cheated him in...'   And now is also the time when Congress should be extra vigilant lest Obama barry try to slip something under the radar in the next 2 months that could harm the USA more than he already did.   And if something should happen to Mr. Trump, I would hope that Mr. Pence, would put fire to the perpetrators, [sons of Satan]  in a large way, just to set the tone.     I know that some pansies would call this revenge --- but I like to call it poetic Justice.   Smile.   I believe Father God sees it that way, too.  The first chapter of Romans gives us a good, healthy taste of Justice, and the way things SHOULD be,  but right now we are more into the world scene of Sodom and Gomorrah.   And although some would say the Mr. Donald Trump has some rough edges --- I would say that right now, America  really needs a "Battle Commander,"  not a pastor of some church.   Our enemies know that we are shaky while this transfer of power is going on, and they might be planning to strike right now !   We need some "Old School" discipline and readiness, not cry baby, wuss, riots, who are paid by Soros to cause damage and hurt !   Once Trump is installed,  I am most sure that Law and Justice will prevail, must to the Dims' horror and shame. 

If you don't already get the Geller Report in your email box,  you should.  Please check it out, to see what Hillary's followers are doing right now.  Also, the so-called,  "Religion of Peace -- Islam."

... Now,  let's just say for instance, that the American paper dollar isn't worth the paper and ink used for printing it, and pretty soon, many smart Financial experts say that it might be worth even less than that in the near future....  Duh.   What would a smart man or woman do, now ?  Besides storing up some rice, bullets, and beans, check out "Metals" with this title:  MMX.  

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

"Iron sharpens Iron"   ---Proverbs 27: 17.
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