Sunday, November 20, 2016

Poor old White Boy gets beat up by thugs.

Tom's Journal.

I believe that there will soon come a time when 'white folks' won't put up with this violence anymore, and concealed carry will be the only at to travel... and deal with racial injustice like this... all over the USA.  
      I AM BLESSED to live in a safe place where crap like that is just not tolerated, nor does it exist.   PTL.    I feel so sorry for the poor folks that have to face this daily crime, that largely goes unpunished in the big cities ruled  by the Liberal- Lefty- Loose Nut Jobs.
    I am certainly NOT suggesting that people become lawless,  but only that lawlessness NOT be tolerated anymore,  by building up true law and order,  President's Trump's righteous way !   Now, who doesn't want nice, clean, safe Streets ??   I don't want to support one woman's ten babies, all from different fathers that don't work, either.   If you have babies, take care of them yourself -- because I am dang tired of paying my hard earned tax money to pay for other folks' piss poor morals... like some alley cat !   Ha!   Or horn dog, like Willy Clinton.   And while we are at it, expedite their way to jail, too, and get back some of our stolen money, please.

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Image Credit: ABC 30
Image Credit: Screenshot/ABC 30
Some bystanders could be heard shouting anti-Trump phrases as the man was taken to the ground and beaten by a group of people in the street. He said they kicked him in the head and started “stealing” all of his belongings.
“I tried to go to the car, I got hit some more,” he recalled. “I tried to get into a defensive stance to try to ward them off a little bit, hold them back, and then another guy said ‘Get the car! Get the car!’”
A suspect actually drove off with Wilcox’s car — and the victim hung on to the vehicle for roughly one mile before he let go, ABC 30 reported.
Wilcox admitted he is a supporter of President-elect Donald Trump, but said he didn’t tell admit that to anyone during the incident.
Now the four suspects, who appeared gleeful as they assaulted the innocent man, will face justice.
Wilcox, who previously said he hopes the suspects get caught, has vowed to attend “every court date” in the case.